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Paleolithic diet nuts Videos

Chicken with Sauteed Tomatoes & Pine Nuts

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I'm going to try this and the Paleo breakfast bowl. Haven't tried the blueberry avocado smoothie, either. If you don't mind me asking, why the Paleo Diet? You look so slender. Is it healthy?
paleo is an abbreviated for paleolithic diet, it is also referred to as the caveman diet or Stone Age diet. Delicious! Health! Energy! Mental Sharp! Hope that helps ;-)
I am enjoying your cooking videos! They also make me hungry! :-) Hope you like some of my videos, too! Have a good day!
yeah ouch!! just fyi mitch isn't my brother lol we are good friends :-)
I'm hungry...cook again and post to Australia haha
I'm making this. Looks delicious!
lol! i will make more videos :-)

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