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Fresh diet chicago reviews Videos

Smashburger Review with Special Guests Daym Drops and WrecklessEating

Hey YouTubers, here's another video for you. Five Guys Burger & Fries Secret Menu Item - The Double Grilled Cheese Burger Review. I hope you enjoy this one ...

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..why didnt u invite joey ? Frm joeys world tour
You beat me to asking the same question.......where's Joey?
so... that moron just eats the bun, patty, and sauce. pathetic. and he's a food reviewer? wonders why he's such a fatass.
+Brian Y. Everyone has thier own taste bugs I used to be the same way...
Matt in the background 1:10 during D's intro. Thinking "YEs, that is very much so a black guy..."
Funny, I was thinking the same thing, by the look on Matt's face.
"Hey, what do you do for work?" "I make youtube videos about eating fast food" "Oh never mind then"
+Intendozz Videos Who said that they can't do what's fun and what they want. Also who said that you have to have a real kinda job?
It makes me sick that Dame takes every and anything that is remotely healthy off the burger. Moreover, KBD it the truth!!!!
+Austin Mendelsohn I know! Two prospects a first round pick and 6M back for a guy who plays a 100 foot game, never back checks has conditioning issues and will be past his prime when our rebuild is finished.And nice job signing Stepan for 6 years at 6.5M. But New York is used to over paying over rated players.
Nice job with that kessel trade lol
"I vomit a lot" Oh Matt :D
+Scott Summerton LOL Classic Matt xD

In the Raw - A Raw Foods Restaurant Review Chicago IL

John from //www.okraw.com/ goes on a field trip to Highland Park, IL to visit In the Raw, a brand new raw food restaurant that has been open for 18 weeks.

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Love your videos and personality, dear John :) However I feel much worse by including too many nuts (more than a small handful), in contrast to using a few specks of gray moist sea salt, a few times a week. Processed salts are whole other story. Someone like David Jubb, who is quite talented and knowledgeable, a raw fooder for 30 years, even recommends unprocessed sea salt in small quantities; being one of the few dietary items containing all 82 minerals, which sea vegetables, BTW, do not.
Falun Dafa is a cultivation system in the Buddha School, saving people, that is based on the principles of the Universe: 真 Truthfulness 善 Compassion 忍 Forbearance It teaches elevation of one's moral character. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China. Good people are being tortured, raped, killed, force-fed, deprived of sleep and have organs harvested from simply because their spiritual belief. Millions practitioners were killed by the evil CCP. Faluninfo(.)net
Please check my other videos. I have several videos on how to eat raw in vegas. First, GROW your own. You can grow year round in vegas. Second, visit farms and buy farm direct. Third is go to the Thursday farmers market at springs preserve. Fourth, shop around, and do the best you can. Dont stress out if you eat some "imported" stuff, but focus on the local. Its easy.
Yeah I agree that this sort of Gourmet food doesn't agree as well with ourbodies as whole fruits and vegetables plain, low fat. But i gotta say, you are probably feeling bad cause you mixed so many different things, all those things on the same meal, are not appealing to me at all, that was the bigest error i could spot.
Weight loss companies desperately want as many people as possible to to try their new products to show that there program really does help people lose weight. Well i just found a website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free diet supplements :) Get yours here bit.ly/12hxvN2?v=newnd
Hope you're feeling better ;-)) Eating so clean and healthy comes with a price....avoid any restaurants because you feel awful afterwards and paid a huge price. And there aren't even raw-restaurants of any sort here in Spain where I live. Very good info and loved the video as your other channel on youtube!
When I heard that, I thought it was just me. Oh well, at least he's finally pronouncing Illinois properly. Oh wait, he botched that too. LOL. But as he's said before, he's not a professional public speaker, even though he does speak publicly as part of his profession. Huh?… Oh well, no one's perfect.
Thanks John! I'll check out those other videos. About to buy a house with room for a garden in the back yard> Can't wait to get started. Your videos are so encouraging and give me hope that humanity can finally take a giant step back from factory food. Keep up the great work, man!
hi john what a nice tour of that restaurant. l had a question l really want to get a juicer this xmas but i cannot afford the expensive ones that everyone has on youtube. what juicer would you recommend that that is below one hundred and fifty dollars. pliz let me know .thanks.
I've watched hundreds of reviews on all manner of restaurants, but this has to be the first ever bathroom tour! Way to bring the public what we really wanna know, John :) Tell us more about that cool wood staining with coffee and vinegar. What's the process?
John, look up myriad. It's a great word and you use it correctly (as far as I can tell) but the "m y" is kicking your ass, making you pronounce it like the pronoun my. And it's wrong. It's pronounced mir (as in the spaceship) and then i (ee) ad (add).
John, I appreciate your honesty in these videos. I don't doubt that processed foods had a negative impact on you. However, is it at all possible that the environment in your hotel room contributed to the way you felt when you woke up?
Bummed that I missed you! John, there's another very good raw food restaurant in the western suburbs called Borrowed Earth Cafe. The owners always look unhappy, but they make great food.
Looks like an awesome restaurant. I would def go there if I lived in Chicago. The atmosphere looks good too. Do you sleep with a button down polo shirt and a necklace on. LOL.

Wendy's Baconator Fries Review with Special guest Naader Reda from FreakEating

Hey YouTubers, here's another video for you. Wendy's Baconator Fries Review with Special guest Naader Reda from FreakEating. I hope you enjoy this one :D ...

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+KBDProductionsTV did you know that the World Health Organization concluded that Bacon and other processed meat cause cancer now its even worse than smoking....
Wat about chicken and fish
Looks more like a Son of Baconator Fires... tisk tisk.
+Vizzlemeister Fries too.
Great Collab Ken!
+Willy Breaux amen
+MisterLaughAlot yo jackass shut up
+JoeysWorldTour quit youtube fatass.
nice vid ken and you too Joey woooo wooo wooo
3.55 am hunger xD
+BiSh. it's litterally 3:56 0.o
+BiSh. Missed it by 5 minutes :D lol
You two really worked well together. Nice job boys!! I'm sorry I like cheese goo, don't wanna know what is in it.
+KBDProductionsTV on youtube i can tell you you are a very great man ?
+Cat Sieja Thanks for the comment Cat :D

MTV's The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Season 1 Episode 7 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

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We NEED another Inferno or Duel... or at least another Gauntlet
+gotta create channels to comment!? WAH Anything other than a pairs challenge would be nice.
In my opinion Cara is very manipulative. Yes, Abe is loud & acts crazy but that's all he does. On a past season she told him she loved him & wanted to move in with him & move forward in their relationship. Later he came over to kiss her & she pushed him away saying she wasn't ready. She plays him like silly putty. Look how wide eyed & happy he gets when she pays attention to him & how hurt he is when he saw how she really feels. I agree with Abe, she realized how bad she was going to look then went in to tell her cousin she didn't want to be with him to save face. Some people bought it. By saying that & crying people will feel sorry for her & not blame her for cheating. She not only cheated, she let Abe befriend Thomas. That's below low. Abe may be a lot of things but I saw a man that was truly hurt. He's done a lot for her & I hope they both move on.
+josy bello Yes, that was my fav line of the night. It's one thing to cheat on camera & even worse to them make your live in boyfriend of years look like the villain. She was so scared of him but after the season continued to live with him.
I have loved cara for seasons but I'm disappointed in her. After I watch the after show it really made me dislike her and Thomas. Someone I know is going through a similar situation with his wife cheating and Abe said everything to Cara and Thomas that he wish he could say to his wife. And when Cara said she know she loves him 100% it's like come on. And whn Abe said "if this is what love is I don't want it" it was perfect.
why don't people hate Thomas for cheating on his girlfriend
+Eric Douglas You're right ( i think it was because gf isn't show on tv and Abe is), but Cara doesn't get that much compared to people like Tony
bc thomas girl's is not a castmember
+Eric Douglas I don't think it's a hate thing. I know I could careless who cheated on who, it's the way Cara handled it. Cara allowed Abe to befriend Thomas. I'm sure if Thomas allowed his girlfriend to get friendly with Cara people would feel anger towards Thomas too.
The way she cheated made it perfectly clear why she did it. She was not able to just end it and make him stay away so she did something that would make him hate her so much that he wouldn't come back around. Their relationship at face value looked awful, he's a scary dude and who wants to be with.someone that you have to constantly be afraid of setting off. That's just not healthy in any way, you can love someone to death.
+tonlo72 but they're relationship has always been like that. They break up and get back together. If you ask me, Cara Maria is just as abusive as Abram is just in a more passive way. He's psychotic and unstable while she's manipulative
+Manx36 I agree but after seeing her play with his emotions more than once & over yrs, I tend to feel for him. She claims she wanted out but even recently was asking for forgiveness & to be with him. This was filmed months ago. 
+tonlo72 you can love someone and come to the understanding that your relationship is not beneficial. They look messy and their relationship looks toxic. She obviously knew what would happen, she knew who she was dating. We only know what we see on tv so neither acts attractive to my taste.. Her actions are wrong but who knows what butterflies in glass jars will do yo get out.
+Manx36 That's why she's gone on twitter & Instagram & apologized to him & his family & claims how much she loves him still. She cheated then realized how bad she would look & how mad he would get so it was easier to have the late night convo with her cousin to make it look like she wanted out & that's why she did it. When in fact she was claiming to love him & want to buy a house with him when she got back.

Best Raw Food in Las Vegas at Fresh Mama Freshetarian Restaurant Review

John from //www.okraw.com/ visits a Vegan and Raw Cafe to share with you the raw food options that are available there. In this episode you will learn about ...

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Are extra virgin olive and coconut oil are bad oils to use? I eat very similar to you but is a wrap shell really "RAW"? Grains are just flat out toxic in general although some are better then others from what I've learned/been told. How cam a wrap be considered raw? That Raweo looked like it would send insulin levels through the roof. Has anyone here who eats this way ever had a three/five hour glucose insulin test done? You definitely eat well but these types of carbs are not cool either IMHO.
Thank you Jon for your vid. I go back to the adage that you " don't miss your water till your well runs dry" having mentioned this I ask the ?, You stated that we should chew until the food becomes " mushy in the mouth " what about when the most important teeth that will help with this process are missing? I have 1/2 of my teeth now, I'm making preps for the raw food diet, but will the teeth issue present a problem? I can't afford partials seems like a long way off for that.
Can they come and open a restaurant near me please? :-) Hey John, I'd love you to film everything you eat in a week or even a day. And show us as you go kind of thing. Do that once every few months and I would be really happy. ;-) Thanks for the vids either way. I look forward to them.
Weight loss programs are dying for people to give their products a try to show that they really do help you lose weight. Well i just found a website that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free diet supplements :) Get yours here bit.ly/12hvel3?v=lwezs
You can also make sorbet from other fruits, if you like the real sorbet feel not creamy bananas... then use strawberries and watermelon or mango and stuff ... pears and kiwi.. so yum ! :D
Thanks John, like your cowboy shirt, very cool. The only thing I took offense to is when you said "here is the hood when this was a REAL restaurant". You got it backwards my brother.
Who is your camera person? Partner? Spouse? Significant Other? You show so many boxes of fruits you buy and your garden is sooooo huge. How many people do you feed in a day???
You didn't say a single negative thing about the restaurant until the end, and yet it only got 3.5 stars?! If this place didn't get a 4.5 or 5, then nowhere will! Wow!
Thanks for your helpful review John It's nice to discover they don't have crazy high prices or serve up skimpy portions. I'll be going to Fresh Mama's very soon !!
John in another review you said chew at least 50 times. As there is such a big difference between 50 and 200 can you give more info?
If You Are Sick or Concerned About Your Health - You Must See This Video. All Exposed - "The Hidden Truth About Why You Get Sick"
200 chews a mouthful? seriously have you counted how many? I would choke on my saliva after about 20 chews.
If you open a fresh Mamas bar here in Como Italy I might be working for you at the bar as this is delicious
In that case and in any case: blenders, juicers and food processors will be your friend on this journey.

HERO Certified Burger Combo Review

Hey YouTubers, here's another video for you. HERO Certified Burger Combo Review. I hope you enjoy this one :D ...

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certified shit....
+TechRider only cause i got ripped of 13 dollars for 2 mini burgers that tasted like cardboard. so we got another burger for free cause we needed to try more great crap and got the same thing
Your videos make me want to move to Canada so badly. It sucks not having a lot of the awesome menu items you have at places we have here in the US and having places like HERO that are only available in Canada.
+Jonathan Jennings HERO opened a location in Buffalo!
I wanna go to the US so bad for most of the fast food places.
+KBDProductionsTV How can you eat like this everyday??? Does you doctor knows about this lol
+alex k lol he eats one or two every week i think lol i just watch stuff i didnt notice the date
+alex k haha lol I know but the hair
+Sarah Ghazal  i look like alex kinsey?  you cant even see my face on the pic lol
Cuz u look like alex kinsey
What does the k stand for
+alex k haha lol
glad to hear that I was just worried a bit +Sarah Ghazal +KBDProductionsTV 
+alex k he's actually really healthy he bikes alot and stays fit
Who says I eat like this everyday? I only put out 2 food reviews a week!

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo Review and Drive-thru Experience

Hey YouTubers, here's another video for you. Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo Review and Drive-thru Experience. I hope you enjoy this one :D ...

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i eat my fries in between my burger bites!
I put some of my fries in my burger then I finish the burger and eat the rest
usually don't eat Wendy's because it doesn't look appetizing to me but not this looked good! I just texted my bf to bring me one of these since he works there.
Goddamn here in the Netherlands we only have BK, McD and KFC. I want shit like Wendy's, Popeye's Chick Fil-A etcetera
Here in honduras we have everything except Chick Fil-A
+SteelCityFilms it doesn't change the fact that they have damn good food though.
You don't want Chick Fil A. They hate gay people
Too dangerous, I would drive myself to the hospital if I ate a meal like this... it clogs your arteries.
What a great idea. While I'm at the hospital waiting in the ER I will order some KFC. After the heart attack. the first meal will be Bacon egg and Cheese
A bit melodramatic, are we?
chicken burgers > beef burgers
+PrestonDeGuy I hear that is what it's like in US/Canada. For me a burger is defined as the overall package ya know? The meat in the middle is just a pattie or chicken and isn't the "burger" part of it.
+Max Tuzzolino-Smith wouldn't chicken burgers be different since it would be ground chicken patties?
Pork burger>everything
+PrestonDeGuy They're called chicken burgers in most places around the world.
*chicken sandwiches > burgers But they are pretty even lol

Fresh Finds Kansas City Steak Seasoning Review

This Fresh Finds Kansas City Steak Seasoning is all you need for your steak and meats. Only $2 from Big Lots. KC is known for ribs and they know a little bit ...

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Plz do a Burger King big king 
+Andre5000 Why is that?  Planes are safer than cars and it's quite an experience.  I will have to do the bathroom battle video now.  LOL!
Thx bro if you ever get around to it. Keep up the great videos. I've never even been on a plane your video was the 1st takeoff from inside the plane ive ever seen. And won't ever get on one if I don't have to!!
When I do I'll give u a shoutout.
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