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How To: Get Hired At MAC Cosmetics

Hello Dolls! Open here!!! I have been getting a lot of comments asking about how to get hired at MAC Cosmetics. Here are a few tips I suggest and then at the ...

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I love love LOVE mac cosmetics and have always wanted to work there. I love make up and doing other people's make up so I figured why not invest in trying to get hired at my local mac counter but... I've always known the the minimum age of working is 18 and I just turned 18 yesterday and I really want to apply but I am not sure of the actual requirements....help please! p.s. you're so pretty!
Okay sounds good thank you!!!
MAC Cosmetics is an amazing company to work for. Its always something fun and exciting every day. You need to go in with a little bit of product knowledge, a general idea on how to complete a full face makeup application from start (moisturizer) to finish (setting spray). And an overall passion to help educate customers on proper makeup techniques and applications. if you got that down, you are good to go! best of luck to you!
I made it through the group round only 4 out of 10 made it. But theres gonna be a phone interveiw next if I make that then move on to the model demo. You heard of doing a phone interveiw after making through an interveiw in person?
Thanks y'all just had training last week. Loving it so far :)
+Ashley Edwards yes it can take a WHILE! i was applied/interviewed/hired in oct and didn't get my number til dec! it was the LONGEST wait ever! but it was also during the time when hurricane sandy hit NY pretty hard and they kept saying the fax and phone lines were still down and whatnot. 
+Ashley Edwards Yay!!!!
I made it :) Im just waiting on a employee number ekkk.. I got a permanate postion first time applying im super excited. I heard it can take a lil while to get your number tho ?
the process i had was completely different. But try to make an impression, even if its over the phone. make them want to hire you! 
Ok so I got the call
+MISSPHOTOGENIC BABY. Yay! I'm applying Thursday and excited but nervous. I've watched everyone's videos lol.
freelance is your foot in the door sweetie! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! you did it!!!
I have a question , do you need to have. Cosmo license to apply ?
not at all, just retail experience, product knowledge, and know how to execute beautiful makeup applications.
I wanted to apply there because I have my own studio here at my house and I do events, weddings etc but for some reason it makes me nervous to apply. I love makeup and all products. The one here in brandon told me I had to go to school for like 5 years which is funny because I've been doing it for 10 years. I'm going to apply. Thanks
Cool thanks so much!
Before I worked for MAC (years ago) I was told by other counters i had to graduate from cosmetology school. low and behold, I'm self taught, I got hired, and I'm damn good at what I do. =]
Don't be nervous, just go for it. especially if you know you have the experience. NEVER take advice from somebody like an 'artist' if your 'experienced enough or not'  for the job, unless its directly from a MAC Cosmetics manager. If an artist tells you otherwise…. thats their opinion! best of luck to you! 

MAC Interview Experience

Please like. comment. subscribe :) Open THIS! Tips: -Submit your application with a resume -You do not necessarily need a portfolio to apply -Inform yourself ...

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I'm glad you got the job! You go girl & fallow your dreams! I'm also interested, actually it's my dream & goal to work for Mac. I've seen so many videos on feedback how the interview went, but I haven't seen one that explains what they put on their resume?? My question is if you put like the most popular name products to show your knowledge of the products or just simply what did you put on your resume?? Thanks & would really appreciate it if you wrote back to me! Thanks!
Hey, I want to work for mac I have retail experience but no official makeup experience i just have a passion for makeup and do it for family/ friends on occasions. Would they hire me and how do I demonstrate my passion through a resume/ interview? X
I have been dying to take makeup classes at this school right by my house but since i go to college full time i don't have time. But i will once I graduate! I really hope you get the job, like i told you on twitter, you are perfect for the team!
First, I'd like to say thank you for making this video. Second, can you tell me what you think the chances of getting hired are if someone is qualified in all areas, but does not have any previous work experience or a resume?
omg i'd love to just roam around and use any kind of makeup product lol oh and this is kinda random but i love your room color, do you remember what color it is? lol
So fucking rude! shes here taking time out of her schedule to help people with this and she doesn't have to! I hate people like you! unappreciative piece of shit!
How exciting! I have always wanted to work for MAC but have zero experience. I think I live near you so hope to see you working there.
@theBDMentertainment It was actually very simple, a smoked out eye and bronzed face. Nothing too out of the ordinary or hard.
shortest Mac interview vid I've seen but painful to watch. could have been shorter since no real info was gleamed from it.
Hey girl i know its a random question but i love love love your bow ring, where did you get it from? lol thanks
Thanks it was very informative. Can you do a tutorial on the makeup you wore to the interview?
@dempss1 lol! It was fun! Thank you :) It's called Jamaican Dream and I bought it at walmart.
i reallly hope you gettt it gurrl!
@mkup23 You're welcome! It's almost identical to look I have in this video :)
@eYeLoveMakeup23 No I didn't have to explain the look. :) Good luck!!
@mslatinagirl1 agaci :), I think it's available online as well
So painful to watch!! So many ummms, long pauses lord
hey what nail polish are you wearing? its super cute
i loveeeeeeeee your make up here, please tutorial

How To Find Work As A Makeup or Hair Artist

This video gives great advice and information on how to find work as a makeup artist or hair dresser. Topics include: Choosing your genre, creating a portfolio ...

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My advice is to get a brush in your hand and get some type of formal training. Start where you can, but a school or an apprenticeship with a working artist will be necessary in the future. It is important that you study the art of makeup - which means knowing that it is a specialized field and that there are other things involved then just makeup in print and film. Kim & I offer an online mentoring program if you are interested - visit our website for more info. - wishing you all the best! - Mel
Wow Thank you so much this helped me out very much I am currently a intern for a Fashion/print Makeup artist, but my true passion and dream come true would be a makeup artist in film she has giving me advice, but isn't a working Film/Television pro makeup artist like you Kim and Melissa this video gave me so much more information then I can ask for I greatly appreciate it and hope one day to work with either of you two again Thank you so much all of your videos teach me more and more everyday :)
Yes, you should get PW. It's around $600 a year (don't quote me) but if it finds you one job you can pay that off in a couple days of work. For 2nd, 3rd or day checking work you should contact the production (coordinator or asst. coordinator) and ask if they have a Dept Head yet. If yes, then ask if you can send them your resume. They may give you the Dept heads name. If not, ask them if they could forward it to them for u. If they don't have Dept head yet ask if u can send to put in MU folder.
My advice is to get a brush in your hand and get some type of formal training. Start where you can, but a school or an apprenticeship with a working artist will be necessary in the future. It is important that you study the art of makeup - which means knowing that it is a specialized field and that there are other things involved then just makeup in print and film. Kim & I offer an online mentoring program if you are interested - visit our website for more info - wishing you all the best! - Mel
My advice is to get a brush in your hand and get some type of formal training. Start where you can, but a school or an apprenticeship with a working artist will be necessary in the future. It is important that you study the art of makeup - which means knowing that it is a specialized field and that there are other things involved then just makeup in print and film. We offer an online mentoring program if you are interested - visit our website for more info - wishing you all the best! - Mel
That was amazingly informative! I never did anything with my license. I went in another direction. How times have changed. Oh am I old! Seems to be much easier to find work & information on one hand. I also think there are many more people out there trying to do the same thing. This video will inspire or scare you. You not only have to do great work but look for it & sell yourself. Having a website is a great idea, even a blog & YT. I'd be so excited if I was just starting out!
Hi ladies! I stumbled on this video and I'm going to watch it again later, but this is so important to me, the advice and info you shared! I am what I like to think of as a "youthful" woman turning 40,surely no spring chicken:-) . But I am flourishing as a makeup artist and I'm not sure of the direction I should go in. I love all genres of makeup artistry, I am good at what I've tried my hand at, and have a growing clientele. I'm so glad to hear and see pros in my age group.
Wow! Thank you so very much for this video. So inspiring. I currently trying to get into makeup by way of working at a makeup counter but absolutely want to work in print and film. I want to work for a counter to gain experience working on a variety of faces. Do you think that is a good start before doing tfp and trying to get freelance jobs or is "school" necessary to be taken seriously be the decision makers? Thanks again for taking the time to make this video.
I am sure it is really different - also, I accidentally removed a comment of yours on the brush organizational video - so sorry, but let me answer your question here - I actually have a small portable table I bring with me to most shoots or I request a long table from production if there isn't enough room to spread out - I have to have a lot of counter top space! I do also use the MUFE brush holder that looks like two "cups" when space it tight! - Melissa
I have a question for Mel about her life as a mom. I know you took some time off to raise your kids, but what was life like during the break? I ask this because I started freelancing 3yrs ago and things are getting pretty busy for me right now. I've also been married for 5yrs and would like kids while I'm young, but I don't know how I should organize life during pregnancy and prepare for life after. Any advice would really help
Love, love, love! How insightful, I don't think many seasoned makeup artists particularly dept heads like yourselves are willing to really share that info of how we can get work and how you still get work. Its inspiring! I have been told by other more experienced makeup artists when I started out that writing to productions doesn't work and its only via other makeup artists you get work but you have obviously proved that wrong.
I actually do not approve of model mayhem as a way of finding work for the very reason you stated in your comment - even though it may have turned out to be a positive experience for you, I have known several, very talented, young artists who have tried to use that site and have been berated and subjected to cruel treatment. So, for me it is a "no" - I won't be recommending it to those who need to find work - Melissa
oh no my original comment didn't get posted I must have written over it! I just wanted to say how wonderful you both are to share your knowledge and insider info. Wonderful to hear from both sides: freelancer and agency represented. So insightful and very honest and open about how you do things, not many at your level would share these secrets. You are both so generous! Please please come to IMATS London. Sami x
I loved your advice and heard similar from an makeup artist and hairdresser that came to my college to talk about the union but I haven't been able to gather much information on working for print which is my dream I know Melissa Street's partner does more print I would immensely appreciate it if you could give me more information on that. And thank you for this open talk it was very helpful. :)
I really love your videos! They are so informative and helpful!!! If you guys get a chance I would love to see a video on "How to put together a budget for films" or even "my kit for a full length film". I am going to be "department head" for my first film and would love any and all info I can find!!! Again, you both are so wonderful and kind to share so much info with all of us!! Thanks!
Very informative, just wanted to add in to this discussion the website model mayhem. It's got a lot of forums that can seem pretty cut throat, however because of this I have worked with people who actually screen potential MUA's/models/stylists/etc. for jobs based off of how they interact with others on it. Plus it's another way to get your name and work out there.
Thanks for some amazing info! Love your self marketing tips. Question, who do you contact or try to connect with if you're trying to get hired on film/tv crew as a 3rd or 4th,etc., the department head or production manager? Who hires the crew hairdressers? Would Production Weekly be a worthwhile investment for finding crew work, not dept head jobs? Thanks, John.
I think that the term "celebrity mua" is used when an artist works mainly with celebrities or is a personal - someone who only works with said celebrity or is requested consistently - it is extremely hard to find a person who has an opening for an assistant - but keep trying. Offer your services as an intern first (unpaid) and see what that brings - Melissa
You should try to get into the print field - Kim works with celebrities (actors) on major films/television and some print work and so does Mel as a freelancer in those same genres. If you are interested in Red Carpet then you should concentrate on print and get some great pictures for your portfolio - for Red Carpet you are going to need an agent.


National American Miss Formal Wear Makeup Tutorial

Concealer: Elf concealer stick Contour: Elf Bronzer/Blush Duo Foundation: Revlon Photo Ready HD Powder: JeBeau Forever Famous Powder Eyebrows: Elf ...

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Do you recommend fake eye lashes for jr-teen aka 13 years old?
If you naturally have thick or long eyelashes then all you need is mascara. But if you're like me and don't really have lashes at all then yes, wear fake lashes. Just be sure that they look natural. Stay away from anything too long or too dark looking. They should just enhance your eyes, not look obviously fake. Lately I love Kiss eyelashes. They have tapered ends which makes them look real. I've found them at Walgreens, and CVS. I think Sally's is starting to carry them. They seem relatively new. If you want to splurge on great lashes you can always go for flutter lash. Those are very beautiful but they come with a steep price tag, around $40.
Can you do a makeup and hair tutorial for jr-teen?
Yes! I was just thinking about making an updated video where I'll show you how I roll my hair for pageants :]

Korean firms gear up to resume business in Iran 이란핵협상 타결, 한국 경제에 끼치는 영향은?

One thing for sure, is that with the historic deal,... Korean companies′ business in Iran will pick up soon. For more on the potential impact of the agreement on ...

My Beauty Line GlitterBuzzStyle Cosmetics + I am Hiring

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Hi, If you don't mind me asking, what were the steps you took to start your own cosmetics line. I am wanting to start my own boutique and cosmetics line.
WOW ! The pigmentation is amazing and I love the look of all of the containers !
Please e-mail me directly regarding your questions, thanks
Gorgeous! That's awesome that you have a makeup line (:
Yes for the social media position open to all
Pffff everything looks fabulous O_O
Awesome work opportunity too!
Very pretty colors ❤❤❤
congrats on your new line :)
Beautiful collection!
Im send my resume
Can anyone apply

# Revue Makeup Bell Cosmetics

Hey , salut tout le monde!! Je reviens aujourdhui pour vous présenter la marque Bell Cosmetic !! Pour ma part je suis convaincu de la qualité des produits que ...

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Je ne connaissais pas les produits de cette marque ! Merci pour la découverte !

Cosmetics 2/beverages

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