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February 2015 Favorites! Skincare, Makeup and Subscriptions!

I hope you guys liked this video. Listed below are all the products mentioned with links to them! Make sure to like, subscribe, and share. Love you guys!

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Nice vid, me too I have a minimal budget for make up. I lol at your dog when he took the ball to play
She ALWAYS wants to play ball :)

Natural Makeup Haul : Vitacost, Sephora, Everyday Minerals | vlogwithkendra

Top: forever 21 Lips: revlon prim rose lipstick //popsu.gr/ptoE and hourglass ignite lipgloss //popsu.gr/rAGZ Bracelet: trina turk Products Mentioned: Ecco ...

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I love Mineral Fusion - great skin care products. I bought samples from Everyday Minerals but never used them. I need to pull them out. Have you tried Modern Minerals? They have really good mineral powders too. I'm in love with their eyeshadows.
Hi! I really love your videos! I just have a few questions...Can you please do a review on Everyday Minerals? Have you used BareMinerals original foundation? How does it compare to BareMinerals? Thanks :) I really hope you see this
You got a completely different lip color than me. I got number 9 copper pink from makeup forever.
I really loved your video! You should make more! Check out my beauty channel! :)
Can you do a review on your experience with the everyday minerals foundations? 
Please do an in-depth review on the bb cream. 
Happy Birthday Kendra!! Nice haul..
you should do a meetup in seattle!!
Happy Birthday! Nice job, Andrew. 
The skin tints are like bronzers. 

3 Simple Looks with Brija Cosmetics and Clean Cauldron

I've created three simple looks featuring eye shadows and blush from Brija Cosmetic's Downton Abbey collection as well as lip lusters from Clean Cauldron!

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The three looks were very nice, I liked that you go easy on the colors and don't pack them up to heavy on your eyes =) and the lip colors. 
Thank you! I'm definitely envious of those that can pack on the heavier dark shadows, they are just too heavy for me.
All these colors look amazing on your skin!
Thanks! I shy away from dark colors though. I start to look Space Stripper...haha!

"Mauvolously Supernatural" makeup tutorial

sorry I had to upload again but it was something weird going on with the last one PRODUCTS face: Lumene longwear blur foundatioin "0", BWC concealer "fair", ...

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You are too gorgeous, and your looks are flawless. I'm so happy I found your instagram account and Youtube channel, I shall definitely try to recreate this look. Thanks a lot for sharing your incredible makeup skills. Much love from Paraguay
wow, thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3
Yes!! I love it! Your eye color is amazing. It works so well with many colors. Where did you find the lumene blur foundation? It seems to be hard to find in the states. Also, where did you get those earrings?! Sooo cool. Love your videos. Haha! Oh! I want to gift you a couple shadows I think you'll like. Do you have a safe mailing address for subscribers to send you things?
One more question (sorry!). What brush did you use to contour? I have a small face and I'm trying to find something that works and I think this one you use may be it :)
Simple, easy, and beautiful. Loved it
Thank you! :D <3

Wet N' Wild Ferga-Vicious Makeup Tutorial

PLEASE EXPAND FOR MORE INFO! Here are the links to my Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and personal YouTube channel: ...

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(con't) I grew mine out, then played around quite a bit before I found a style I love.. it's quite unique but it works with my hair and gives me a lot of options. Its an a-line bob, quite long in the front, with the back tapered and pixie short, then the entire thing layered at 90 degrees, and bangs. I can wear it straight or curly, and the front is long enough to style (I can even braid it or pull it back into a short pony or bun), while the back is very low maintenance.
Don't you just love the "grow out mullet"? LOL. Just a suggestion.. but as someone who has grown out a pixie I would leave it bobbed, then grow out the top before you let it get any longer. The weight on top really helps hold everything underneath down while you get past the awkward stages. Plus you have a lot of styling options with the longer top. (cont.)
How long are you gonna let you hair grow out? To your shoulders or longer? :) This wonderful look makes you look very edgy and cool and of course very prety :) I think you can really see in the begining of the tutorial that you are a very natural beauty. Keep up with your great videos :) Big thumbs up! ;)
hi. great video. I am a new subscriber. you have any experience with makeup for men? I wanna try sometthing out on my boyfriend but I dont really know what products to use. maybe you could do a makeup for men video sometime :) thanks. c ya
Pumpkin & Poppy is sold on Artfire. The All Natural Face is sold on All Natural Face dot com. 100% Pure Magic vegan eye shadow primer is sold on white rabbit beauty dot com
Love this blue-grey subtle look (without the bold lips though) :) And you look pretty with longer hair too. Where are the earrings from?
Hi, I enjoy watching your videos and how you describe makeup applications. Where did you get the Wet N' Wild Fergie Vicious Eye Kit ??
really pretty...i hope we get these in canada..this would make a nice stocking stuffer for my daughter...love your earrings and denim
Not to steer you away from Grace.. but Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist) has some great tutorials for mens makeup.
where do u get the eye cream and other organic/vegan stuff u use? Like Pumpkin & Poppy cosmetics...?
Where did you get it from I want to get one love the look your eyes are so beautiful ttyl xxxx
Iv'e been waiting for this one! This is the only kit I have so far and I love it!
No matter the brand of the most expensive to the cheapst Your makeup is fabulous
These colors look stunning on your hazel eyes! Your hair cut is beautiful =)
I will see. Nothing is permanent I change my hair a lot. ;)
So sad I haven't found that kit here. You look great:)
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