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Nose surgery wilmington nc Videos

Dr. Deidra Blanks Discusses Administering Botox in Wilmington NC

How to Unplug, Unstop, and Decongest a Plugged Nose and Dry Up a Wet or Runny Nose

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great video bro... but just a side note. DO NOT take the Nasal Spray longer than recommended. I've been literally addicted to it for 5+ years. If you take it longer than a few days... it actually causes what is medically known as "rebound" which causes the congestion it's supposed to clear up. seriously... it's a thing. it actually makes me miserable. shit is evil.
+Danny Sneedn true story
+David Query That's very kind of you. I could not agree more David and thanks for bringing that up. The nasal spray unclogs a nose extremely fast, but it should not be used more than 3 days at a time or else it will make the situation much worse and create a super plugged nose.

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Wilmington Ear Nose & Throat Associates PA | NC

Wilmington Ear Nose & Throat Associates, PA is located in Wilmington, North Carolina, with two locations. Their competent physicians and audiologists treat a ...
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