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Raw juice diet weight loss Videos

Raw Food for Weight Loss - Juice Fast Day 12

A vegan semi-newbie embarks on a crazy one-year journey into the raw food world! It's Day 12, and I am CRAVING a baked potato! Seriously! What do you do ...

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My family laughed when I told them I would lose fat with "Lean Body Maximizer", but then I showed them the results. Google "Lean Body Maximizer" to see their reaction. (It was epic!)
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If you want to lose fat quickly, you should do a google search Cosmos Fat Loss. That can help you get the body you deserve.
I watched fastingforweightloss video. she was soo funny. Going to bed is what i would have done, lol
Im a night eaterrrr toooo
LOL!!! take your ask to bed!!! I must be on the right track because that IS what I do --Day 13 :)
@JuiceFeastinJenn An insane lion! Love that... and that's how I was starting to feel last night!
Good day! I'm Kyle.I did -40 lbs in one week.Go to hawght.so\#BEd4
I never thought I would get turned on by a bald woman
You are toooooo pretty!

Raw Food for Weight Loss - Juice Fast Day 45

A plant-based semi-newbie embarks on a crazy one-year journey into the raw food world! It's "post-juice-fast-transitional-preparation" day! Let's talk about results ...

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First of all I must say you are beautiful with an awesome spirit about yourself =) I just ate dates for the first time about a week ago and was instantly hooked. I do not know why I had not tried them years ago. I tried two different varieties, Medjool and whatever type Dole has. Both very awesome =) Keep on moving on with your journey....loving the NO STOVE concept...I was thinking about that myself.
Hello there, have you heard of " BellyFATtack "? Simply search on Google. On there you can find a valuable free video by a well-known doctor revealing the best way to get rid of unwanted fat. This made it easier for Cheryl to burn her abdominal fat. I will probably give it a try. It might work for you as well.
Have you tried China Slim Tea Dieters Delight? You should be able to find it in any chinese beauty supply or chinese grocery store. Baaaaaby, It will clear out the gum you accidently swallowed on the playground in the third grade. Take it once daily and you will never need another colonic again.
Hi there, have you heard about "BellyFATtack"? Just google it. There you can find an important free video presentation by an experienced licensed nutritionist talking about the way to eliminate unwanted fat. It helped Melody to reduce her stomach fat. I hope it works for you also...
Hi there, have you tried Bellyfattack yet? Just have a look on Google. On there you will see a beneficial free video presentation by a longtime doctor revealing the right way to get rid of fat. This made it easier for Andre to lose his belly fat. Hopefully it will help you too.
Good call! I always think that you should follow your intuition/listen to your body. Congratulations on your weight loss and successful juice fast. Do not forget to enjoy your journey into the Raw Food lifestyle. Take care. :)
You are indeed inspirational - vivacious, confident, beautiful. You know what you are doing - I will follow you because I am sure you offer incentive to all of us with your wisdom, great intuition & your continued questing.
Your video's really show how you have changed, you look great and glad to hear you are feeling the same. Nice to see a sister on the journey. I have been mostly raw for about 2 1/2 years. I wish you much success Pat
I also really appreciate you taking a holistic approach to raw food and not just making it about weight loss. Your channel rocks! :-) Thank you soooo much for the inspiration.
It would be a shame if you did not burn fat when these normal people are able to lose weight so easily using "Fat Blast Formula" (search for it on google).
You are beautiful, and your personality is beautiful too. I'm glad you completed your juice fast. Best of luck to you.
Dates are yummy!! There are electric kettles for hot water if someone needs some tea. Exciting for no stoves.
Seems interesting, but .I did -15 lbs in 2 month.Open hawght.so\#M4wgBUB 1GzGd8LueKqJCREqG

Raw Food for Weight Loss - Juice Fast Day 34

A vegan semi-newbie embarks on a crazy one-year journey into the raw food world! Today, we need to talk about forgiveness. Not of others, but of yourself and ...

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seriously, i love you. i appreciate you. i feel you. ugh, thank you so much for sharing! I bought the kindle edition of the book. this is my type of book!
@AlphaEssentials You are so cute!!!!! LMAO! ALL of the comments are truly appreciated, doll!
I love love love your vibrent attitude, you are truly inspiring!!!! Also love your videos :)
You are so beautiful and inspiring. I just came across your video and had to sub ;0)
Carla you are SO wise, Thanks for this video!
thanks, great video
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