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Marriage proposal with cat Videos

proposal 301 vincent and catherine batb

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One of the most romantic proposal ever, just loved how he got nervous when she ask him what are you doing. Then says '' just making sure you not going to fall ''
+Nina Chan Time*
I wonder how many takes did it took theme to shoot this scene?

Cat plays Shakespeare "Henry V" (King's marriage proposal)

to the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare с русскими субтитрами //www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMBLQ2QOXgk Starring: Cat Boss my new channel ...

Josh and Cat Marriage Proposal

Best Wedding Proposal- Using Tom Cat

Asking your girl to marry you using Tom Cat.

Play Marriage Proposal Off, Keyboard Cat

Mixing one of my all time favourite youtube clips to that darn cat.

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aww dude...... thats sad for the guy......
did tickets die?
poor guy!! :C
did he die?

Don and Cat - The Proposal

February 27 2014 Don proposes to Cat with the help of his family and friends at the exact same spot they had their first date... The Galaxy drive in movie theatre ...

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Awwwwwwwwww~ sooo sweet! Congratz~ 

Badass Cat Cute Indian Marriage Proposal with Dance

This 'Star Wars' Marriage Proposal Has Just Won The Internet

Catzooka - Cat Launcher!Super Epic Cats Mo?we klaut meine GoPro und filmt die Aussicht von der Insel Ci?es...Martin Lozano Melanie Raccoon riding ...
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