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Raw diet treats for dogs Videos

Healthy Raw Dog Treats or "Spirit Snacks"

Healthy Raw Dog Treats!! //www.vitalitybyjenni.com For a free recipe ebook, go to: //www.vitalitybyjenni.com/subscribe.html Want to know a great way to ...

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Actually she is not a vegan dog. I toyed with that idea at first, but I am inclined to do what is most natural (then throw in some special treats here and there). To me, that means mostly raw meat. So we feed her a lot of raw meat, usually chicken, then we buy the healthiest, grain-free dog food we know of and supplement her diet with that and other fresh vegetables and even fruits sometimes. She, however, finds ways to sneak more than what we give her off the counters when we're gone :)
awesome! is spirit a vegan dog? she's so beautiful & healthy! i would love to know what you feed her on a daily basis... i recently lost my dog to a tumor after nearly 15 yrs - she was on a conventional diet & i feel that's probably what contributed to her demise =( i don't want to make the same mistake when i get a new dog in the future... thanks... blessings from australia
Hi! Have you heard the talk about the Samsa Dog Chef Genie (google it)? I have heard some awesome things about it and my sister also got excellent results with it. Their Dog loved the change in diet :)

Make your own healthy dog treats | Ep 54

Make your own healthy dog treats! (Vegan & Gluten Free) Recipe below in the description. SUBSCRIBE: //www.youtube.com/startingoutraw OUR WEBSITE: ...

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wow, thank you for the video. i recently had to stop feeding my beagle dog food and give her raw meat. she had some serious skin issues with the dog food. i have been looking for other things to give her and this looks like it would be good. i can wait for her to try it, hope she enjoys it as much as your dogs.
She'll probably love them and at least you know exactly what you're feeding her. They are super easy to make and one batch makes quite a bit. Let us know how your dog likes them. Ours likes either the oatmeal or the buckwheat. I just prefer to give them the buckwheat because I think it's a healthier option.
thank you. i will try this. mine expect a treT when i get home from the store.!

Natural Dog Treats

Everyone that knows us knows that we feed an exclusively raw diet and we had some questions about our raw chicken feet treat, so we try to answer those ...

Brad's Raw 4 Paws Dog Treats

You'd do anything for your four-legged friend and certainly wouldn't slack on keeping them healthy. Brad's Raw 4 Paws dog treats not only get two paws up for ...

Only Natural Pet Freeze-Dried All Meat Bites Dog & Cat Treats

Made from gently freeze-dried, quality meats, these single ingredient, raw treats are loved by both dogs & cats. They're ideal for training, are allergy friendly and ...

Why Raw Bones For Dogs Are Better Than Dry Treats

//www.Videos.Barfworld.com If you like this video on raw bone treats then visit us at www.Videos.BarfWorld.com to receive additional Free videos.
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