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Bridge dental twickenham Videos

Smile Makeover Hanwell Crooked Teeth W7 - Sparkle Dental Boutique

//www.sparkledental.co.uk/ Carol talks to us about her experience at Sparkle directly from it's courtyard garden. Since childhood, she had never been happy ...

don't go to his dentist,dougster the teeth

Teddington to Kingston

Anti-Tory protesters clash with police

On-the-ground footage shows anti-austerity protesters fighting with police near Conservative prime minister David Cameron's residence in Downing Street Get ...

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Should have given the police machine guns.
+HK-47 Do you hate the English so much that you would shoot them in the streets?
Where are the celebrations of a majority win. If Britain got the government they voted for, why are they protesting? It seems the majority are pro austerity and only the minority are for prosperity.
+ian8354 The buz from the international community is that Anti Semitism played a large part in the outcome.  Many social groups with anti Israeli platforms were not too certain about the loyalties of a PM from a Jewish family. and others were just openly prejudiced. It wasn't covered by the media but the commentary's of texts in articles leading up to the election raise it a lot.Even though he declared himself to be an atheist, commenters were calling him a bacon eating Jew. and others hating him for being godless.It seems religion still plays a major part in British society.
+Kevin Sullivan From a report nearly 2.5 million people did not vote in this election because 'joe public' has had enough, this of course allowed the tories to win.To the people who didn't vote and are moaning that Cameron is back in power, then you only have yourself to blame so shut the fuck up.
Even though most of England voted Conservative basically the hole of london voted labour. voted conservative

Online Exclusive: Tom Tom 'You Muppet!' - Live at the Electric: Series 2 - BBC Three

More about this programme: //www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b036qwpl Tom and Tom from Live At The Electric respond to your tweets about the show from the ...

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Ha!! Didn't see you guys on my iplayer? gonna hunt now!! Like the dick gags and the thrusting gag! more please... don't have to be gags tbh :)
Shit! They read my tweet out . It wasn't a Complement lol
Cor! Check out Tom's hot bulge shots at 1:11 & 1:40!
Yeah i noticed crabsticks aka chris kendall too
no1 should comment..

Police: Doctor Stabbed Woman With Sword

A Covington doctor was charged with stabbing a patient with a sword. Laura Borchers reports.
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