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Nose surgery cambridge Videos

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) | Cambridge | Mr Ahmad

A Video about Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) by Cambridge Surgeon Mr Ahmad. Lovingly Produced by BHM MEDIA.

Dr Kremer and the Nose of the Duchess of Cambridge

Dr Kremer, plastic surgeon in London, discusses rhinoplasty on German TV show Brisant, and the latest appeal to Kate Middleton's nose, asked for by many ...

Is there a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty?

Patients that may be unsure about making the decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure, often ask if there is a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty.

How visible will rhinoplasty scars be?

How visible will rhinoplasty scars be? Knowing the extent of scarring is usually one of the first questions asked in any cosmetic surgery procedure, particularly ...

Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery (?)

Plastic surgery to get the nose of Kate Middleton? Apparently an increasing number of women are shelling out a lot of money to look like the Duchess of ...

User Comments

I had rhinoplasty because I broke my nose as a kid (my brilliant dad pulled me too fast in a sleigh!) and I was still unhappy with my nose for a long time, but I kind of learned to live with it. lol I figure, it has issues, but it's mine, and I have all kinds of nose bleeds and allergy problems as the result of the surgery, but I would never have another one. It's such a pain in the ass. I think plastic surgery should be reserved for when you REALLY need it, scars, injury, etc.
Man, Cenk was right when he said the fastest growing channel in TYT history. Please tell Bret to do more Lou Holtz (on TYT Sports) though please.:) I'm sure one of his many talents is impersonation. He should just do a round of as many as possible and post it on TYT Underground.
I litteraly searched Brett Erlich on youtube just to see his face more often, to discover he kicked more ass then RWJ. Shame he stopped. i couldnt any recent viral video film school vids so i assume he did. Love you Brett ♥ Youre hilarious!
As long as were talking about taking celebrity features, I would love to have Roger Daltrey's glorious fucking hair. BTW, are we judging people's noses now? unless some one has a fuckin' beak all noses pretty much look the same.
How funny that women wanted Jennifer Aniston's nose, since it's fake. Brett is a little sexier with that face. Idk if that's an insult or a compliment.
I can't wait for Kate to have her baby now knowing that the poptrigger coverage will feature Brett doing this impression again.
I'd love to have Selena gomez's nose :c It's so cute, and when you look at her from the side, her nose is like a perfect curve
as soon as he made the princess dianna joke, I almost automaticly clicked dislike, and I never dislike. but I didn't
Lolololol saving this to favorites! And the best makeover would be Halle and Boris because neither require surgery.
omg hahah all the photoshopped pictures of them looked great except Sam's. Sam your face is perfect the way it is.
Someone need to smack Sam if she thinks it would be a good idea to cut up her face. It looks great the way it is.
That's it! I'm done. After watching this vid of Brett's impression of the prince I'm in love now!!! X] (+1newfan)
OMG!! LMFAO!! Brett...have I told how much I love you today!! You fucking rock!! Shia Shmia!! It's YOU any day!!
Brett should always close the show like that. Lol. This was one of the few times I watched the entire end bit.
omg i love brett so much! and of course Bree! Breeleiver!! and Sam is probebly the best host ever on youtube!
Bret, fucking love you man! I also liked the Diana reference, I'm a huge fan of offensive comedy :D
If they made a real life version of the Wild Thornberries, Brett could play Nigel :D 'Smashing!'
Brett, you're so fucking hilarious, we should sack Prince William, and put you there instead.
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