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Marriage problems mental abuse Videos

Emotional Abuse: 30 Year Abuser-Blog Interview | Domestic Violence | Abusive Relationship | Marriage

Book: //bit.ly/UT1myn Please subscribe. More videos coming from the perspective of a 30 year abuser! Twitter: @austinFjames I completed a blog interview ...

Amazing story of survival through Psychiatric abuse!

Put in a coma and near death, this is one man's journey back to life. A professional in his field, respected, admired and successful, the next thing you know, his ...

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This is very unfortunate what happened to this gentleman. And many others as well, likely. I, myself, disagree that Psychiatry is all evil and bad. I do think there are people, like myself, who've suffered for years and years without any treatment with medication. The results were disastrous! The most evil time in my life was from about age 21 to 25, when I consistently was extremely ill, mentally, every single day that went by! I tried everything in my power to ward off this mental illness. I just don't know what else I could have done but go seek treatment from a psychiatrist! So, that's what I did. The doc put me on Risperdal, Paxil, and Klonopin. This was 8 years ago that I started on these drugs, which were an amazing addition to my sick, crazy, delusional, nutty, anxious, OCD, violent state of mind! Through trial and error of my drugs, starting and stopping meds, this and that, I found out that my best, and most useful, powerful drug that helped me most was indeed the drug, Risperdal! I believe the Paxil and Klonopin went along with the antipsychotic Risperdal to help calm down my racing, disorganized, manic, delusional state of mind. I bet you, about after 1 week of being on those drugs, my state of mind went from a poor 1, to a solid 7.5!!! I couldn't believe it. It was something that I never thought would ever occur for me again. A clear, healthy mind! It was like being a teenager again! I was in utter disbelief with what this drug combo did for me. After taking this same combo for 4 years, it seemed like the drugs didn't work as well. But 8 years later, after my 2007 1st visit to the psychiatrist, I am here to tell you that I still feel so much better than when I was mentally tortured with a bad, sick, anxious mind! There is mental illness out there, and I believe that I am a true sufferer! But there are people like this man, who get misdiagnosed and labeled for the rest of their lives as mentally ill. There is a difference between mental illness and a bump in the road in life. Mine was the 1st mentioned. Many other's are the ladder, unfortunately too, who end up getting drugs they may not need. I don't feel a bit guilty about being on Disability! I need it far worse than some! That's my story right there!
+Jeremy F nah man
ALWAYS respect the older generation. they are the eyes of wisdom! Put your own mind aside and just listen!!
+alyan83 You're right. But not always the case.

Healing from Sexual Abuse & Incest - Mental Health help with Kati Morton

Today we're discussing how to recover from sexual abuse and incest. In my daily practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I use the work book ...

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perfect timing, thanks Kati
I am so glad honey!! xoxo You are so welcome!
Thanks for this vid. Something I'm struggling with but working on in therapy and with my partner. Please do more on this topic. Thanks for all you do your amazing. Xo
Thanks so much! You're super encouraging!
I definitely will!! I know it is really really hard.. but trust me you are worth it :) xoxo
Awesome video Kati! I love your honest and open approach to all aspects of mental health and well-being! Very inspiring!
You're most welcome! You inspire me as a future psychologist, and I think I gain as much insight into the profession and the life balance of being in the profession from you as I do in learning about the many conditions! You have great communication of empathy, understanding and honesty!
Awe thanks honey!! I am so so glad that you liked the video!! xoxo
Thank you Kati so much. I will buy this book even it is not accessible in my country and work on healing as I am ready. Thank you for the recommendation. I read the original book "Courage to heal" and I find many things helpful. 
I hope you can find it honey :) I just love her books.. she has such a gentle way of talking about such a tough topic :) xoxo 
Katie, this video hit home for me. I am 22 and am trying to heal from sexual abuse, and I am avoiding relationships because I am so scared and aukward when it comes to intimacy. I am embarrassed by it and find it hard to put into words; I think that is why this video immediately made me feel so relieved. I am going to share it with my therapist during my next session and hopefully move on from being stuck right now. Thanks for your hard work, I know you have helped thousands of us on the road to recovery. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you. Hugs! -C
Awe thanks honey :) you are so sweet! I am so glad that you found this video helpful and I hope that it can help you get "unstuck" I know this process is hard.. but you will get through it :) xoxo 
Holy cow.. This video really spoke to me. I suffered years of abuse and incest at the hands of my brother- it's something I've barely dealt with, every-time I've tired my relationships have suffered. Thank you Kati. 
I am so glad that you found this video helpful honey :) and I am so sorry for what happened to you, but I hope that you are able to find a therapist you can talk to and heal with. xoxo 
Do you have any books that you have read that have helped you? 
We produced documentaries for women (The Healing Years) and men healing (Boys and Men Healing) from childhood sexual abuse visit www.bigvoicepictures.com to view clips!
I have really liked "Secret Survivors" by E. Sue Blume and "Repressed Memories" by Renee Fredrickson. :)
"Life In Spite of Me" By Kristen Jane Anderson and "Be Fre[ed]" by Mallory Faye. Both are amazing and have helped me so much.
Hey Kati, I wrote a poem. What do you think?The MisfitsWe are the misfits The ones that society looks down upon We are the misfitsThe ones that don't want to be foundBecause being different is badBecause being everything is the fadI'm sick of it allThe hate and nasty callsVile words from the crowd aroundWhile I sit tied and boundSo what if I'm different and gayIs hate all you can sayI'm stepping up and standing out Listen to the words I'm shouting outI'm different but so are youShout out the things you hold trueFor I am the misfitUnwanted and called outI am the misfit Against the world I stand and shoutPick up and carry on Before your sanity is all goneTo those like me, listen to what I have to say So maybe I can help you one dayIt's time to put down your razor and blades Even though the scars will never fadeYou can't change who you are So be the best you can be by farFollow my lead and chose to sayThat it's okay and you'll live another day
Thank you so much for making this video it was so helpful
+nessa Preston Thank you so much for sharing honey!! I haven't heard of the books you mentioned.. I am definitely going to look into them :) xxo 
+Laura Charland Thanks for sharing honey!! It's great to know what has helped you cause chances are it will help someone else!! xox 
As Silver Refined by Kay Arthur deals with disappointments and stress and how Christians are to deal with them- this was my starting point with healing. Reading a book about rape wasn't going to happen at that point in my life but reading about God and general stress was much easier. I read a book by Rob Bell called Sex God. This opened me up to start reading different books on the topic of sex. Most dedicated just to the topic of rape really don't stick out in my brain because the information was repetitive (although useful especially when I married and became sexually active).
Not on that subject but ''Life with Ed'' written by Jenni Schaefer really helped me recovering from Anorexia.

Emotional Abuse from family and others - Patrick Doyle -theDove.us

Counselor Patrick Doyle of Veritas Counseling talks about family and emotional abuse. Originally aired on theDove TV & Radio 6th May 2014 See more at ...

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Patrick you are an answer to my prayers in understanding what i am going thru in my marriage and have been for many years. Emotional abuse. Please do more programs on the subject. This has been so helpful. I am finally understanding my situation and now know that I am not loosing my mind. Thank you! God is really using you in such a much needed area. God bless you for all the wisdom that God has given you .
Amen, Ms. Karla! It It.s soooo difficult to find people who aren.t nuts on.. YouTube. Patrick has a lovely gift of articulating the way I feel and, helping me help get out myxv?.
Karla I like your comment. You know I have the same situation myself. But what bothers me most about being in this is the feeling of loosing my mind. Why do these types of people make you feel that way? I think that is so very cruel.
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