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Expand and differentiate with Dow Corning® EL-7040 Hydro Elastomer Blend

Create color cosmetics, skin care and sun care formulations with a fresh, silky feel with Dow Corning® EL-7040 Hydro Elastomer Blend. Our first hydrophilic ...

Ανοξείδωτος Διαχωριστής/Stainless Steel Splitter(piping networks)

Ανοξείδωτος Διαχωριστής δικτύου σωληνώσεων για τη Βιομηχανία Τροφίμων & Ποτών,τις Φαρμακοβιομηχανίες...

Microfluidic Fabrication - Y-Prize Tech Overview

Advanced medicine often depends on delivering a very precise dose of a drug to a very precise location in the body. The technology already exists for creating ...

You Won't Believe Where Silly Putty Is Hiding In Your Food!

Come on over to //foodbabe.com/?p=15210 to find out where else silly putty is hiding. Dimethylpolysiloxane 101 (a.k.a. Silly Putty) Dimethylsiloxane is ...

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foodbabe, can you also help bring to light the dangers of using Dihydrogen Monoxide? It is used in the production in virtually every meal we eat and yet it also is used in the manufacture of styrofoam, used as a fire retardant, it's a major component of acid rain, and can be fatal if inhaled.
+Psycho Dad lol
An ingredient is used in silly putty is also in food. My response is "and?" You just stopped right there. You are missing the part where you explain why it's a bad thing.
+Kayle Lang No only that, we're talking about an ingredient in a non-food product that is not toxic even with the concentrations of Dimethylpolysiloxane found in Silly Putty.So a non-toxic chemical in a non-toxic product is also used as an anti-foaming agent in the oil that fries are cooked in.The absurdity just gets worse the further you look at it.
+Kayle Lang Isnt it that always the case? I mean, really always? What she gives arent explanations, those are stupid assumptions from a person who doesnt know shit about what she is talking. Foodbabe, yeah right -.-
If you're going to make a claim(or implication) that a product's ingredients are harmful, please cite the source of the information used to support it.
+Turtle Herder Details! Details! Just believe it because its on the internet.
So far, for all the silly insults and general junior high goofiness in the comments, I haven't seen anyone make a good argument against the case made in this video. Meanwhile, McDonald's freely admits to using Dimethylpolysiloxane for exactly the purpose described in this video. Go to their website and search "Dimethylpolysiloxane" and see for yourself.
+Robyn Wase Feeling you. I guess some People dont know what science means. They dont know what it means to work under empirical conditions and do something scientific, thus they dont know what they dont know. This has to stop. Fcking Foodbabe. Do you think she knows that its bullshit and she is ust fearmongering to make money, or is she really that stupid?
I did call you hun, and rather than decide that that was inappropriate and low, you did it right back and added in some swearing for good measure. And as for the mate comment, you're making increasingly less sense. I'd ask you to explain only you seem to have only questions, aimed at me rather than questions of the evidence seeking variety. Do you have any answers yet hun?
+Robyn Wase Well, you did call me hun :) when's the last time your mate actually did what you said?
+Robyn Wase Well OK I can buy that ;) I can even buy that you're dying :) but you're no different that any other person spending their time being condescending on youtube, so there's no high ground for you, sorry :)
Oh, and I definitely have a problem with what she says. I don't give a shit about what she chooses to attack. I don't live in the US either. My problem with her and this, ahem, "movement" is that it is gross scientific illiteracy. I still can't get over the fact that you think breaking down someone's argument and analysing it logically is giving people shit for trying to have the discussion. Seriously I'm dying here.
+Robyn Wase That was a mighty fine deflection.
I think it's funny you call that "giving people shit" when discussing was exactly what I was doing, and you are the one swearing at strangers. I also have no idea what you think I'm pretending to do, and that it's cute you're trying to defend your buddy without actually disecting a single argument I made. Also, you can definitely argue that there's nothing dangerous in our food, "Hun".
+Robyn Wase Hun, lemme break this down for you - most of the attacks on her aren't about individual things she picks out to discuss. It's because she has the audacity to say ANYTHING about our food supply. Are you under the belief that it's a good idea to try to dissuade open discussions, or are you really just here as the dimethylpolysiloxane police?  Here's my thing - I like that she's putting these companies on notice, because you can't argue that there aren't dangerous things in our food, represented in most things for sale in your average supermarket once you get past the produce aisle. Which leads me to wonder what it is you're doing trying to give people a hard time for even having these discussions. I don't think for a minute you're offended about the good name of dimethylpolysiloxane being sullied here, so just stop pretending. How about you explain your own mission here.
The good argument is this, hun : something that you eat and something that would be bad for you to eat having a common ingredient has no impact on whether or not the former is "toxic". You understand that water is found in both anti-freeze and potatoes? If it's just that you think water is not a type of chemical and that dimethylpolysiloxane is, you're wrong, dihydrogen monoxide is a chemical, you can describe its chemical make up, it has a chemical name etc. etc.

Self-propelling coalescing droplets 1

Microfluidic devices play an ever increasing role in nano- and biotechnologies. An emerging area of research in this technology-driven field is digital ...

Labmade hydrogen generator - electroporation

Two pencil carbons connected to power supply. Final voltage is 100 V. Electrolytes are 4.5 mM Tris-Borate and 1 mM EDTA (pH 8.0).
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