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One Brand Tutorial! BOE Cosmetics at Big W

Hey everyone! Sorry about the late upload- heaps of problems with nbn (the way the system works is so stupid- this video wasn't even supposed to be up until ...

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As much as I love BoE professional, I also swear by the cheaper BoE beauty line as well (all products except their eyeshadows) Would love to see you try out some of the cheaper BoE beauty products (they're the bomb!) Loved this video!!
+Makeuplover 00 Yes!! I definitely will be as soon as I get my hands on some haha are there any specific products you would recommend?

Haul Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics Sale,Target & Big W

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oh my gaaahh girl let me get some make up!! 
haha go ahead! :P

Collective Haul - Beauty, Makeup, Clothes, Candles - Big W, Priceline, Target, & Kmart

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Lol, Your bid has perfect timing! What's it's name? Great deals on the tops! Pretty nail polish colors:)
Really? I didn't know there were Woolworths in the States. They have pretty good prices.
nice haul.wow there are still woolworths out here.... i miss them here..............
I love Sally Henson rock star pink is one of my fab glitters
His name is Dumbledore. He also meows at the cat!
Yes, I can't wait to use it!

Haul cheap as chips, priceline, big w + more! ♡


Thumbs Up and Subscribe for more videos. You'll love it!! Boe Beauty is a makeup brand that is sold exclusively at Big W in Australia. Everything retails for $2 so ...

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they also have a fair face powder i thought the same but after my big w restocked i found it and the translucent is good for under the eyes not over the whole face. and the shimmer powder is only glittery on the first layer :)
Oh wow I did not know that. I will have to go back and see if I can find it =]

Budget Brand Focus - BOE Beauty $2 cosmetics

Hello Today I wanted to share with you a Budget Brand Focus - featuring BOE Beauty cosmetics which is a small range of budget cosmetics (and beauty ...

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Thank you for reviewing these products. I can say the BOE liquid eyeliner is one of the best! It's glossy black and waterproof. I tested at the same time Rimmel, Maybeline and Revlon and the BOE was the best by far! I had never seen the brand before so was surprised.
Thanks Janine, I'm keen to get another of the BOE Jumbo Lip Pencils, so I might pick up some of the liquid liner as well, next time I'm in Big W (thanks for the recommendation)!
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