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Marriage proposal algorithm Videos

Gale Shapley Algorithm for Stable Matching

I hope this video helps someone! Produced by Ben Elgar for the Data Structures and Algorithms Course at the University of Bristol.

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This is the best explanation of GS algorithm so far. You made it easy to understand dude. Thank you for doing this.
Thanks man, this helped me just before an exam. Soo clear!

Video lesson on the stable matching problem and how it is solved by the Gale Shapley algorithm. References 1.

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I would argue that "every proposal involves a new pair" isn't quite true. If a man, m, proposes to a woman who is already engaged and prefers her assigned partner over m, no new pair is formed
+석상주 I think he means that whenever a man is unpaired and begins proposing down his list of woman, he will eventually find a woman who will accept (either prefers him or is unpaired) and a new pair is formed. There has to be an unpaired women if there is an unpaired man, since there is equal number of men and women.

Gale-Shapley Stable Matching Algorithm

Submission by rm1791 : A tutorial on GS stable matching algorithm. Apologies for my poorly made animation and amusingly disturbing voice/accent.

Best Marriage Proposal from a Boy to a Girl

Best Marriage Proposal from a Boy to a Girl.

TCP 2013 - A Proposal of Algorithm for Solving P Median Problem

Technical Computing Prague 2013 //www.humusoft.cz/akce/matlab13/ Medviď, V. A Proposal of Algorithm for Solving P-Median Problem.
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