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DIVORCE COURT Preview: Wallace vs Stewart

Shannon and Lakisha have been together for 8 years and married since May 2010. Both say their relationship changed considerably once they said “I do” and ...

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They were just on the Bill Cunningham show!
I saw it too. I was watching bill cunningham and I saw him and was like "wait.. Wasn't he in Divorce Court?" They're camera happy.
I never knew that guys were named Shannon.
I grew up with one...and dated one...Leslie, Rene, and Courtney are used for guy names too

You Have a Gambling Problem When...

Ben Mankiewicz shares a story of his bet on a preseason NFL game. TYT sports on Facebook - //www.facebook.com/tytsports Follow Rick on Twitter ...

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if you are betting on preseason football games and presuming that the underdog is a good bet because nobody really knows, you don't so much have a gambling problem as a neurological disorder. Get help.
@hawksstock i bet on the lions tonight so far so good.. my problem is money management :O
You bet the over on number of wins the Bills will have, irregardless of the line.
wow it took me 30 seconds to realize it said "gambling" and not gaming ... fail
you have a problem with gambling ... when you listen to Ben's sport picks ;)
I bet on many fumbles adrian peterson will have
when you bet on the coin toss...
you mean disirregardless
um, you bet preaseason

DIVORCE COURT Full Episode Wallace vs Stewart

DIVORCE COURT Full Episode Wallace vs Stewart Shannon and Lakisha have been together for 8 years and married since May 2010. Both say their ...

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wow....i truly believe its something in the black women hair products that makes them so difficult to be in a relationship with...god damn
+ElBeizmeNo, maybe it's having to take care of everything instead of a partner

TasCOSS & Anglicare Gambling Forum 16/10/12

Although poker machine reform has receded from public view in the wake of the Federal Government compromise of May 2012, the needs of people with ...

Gambling Addiction, compulsive gambling, problem gambling

//EndGambling.com - Click to visit and find out more about gambling addiction, compulsive gambling, gamblers anonymous, problem gambling, gambling ...

How to talk about problem gambling: Friend to friend

How to have a conversation about problem gambling with a friend.

Rabbi yosef mizrachi 10 Reasons For Problems In Marriages

The Road Back

A growing percentage of older adults and retirees are developing serious gambling problems. The Road Back takes viewers through the lives of a longtime ...
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