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Raw diet dr weil Videos

How healthy are vegetarian and raw food diets?

It seems every celebrity is on a vegetarian or raw food diet these days. Are they just a trend or do they offer real benefits to your health? Dr. Andrew Weil shares ...

Dr. Weil's True Food Kitchen's PMS Buster

When PMS cravings strike, skip the Doritos and try this recipe for Shiitake Tofu Lettuce Cups, created by chefs at Dr. Andrew Weil's True Food Kitchen instead.

Dr. Weil's British Columbia Garden, Part 3

Dr. Weil wraps up his summer garden tour by pointing out his cucumbers, green beans, and some huge, exotic fruits known as tayberries. Here are photos of Dr.

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Why Your Health Matters

Listen as Dr. Weil speaks about why health matters and what we can do to live a long and healthy life. Part of Dr. Weil's vision for a healthier world is providing ...

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Dr. Weil's presentation is informative, well organized, and a top notch prescription for living a healthy life.
Then why does he look so obese?
You are truly a great man who helps an immense amount of people. I hope you always stay healthy and happy!
+Enihcam Productions obese is a medical term - might be something to think about
+John Champagne  Agreed. I "discovered" him on PBS many years ago and am so thankful that I did!
Healthy... this doctor is very obese looking in his videos. Are you sure that is the health you want?

GMO Labeling on Foods

Dr. Weil discusses GMO labeling on foods and why having the information and insight as to what foods contain GMOs is an important option. While studies of ...

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I don't understand why companies don't just label their products as non-GMO instead of trying to force others to label theirs as containing GMOs. It would be easier and instant. If I saw two products on the shelf and one was labelled non-GMO and the other had no indication, I would assume the one with no indication was, in fact, a GMO product. Job done and no laws have to be changed. Quick, simple, cheap.
Some do voluntarily label their products as non-GMO, of course, organic can not be GMO. The problem with self labeling is one of trust, because there is no regulation in the US for this. So you could for example buy tortilla chips, a corn product, where the manufacturer labels it "made with non GMO corn", and fry it in a vegetable oil that may contain GMO soy or cotton.Most of our food supply is a mess, and has been for some time. Technological medical advances aside, the baby bombers may very well be the first generation to have a shorter life span than their parents, and much that is to be blamed on what we've allowed to be done to our food. 

Using Indigenous Medicine to Prevent and Heal Cancer and Other Disease

Using Indigenous Medicine to Prevent and Heal Cancer and Other Disease Join Dr. Sunil Pai at The Integrated Health Conference: //www.

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Omg I wish I lived in the states! Is there any way you would treat a person overseas?

14 Organic Mushroom Coffee a Healthy Way to Go?

//www.DietCoffee.org Andrew Weil, M.D., in the Nutrition News section of American Health Magazine, May, 1987, states that drying as well as cooking ...

Natural food & beauty haul and LOTS of rambling.

Blog: //thenaturalbeautyjunkie.blogspot.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NBeautyJunkie Instagram: //instagram.com/naturalbeautyjunkie# Use code ...

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L cystene is never Vegan?
I don't know much about L cysteine, but after it was recommended to me I looked it up, and from what I have read it is usually from feathers or hair. It is an amino acid. I'm not sure if it can be vegan or not, but maybe there is a vegan version.  
Seriously craving chocolate chip cookies now!!
I always want cookies! lol
I have cysts on my ovaries, too. I try to avoid soy when I can, but sometimes it's just really hard. I have those chocolate chunks. My local natural store carries them too. I use them when I make peanut butter cups. Please do a video on making the coconut milk! I would love to start making my own.
It REALLY is hard to avoid. I do feel a difference when I cut it out though, I hardly get pains anymore since I found out about the connection. I will definitely be making a video on the coconut milk, as soon as I finish up the store bought stuff I have right now...then I won't be buying it again.
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