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Nose surgery closed Videos

My Closed Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Procedure to Remove a Hump in Beverly Hills

//www.rhinoplastyspecialist.com Watch my experience as I have a closed rhinoplasty procedure in Beverly Hills, CA. My sister had a rhinoplasty procedure ...

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I think to breathe better its good to do that, and while shes in there they might as well change it to what she wants. Personally, i dont think you should get nose surgery just for cosmetic reasons because that is your genetic nose that you are born with and you should be confident with that. But if you do feel pressure in your nostril and limitations to breathing then you might as well have them alter it to what you want cosmetically for whatever reason that may be while fixing breathing.
im soo mad... her nose is alot smaller then mine. we can switch!!! and she can keep her new one.. ill juss take the old one ! mine is soo much bigger than should be me in that video. loll if anything i look like a huge bird came and sat on my shoulder and from a profile view it looks like its beak is my nose. yupp thats my nose. i need a nose job way more than she does.. :P
If you want to know more about Rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Nassif will answer your questions on his channel... YT username "drpaulnassif" . WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Tell us what you want to know about Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Dr. Nassif will post a video on the subject.
Nice video. I have my open rhynoplasty next thursday, and i am very nervous. But i think i will be very happy with the results. I just want it over with. I have wanted this since i was 21... I am 36, and finally getting it done.
did he do her surgery in the same day ???? and also ive had a nose job before but f i wanted ot fix it up a little more after how long do i go in for another rhinoplasty??? its been a year so far, but also i didnt do it here
You need to wait 6 months to a Year before having your nose worked on again. You are close, it will depend on your surgeons assessment and what you previously had performed.
@ljtm92 I'm in Maryland, U.S. I looked at doctors here, and they accept people aged 16 and up. Sometimes younger depending on the issue. I have a deviated septum.
she said larger than what it seems***?!?!??! it looks small and scrunched up from the side view!?? idont ge it.! at least she doesnt have a BEAK!!! >:I
I'm exactly like her I just hate my profile, I'm having plastic surgery in December and then I'll have a perfect nose lol
my issue is the same . I don't have a bad looking nose. but once you see my profile it's just suicide !!!! =(
18 is the minimum age to get any cosmetic surgery procedure in the u.k.
My profile makes me cry. Wish I had the guts and money to get this done
i think it depends on like when your bones have fully developed
well some people get it at 14 but the minimum age is 16 i guess
i kinda liked the before better... at least from the front
Yes, you will have to wait a minimum of 6 months.

Nose Surgery Exposing Nasal Skeleton - Closed Rhinoplasty

Depending on the characteristics of you nose, your rhinoplasty may involve reshaping one, some, or all of the following: the bridge of your nose, the upper ...

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She could have had a genioplasty too?
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