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Raw diet criticism Videos

Raw Food Criticism

Raw Food Update! ♥ (Skincare, What I Eat, Criticism, Staying Motivated...) | Annie Jaffrey

Hi beautiful! Thanks for watching :) Thumbs up if you found this interesting! ♥ This may go without saying, but I truly believe beauty starts from within. Through .

How To Ward Off Judgement & Criticism

How To Ward Off Judgement & Criticism. So many people are offended when other people share their comments and criticisms. Its not just the raw food ...

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Thanks so much Durianreider and Freelea for your good work :)! I suffered from an eating disorder for a few years and now I´m in recovery and I nourish myself with all the gifts of our nature without harming it.. since I changed my diet to vegan/ raw vegan food is not the enemy anymore, it changed my whole life and the lives of my partner and my 2 years old son ... yeah and don´t give a damn f... on all the criticism but give one on the positive feedback ;) u can be proud of what u´re doing!
lawyers gona love you durianrider : ) keep pumping them bills up each extra hour is a lot of coin : ) love these videos even after one year of taking your advice and reaping the benefits : ) they are fun ! keep em coming ! doug
My guess, concerning the lawsuit, would have to be that moron Matt Monarch. Great vid btw! You truly are a beacon of light in a world of mass greed, corruption, and misinformation.
A lawsuit needs factual evidence in order to even get of the ground. Libel / Slander allegation? *BwaHaHaHaHa* Good luck establishing a case to back up those allegations.
The lawsuit sounds serious, perhaps you need to change your name and live off the grid?
My mom chopped my hair just like freelee chopped you. I think mom needs to carb up!
why cant i educate my self on nu start internet is so expensive re you tube
Harley, You are one of the best on this planet! Thanks, B.
Your hair looks great, it is a great here in the USA.
I totally vibe it. From the hair to the deeper idea.
Always a pleasure to watch your videos!
keep em coming mate - thank you!!!

Raw Food Update! ♥ (New Skincare, What I Eat, Criticism, Staying Motivated...)

You don't need special equipment and tons of time to make raw food. Check out these easy raw food recipes! Raw food can seem a little bit intimidating, right?

Weight gain after restriction and does raw till 4 deserve criticism?

This is quite a hot topic at the moment that I wanted to give my 2 cents on, weight gain. The media demonise weight gain so much when it isn't called for.

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You're so right, I agree with everything you said! I just visited your ig and honestly got really happy for you for gaining weight. It's for sure a sign that you are healing :-D :-D you're so sweet and you look so good with some extra weight as well ;-) are you going to Thailand again this summer?
aww thanks babe! i hope to but i will only probably catch the end of the festvial x
Chelsea this is a great video - I really love how you are so up front. I totallllllly agree, I gained a lot of weight after all my past crazy restriction and diet and it had to happen. Inevitable. Love it gurrrrrl - you're looking beaut too x x
<3 aww thanks hun! and yes sometimes i think we just need to be outright honest, there is too much pussy footing around x
perfectly said x ily
love ya too x
I love your honesty. It's just kind of frustrating to feel uncomfortable (physically, not mentally) in your own body. I'm not as uncomfortable as I used to be, but it's so difficult to force myself to exercise (school EXHAUSTION). I never want to go back to a SAD, but I do wish I could go back to when I was a kid and convince myself to start eating healthy way back then so I wouldn't have to deal with the damage now! Ugh, the regret... Mind over matter is so much harder than it seems.
+ShadowSarah give your body time, its hard but you will get there xx
+smile tohealth I appreciate your optimism! I, on the other hand, haven't properly exercised since around September haha. So... I kind of feel shitty. It's hard to get back into the swing of things. I'm just bones and flab.
+ShadowSarah its a difficutl process but we will get there, i havent exercised at all this week due to being mega busy with school, dont stress xx
Well said Chelsea :) I tend to be finding that there are 2 camps of people that don't believe metabolic damage exists. The first being those that have never experienced it (this tends to be mainly guys who have never dieted or had the social pressure to be slim like girls), and the second are those who can't handle the weight gain and go back to restriction because they are in denial. Keep spreading the truth x
Very well said.
well said! x
tuch, tuch, tuch, Poow!! Lol. Love it
I know! ;-)
tehe im crazy x

Criticism on Eating Raw --- Why I Did It

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i appreciate you saying that. i can only describe how it's making me feel and how good i feel intuitively about the process. i think i am lucky because i actually like the foods i eat and don't feel deprived at all. it's been joyful, all the way around. i wonder sometimes if that bothers people.
Society is ass backwards. You'll have to be satisfied with being radical and extreme if that means eating only the foods that give you life. Being normal and moderate means eating ice cream after your dinner. You're one of the few that gets it.
i think you'll really find it cutting edge and radical in terms of nutritional intervention. read and then take the thins you can use and work with ... and do the best you can...
I applaud you for being so proactive about your approach to food and eating. Kudos to you!
thank you! at least i can say i'm trying to do something good for myself. :)
I want to read that book Food for Life. Im subscribing, Good Health !

Raw Food Diet Day 0 Murph

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Hey massmurph, Good luck to you on you new lifestyle change - THATS AWESOME! I am going raw as well, taking it slow, trying not to get to down on myself when I slip, drinking lots of water, just bought a really good $ juicer, using my regular ol blender for fresh veg and frozen fruit smoothies in the morning... its all good. Keep it up. This is an great positive direction to be heading in. : )


DAVID WOLFE A MILLIONAIRE? David Wolfe comes under lots of criticism for his super expensive super food diet infomercial style of selling. Has it made David ...

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I don't know who you are, and don't really care. But just so you know, the guy motivated me to make positive changes in my life. I won't waste anyone's time with a testimonial, however I will say DAVID WOLFE is a major component in the outlook I have on life today. Watching you blast him for having money or notoriety is a testament to the nasty shit that's been going in to your system. Either get on board or shut the fuck up. You jealous little punk. And stop talking trash about other people you don't agree with or are jealous of.
Im not buying his crap. If will powerr.. Mind over matter dont get the pounds off. Then no product will ever keep it off. The change comes from in each person. & who does he think he is kidding. He. Is. LOADED. Keeping the statement simple. Why cant he just stand up for what he believes in??? Cause its SHADY!! & he really dont believe in his own products !
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