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Marriage proposal oklahoma Videos

Handcuffed Oklahoma Man Makes Marriage Proposal

Handcuffed Oklahoma Man Makes Marriage Proposal.

Marg fires Judd, then Accepts Curley's Marriage Proposal

Cortland High School November 2013 production of Oklahoma!

Bryson and Jenni Proposal

On Jan 31st 2014, Bryson Phillips surprised Jenni Dickey at her school in Jenks, Oklahoma with a marriage proposal. Jenni and Bryson have been best friends ...

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So beautiful! Congratulations!!

Oklahoma/Curly's Proposal - Hugh Jackman

A wonderful scene from the 1999 west end production of Oklahoma. In this charming scene, Curly proposes marraige to Laurie and she, of course, accepts him.

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My favorite scene, and he actually does better than Gordon Macrae did. (It took a LOT for me to say that.) Every time I watch this, I'm all jealous of the girl playing Laurie.
+Rebecca Bass Guess so.   
+Lori Ann I grew up with the Gordon Macrae performance. As much as I love that man and his voice, (sweet Mother Mercy, his voice! I spent an entire spring break one year watching that movie every day just to listen to it!) I do actually believe Hugh Jackman made an excellent Curly Maclaine. I suppose you and I will have to agree to disagree, though.
+Rebecca Bass Obviously you've NEVER seen the original. Hugh is NOT a very good Curly!!
Love Hugh in this role I am malting
+EbonyPenmarks lmao
OMG! Jackman is so hot that instead of melting, girls malt. lmao
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