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Paleolithic asian diet Videos

Reflections of Lower Palaeolithic, Middle Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Period

1. Ovate (Quartzite) of Lower Palaeolithic Period from Attirampakkam, Tamilnadu. 2. Hand Axe (Quartzite) of Middle Palaeolithic Period from Attirampakkam, ...

How to Make Homemade Paleo Chinese Food

//FriendYourBody.com When I was growing up, ordering out for Chinese food was a tradition to celebrate New Year's Eve. But when I started eating clean ...

Humanities Life of Pi Project: Paleolithic Man

Pi remembers his journey at sea when he watches the Paleolithic man surviving in the forest.

Electronic Countries - Satoshi Fumi present Japan

Hi,my friends This time, the country is the big Japan Japan is an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, ...

User Comments

Deep & Relax. Ufff!!! this guy is incredible. When i hear his tracks, i just can't resist to love each track. :D It's amazing, Perfect Deep House. :D Really love it. :D New for me too. also work with a clip video in my Images Videos. :D Japan just deserve a decent video. :D And this clip, from Eric Tsutomu is UNBELIAVABLE. Other guy with talent. :D Thanks for comment, my dear kat. :D Always loving your comments in my videos. :D God Bless you. :D Success Life God bless to All Valeth
Of course, LOVE IT!!! Man, today going to the university i just hear that mix and UFF!!!!! Fumi let us fly across the life with something deep, that change our form of see the days. :D He's a Master Pro in the production. HQ tracks. ;) THANKS TO YU, for let me know him. Because i only did know of Shingo Nakamura, but thanks to your post, i just find a better way to give a tribute to the all-wanted Japan! ajajajaja!! God Bless you,my friend. :D Success Life God Bless to All Valeth
Aahh!!! It's Great. :D It's an Honor for me read it. :D Thanks for comment and God Bless the impressive talent of Satoshi Fumi. Showing to the world the majestic of the Deep Electronic Music. :D Thanks for that. My Video & mix with ALL RESPECT to him and Eric Tsutomu, the brillant mind behind the clip. :D Thanks for all, my friend. :D God Bless you, and all Japaneses. :D Success Life GOd Bless to All Valeth
Jojoooo!!! Brother, thanks a lot for comment. So glad that you like it. :D Hey, you have the fault for that. Since i saw your post in your myspace blog of PLAYTIME, i was inlove of the Sweet sensation track. And, that's the reason to mix in tribute of him and Japan. =) God Bless you,my friend. Now and forever. And i'm hoping to hear your japan mix. :D Success Life God Bless to All Valeth
Satoshi Fumi owns all the rest of the world in musik this is the artist right here that has destroyed the charts in musik ;P Valeth thank you for doing this mix i have been waiting my friend and you did it i will also have to do a set of japans artists :D full set soon Soylar "keep thy eyes and closed and ears open for you will see a world that is unlike any other you have imagine seeing
Jjajajajaja!!! Dariusz, my friend. Always happy to read your comments. And thanks for tell me your favorite EC Mix. :D Always Amigos, my friend. Jajajajaj!! :D You know that. I'm here. :D Working hard in order to do mixes that transmite my love for the electronic music. :D God Bless you, My dear friend. I hope you're right. All the best to you. :D Success life God Bless to All Valeth
Of course,my sweet Lisa. :D This project now is that have material to my channel. :D All for you, the people that believe in me, and the world that wanna know more of the countries. :D It's my tribute to the world. :D Jajajaja!!! God Bless you,m Lisa. And yeah, i have something prepared with US. In few uploads, surely you can see. :D Success Life God Bless to All Valeth
Fantastic Producer behind this mix. Satoshi fumi is unbeliavable. =D I reccomend so much. :D And i'm happy to read that you are attent to the description. ;) For that, i put it. :D God bless you and thanks for look it. :D Success Life God bless to all Valeth
this is an amazing video and fantastic song! i really enjoyed it. thank you for uploading it, Valeth. the facts in the description kept me occupied while listening to the song which was nice. :) awesome job! 5*. keep up the great work.
A fine fine mix and video my friend,i love listening to this kind off stuff late at night under the duvet! lol.This also goes to prove that you dont always need pounding basslines and melodic breakdowns to make a tune ..awesome 5/5 xD
Exactly, my friend. Thanks a lot for your comment. Yeah, this time i did want to surprise you with one clip. More than images. :D Thanks for highlight in your comment the clip. :D God Bless you Success Life God Bless to ALl Valeth
Yeeeaaah, Rick. The tunes of Fumi has something really incredible. just to hear in the night (i just can say DEEP). Thanks for comment, my friend. Always an Honor for me. God Bless you. :) Success life God bless to all Valeth
.'-) Thanks to you for comment and look the video. :D Yeah, Japan is incredible. Full of light, technology and Anime! xD Jajajajaja!!! ^.^ God Bless you,my friend. Thanks for comment. :D Success Life GOd Bless to All Valeth
really lovely tracks you used for this Valeth..a beautiful small country that lights up at night with such excitement..keep up the good work as always on these countries..try the US next..hahaa..:)
Ahh im doing another comment you really like that sweet sensation track :D so happy that i faved that track really tis the top track of him its japan really
Thaaaanks, Miguel. Thanks a lot. =D Always glad to read your words. God bless you. :) Success life God bless to all Valeth
omg...this is new for me but this man have good tunes... really is soooo deep and relax! :D thanks my friend! =D
This video confirm my love for the japan ^^ Another massive session of dj Valeth! Thanks for it :-)
nice ,really nice.... now you can +Radiation Japan on the title. A sad story, sad end..
Great mix, very good selection of musics, very relaxing. Love it =) 5* & fav
sounds like a true musical pioneer. Especially enjoying the bass ^_________^
awesome video as always my friend and the clip is an awesome idea....!!!!!!
JAPan IS such a beautiful country .love Japan. i wish i lived there.

What Is The Neolithic Era?

The Neolithic Listeni/ˌniːəˈlɪθɪk/ Era, or Period, from νέος (néos, "new") and λίθος (líthos, "stone"), or New Stone Age, was a period in the development of ...
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