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Management Of Issues and Life after Marriage, Dr.Chella Geetha, Ramya Kumari - 7 pm Discussion

People are making issues very complicated in their marital life. Nuclear families are increasing day by day and also the cases of divorce are increasing day by ...

Tony Robbins - Secrets to a Successful Marriage || Tony Robbins Seminar

Tony Robbins Seminar | How to Save Your Marriage and Survive Couples Therapy ▻CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE BOOK ...

Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Episode 102 - 21st November 2011

Ram and Priya successfully lands in Australia but a small problem arises as Ram observes an unknown person with a name board which mentioned Apeksha ...

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WOW kya javab deya aisha ne well done aisha i hope she doesn't became the enemy of priya that's gonna hurt priya....but they didn't really showed much about priya and ram's honeymoon!!!
Each & Every episode of honeymoon in Australia was fabulous. Ram & Priya's jodi is the best jodi of small screen of all the time..
Well done Ayesha.........i'm proud of u..to take a favour is to loose ur freedom.... thank god u dint n hope u dont in d future
airport pr dhoop nhi thi to gogle lgaey....or jaha ground me aankhien band horahi hy waha nhi lgaya
Atleast ram could have said thank you to the driver who opened the door for them.
did u guys notice k siddharth ny pivhli kae episodes say aik hishirt pehni hue hai
Ram & priyas life is boring,I wish in the future they do a better movies..
This Sid is really a pain in the neck. Why drag Ayesha into this now?
Love both ram and priya amazing couple and world just love it guys
the best serial by ekta kapoor, sweetest priya and the bubbly ram
i knew it. I knew that was Siddhartha's next plan.
ayesha will help them in later episodes :)
@khushboo163 what's body double?
natasha is very cute!!!!!!!!!!
Sooooo cute priyaaa ji...
priya is really priya
saakshiis so cute.

Special Debate About Child Marriage Problems And Its Prevention - Part 4


GH - Luke and Laura - 1979-1980 playlist p.120

Part 120 of L&L 79-80 playlist. 1980. Luke continues his discussion about marriage with Lee and GAin when Laura walks away. Laura shows up for work late.

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"Dancing is my life"----I hope you've got scenes later on of, where Lesley goes to the disco after her divorce is finalized, she gets drunk and picks up a "strange character"....I think those scenes are coming up. Rick saves the day, but Lesley drunk was so funny. We've been waiting for those scenes and big request for that on Youtube. Oh, then Scotty starts dancing with Bobbie, and then Laura says "Come to think of it, my husband picked up a "Strange Character" too ! Those scenes coming up !
@stefan103 I agree.. I am not sure it is straight jelousy.. I think it is more than that... Laura doesn't really know Luke.. as much as she finds him fascinating....she doesn't necessarily trust him yet... and she has all the right to feel that way. It takes a lot of him explaining his life to her, putting her first, truly willing to risk his life to protect her... that finally makes her understand and forgive him... I just think she is very intrigued by him, but knows he is unpredictable.
@booshkah14 The beauty of the show back then was that all the characters motivations were plausible... where some of us certainly related better to Lesley... it was so well done that you could understand Monica too, even if you wouldn't personally do what she did, you kind of understood why she did what she did, and you had empathy for her as well. The show was so good. Such wonderful character studies. Such plausible situations. Such REAL human beings! (Not cartoon character city like...)
Sus, I have been up since 5 a.m. watching these. They are incredible! I'm seeing things now that I recognize leading up to the sailboat scene. Can't wait! I've replayed that scene in my head a million times! It is hot regardless of the fact that it filmed 29 years ago!!
What wonderful scenes in the disco with Joe, Diana, Bobby and Lesley! For me Lesley is just a great character and Denise Alexander a good actress. For me, Lesley is a really a good mother for Laura and it's great to see these two together how they are talking together.
Have any of you seen the 5 part video of Genie done in 2011 in Phoenix? She is absolutely incredible; it gives such a wonderful insight into her love of GH and her character. They should let her write her return! She is amazing!
there sure are alot of 30, 40 somethings at the "campus disco" the 20 somethings probally are the dive bar listening to some metal or new wave. this is the bizarro world everything is opposite
OMG!!!! Laura is coming unglued. Upset because Luke is dancing with her mom. He wanted to do something nice for Laura's mom...not make a move. calm down Laura!!
Geez Laura what kind of question is that to ask your mother? ROFL! I mean when people are married, they are married but they are not dead ROFL!
Laura's getting a little kooky here...I love it! Repressing your sexual impulses messes with your mind, I guess.
Laura did not sound believable at all when she said she can't wait to be with Scotty.
I feel SO bad for Laura's mom. And I have no respect for Monica.
I love Denise Alexander and Lesley. I wish they had her on now.
Laura's makeup just looks flawless. They did an excellent job.
OMG!!!!! Now she jealous of her Mom. She's coming unleashed.
Luke looks so handsome.
Most certainly is!!! ; }
She's just gorgeous.
Nope, she didn't.

GH - Luke and Laura - 1979-1980 playlist p.127

Part 127 of L&L 79-80 playlist. 1980. Luke and Bobbi discuss what his marriage would be like. Scott and Laura at the beach for an important discussion.

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I can not believe this what GHFan2010 has written, I'm shocked! Sus had spend so much time for us and had done such a wonderful job so that we can not thanks her so much like we must do! @GHFan2010:How can you be so ungrateful?Shame on you! Please apologize by Sus or look where you can buy DVD's with old GH-Stuff and watch it alone! But please let us(our little, peacefully "GH-Junkie-Fan-Group") in rest with your unreasonable comments! Nice greetings an all nice GF-Fans from germany!
My older brother's room was adjacent to mine. I was 11 & he was 14. This was around the time S&L first got married (law book time). My bro lowered the TV in his room & overheard me watching GH in my room. Being the typical bro who always teased me mercifully he said, "I heard you watching that soap opera, you're sucha dork!' The ironic thing was, he eventually got hooked too! He always had to have the TV on while he was doing his homework & he discovered that it was a great show!
Paigebt: I agree with you! I thik it's great for us to be able to see these clips of the LUke and Laura love story from the beginning. I remember more of their later years, but this is some of the reall classic Gh. I love it! Sus, I tried to comment, but it didn't post, but I want4ed to say thanks for all of your hard work, and whenever you decide to come back to posting again, I'll bee looking forward to it! thanks again for all of your hard aork!
Hi Susseq - I have been watching for a few days now and apologize for not commenting , im kind of bad about that but I promise to try to do more. as a younger and newer L&L fan I just wanted to say thank you and that I think you are awesome for taking time out of your life to post these (and give a youngster like me a chance to see how they started!) watching your videos has been really enjoyable , GH 2009 doesn't make me as happy
Hey Sus! I just wanted to say thanks for adding more of those clips! It's great for the young viewers such as myself who were not around to see this when they first aired to be able to see the entire story of Luke, Laura, and all involved from the beginning. Thanks, and take all the time you need to tade care of everything. When you start posting again, I will look forward to it. Thanks again for all of your hard work!
I totally agree, 003rere. Throughout this whole storyline, Scott and Laura keep saying to each other, "We're going to make it, right? RIGHT?!" Scott knew something was off with Laura, but wasn't willing to face the facts. In a way, his hands were tied...his wife had been raped, and he needed to treat her with kid gloves. What a mess. And what a great story.
Wow... never really thought about that angle from Scott's psyche... but that emotional response is possible... and that is the great thing about this story.. .layers, upon layers, upon layers of emotion all inter-twined by all the characters. ..Hmm novel concept, art that evokes emotion other than anger and contempt by the audience! LOL
Okay... I'm done for the night... It's not school. Just trying to emulate what it was like the first time around were people really discussed around the campus, school yard, water cooler.. gives the younger people who weren't there a sense of what it was like... but I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We won't bother any more.
whatever GHFan2010 i think that was very rude of you..i think you should tell sus you are sorry!! It must take a whole lot of time from her real life and i for one appreciate this VERY much considering i have been waiting to see these forever..for the record sussezq i am thankful and i hope you have good nights rest.
7:32 "One of the big advantages to this place is it's really isolated which means there's not gonna be anybody coming around bothering us." "What about kids?" "They're in school." "What about the ones that are playing hooky" "They're in pool halls" (No they're not Scotty, they're at home watching Abc Daytime)
Excuse you???? Do YOU have any idea how long it takes to transfer, edit, and upload these things? Don't go around telling anybody to "upload faster". It's a treat that they take the time of day to share their videos with us so be greatful.
Just another HUGE thank you to suss for sharing all her wonderful vidoes with the rest of us. Not just for sharing but for working so hard to make sure these get out there to us fans and to all those who have never seen them as well.
HA! That picnic set looks CHEEEAP. Hope nobody gets a sunburn from the studio lights! Totally understandable...soaps are expensive to produce, with so many set changes involved. I can suspend my disbelief when the writing is this good.
I agree...This is ALL part of the reason why we all watched back in those days-because we got to know and love the characters and the storyline.Enkoy the back story...dont whine about it!!!
Luke doesn't like Jennifer being at the disco every night haha! Well Luke that is because you are in love with Laura. And if Laura is at the disco every night you would be happy. :)
I must've not gotten home in time for this one back in the day cuz there is no way I would've forgotten KS in those shorts! Even at 14 I thought he was smokin!
Thanks sus for all your hard work! I know how frustrating it must be when nothing wants to work right! Get some rest; you deserve it! I'm forever grateful!
Hi sus, I'm very new to youtube and don't know what you mean by you have put a message on the channel. Can anybody tell me how to access it? Thanks!
WOW easy there GHF This takes time AND its wonerful that Sus is doing this for us .Its like cliff hanger friday she willget us there
Click on the blue sussezq to the left of the subscribe button and scroll down to the bottom of the page for channel comments.
Thanks for getting this story posted so fast with all the editing you have to go through to do it. Now that is dedication!!!
Ok Scott doesnt want to hear the truth from Laura he is to afraid of what she will tell him and that he will loose her IMO
GHFan2010 you need to go away and most definitely apologize! Sussezq is awesome & your comments are not welcomed.
SUS thanks again for the wonderful job you are doing dont listen to GHFan2010 !!enjoy the rest of your weekend
no i am not. this is taking too long. i want the sailboat seduction and yat part posted tonight. upload faster
Eww, I cringed at that love scene! I know Laura and Scotty are married but that's Luke's woman!lol


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*trembling voice* "You're right" story of Molyneux listeners
It might be because it can be really hard talking about emotions and your own relationships? Just a thought...
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