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How to activate nra insurance Videos

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We Are All Patriots. Please Join The NRA Via Our Link Here: //membership.nrahq.org/default.asp?campaignid=XR024779 Activate Your Fee Gun Insurance ...

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Just got a NRA Membership out of my first paycheck!!!!
+LiftedChevyGamer Welcome to the team

NRA Insurance Claim Conclusion...

Do you read this before you watch the video? I always read comments and descriptions later after the video otherwise its a video spoiler, lol.

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i feel the NRA should just apply the insurance immediately. there is no reason to have to activate it other than to avoid paying. bottom line is we didnt ask for it they offer it for free WITH our membership but in reality it is offered for free to members. there is a difference and its in the wording. if they truly want to be on the up and up and offer and make us activate it the say they will discount it but it will be extra! i rather pay extra than to be duped into thinking i already have it!
I love the NRA and I re-joined a couple of weeks ago and I got a duffel bag as a gift for joining when I got the bag I assumed that my member ID stickers and all that good stuff would be in the same package but it was not kinda weird but ok no biggie then I get an email telling me I had till march 10 (today) to activate my arm care insurance but you need your member ID to do so... I did call them to get my ID but they said it take up to 8 weeks to get your member card so it's just odd that they
Yeah as much as I love the NRA I think they get you to join in part because you believe that you will be protected in these types of situations! And now the NRA-ILA is more responsible for making actual legislative action so any of you out there you can donate to the NRA-ILA and not pay money to the NRA's bullshit and the NRA wing from what I understand only deals with public relations and Insurance crap so quit saying it was your mistake because to be real it's NRA's bullshit!
Profitable insurance companies always deny claims on first attempt. Most insurance policies protect you against nothing, they specifically exclude any claims you might encounter. This policy seems to be designed so that most people paying for it are not covered for anything. Your mistake? No. Their fraud. Insurance industry is mostly a scam. Put your money into metals, throw it in the safe, now you have a real insurance policy which will cost the same and actually pays out.
@WarThug13 If someone REALLY cares about their second amendment rights (which I do), you shouldn't be worrying about these lobbying groups, you should be focusing on the politicians who actually make the legislation. I understand that they the lobby groups try to sway the politicians but in the long run they will do as they please. I do think the NRA has done some good things, but from 2nd hand and personal experience they have screwed a lot of people over.
C'mon Jeff, your smarter than that! it's a scam, they don't place it out in the open because very few will not "Activate" the insurance and then they don't have to pay! I looked over all my paperwork before posting this and there isn't anything stating that I have to "Activate" anything for the insurance. The fact that they are taking and keeping your money for this insurance means your active, if you werent active why did they take and keep your money?
Jeff, the reason they do not automatically enroll everyone is that the coverage is purchased from a third party. They offer it as a benefit and will pay the premium for you but if you do not want it then why pay out that money. The NRA is not insuring your guns, Lockton Risk is. If you opt for the ArmsCare Plus it is underwritten by Lloyds of London. If you use the LoL premium rate of .0174 cents per dollar value, the premium would be $43.50 per year.
PA is awfully backwards. A firearm is stolen and the law enforcement officers are like, ho hum, just write it up as another stolen weapon. There is no investigation, no arrests, no follow through nothing. The entire story sounds like a scheme to collect insurance but it was foiled because the person signed up for the insurance 6 days before the theft occurred not realizing that the insurance would not be activated immediately.
@cutlerylover LOL, have you been smoking weed again? :) We would vote whether it was a democracy or a constitutional republic. The difference is that the republic protects the rights of the minority and that was the point in the first place. A democracy is basically mob rule with the majority always winning. You need to find that one person in life you trust and ask them :) I would have hated to be your teacher in school :)
Interesting… Recently, one of the Republican Red States enacted some pretty restrictive conceal carry laws. Don’t recall hearing a peep from the NRA on this. I guess, if you are Republican, or Red State lawmakers, the NRA is OK with restricting 2nd Amendment rights. Back on topic; This guy gets screwed, and it’s all good. Bend over a little more to they can stick all of it in. There is a term for this behavior.
@GlitchLXIV the best part of the scam is when you pay hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars a year, then when something is broken or stolen they give you a lowball amount. my house got struck by lightning and my computer, TV, and Xbox 360 got killed. called the insurance company, gave them receipts showing it was a 2k computer, 350 dollar TV, ad a 300 dollar Xbox the gave me 800 to replace all three of them. F M L
@onsskater2 I just did the registration today they do not ask you anything about what firearms you own. So your confused on that. All the information they asked me for is on my drivers license and they did not ask for the license number either. After signing up they offered a link so you can read the fine print of the policy. Man it scares the hell out of me when police can't get their information straight scarey.
@jyatzy123 Not really... had he activated the insurance within the proper amount of time and the NRA made some excuse as to why they won't be covering his loss then it would be getting fucked. All in black and white. Being mad about Jeff's situation would be like going to a drive-thru, ordering a burger, and being pissed of you didn't get a chocolate shake and some fries with it at no cost.
Also I activated my insurance after your last vid two wks ago and just j received an email last week that I have to confirm my registration by 3/10 for the plan to become active. To sum up, in order to get this coverage, one has to join the NRA, activate the membership, wait until the 1st of the following month to,receive an email requesting confirmation of activation within 10 days.
I have a rider on my homeowners policy for $XXX and do not have to provide types serial numbers, etc. I have full documentation on all of my guns in a very safe place, Invoice, Bill of Sale, etc. all pertinent info. Same goes for my other "toys" that most homeowner policies only allow $X for particular items. Just some info for your viewers. Include your KNIVES!!
@patriotsnfl1 You understand that this car has been crushed right, meaning this 2 ton automobile has been reduced to 1/10 its size it is just compressed metal now, you think you can just pry it apart and "find" the gun? The gun is gone whether inside the heap of scrap metal, or inside the buyers waistband, its not going to be found.
NRA insurance is a scam. I have known several people that have made claims only to be denied for one reason or another. This whole system of needing to activate the insurance is just a tactic to prevent paying claims. get insurance through your renters policy or your home owners policy. The coverage is not only better but cheaper.
I lo ve what the NRA does for gun rights but if there going to to offer the insurance they should not make you activate it. To me it sounds like not lonly a slick way to save money but it seems to also be a marketing tool to get people to sign up. That was a contributing factor to my joining the NRA when I did.

Thank You Cutlerylover! The NRA has fixed thier issue.

I cant prove this, but i think the video Jeff (Cutlerylover) posted about the activation of your NRA ArmsCare insurance , may have been recognized by the NRA.

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@cutlerylover no problem Jeff!! your a good guy and i LOVE your vids! and you made a good point and helped a lot of people. been a sub for a while and thought I'd point out a some what obvious change in the way the do things "all of a sudden" LOL
Thanks for the video man, coincidence, parhaps, lol, no doubt they had a bum rush of activations, specifically Petes viewers being mostly gun owners, probably wondering why, lol..
I got the same email March the first. If some of you guys chose to not receive email from the NRA maybe you should change that.
@almumin75 well the interest in my videos is greatly appreciated, glad that one helped you out

NRA Offers "Stand Your Ground" Insurance to Gun Owners

The NRA offers "Stand Your Ground" insurance to cover legal costs of shooting people in self-defense. --On the Bonus Show: South Korean creationists force ...

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The car wreck analogy sums it up you brown jacketed dicksmoker. Even when someone deserves to get run off the road, having or not having insurance never crosses one's mind! it's what's in a person's heart that makes them do certain things, bad things as a matter of fact you can run people down and kill them on the daily basis as long as you're sober and it's a "accident". So according to you you contemplate on killing someone every time you get behind the wheel and you're sober , that's f****** absurd
The Only thing that I need and like to see from the Government is “Protect my Constitutional Rights”. It is your choice to own or don’t own. Nobody is forcing U.. but.. Don’t force me to renounce to own a gun base in whatever your opinion is. (Get involve in your own business and let me alone) It is my right under the constitution to own a gun and under the “Common Law” to defend myself and my property. (Stand your ground). End of the discussion. No space to misinterpretation. Thank U :-)
I do not fear my local police... I fear world banking oligarchies have taken over our military industrial complex as well as our legislative and executive branches, and are planning to further militarize our police force and conduct operation within the united states. The FED has our economy by its balls, because we like coward idiots, placed them there. I foresee a designed catastrophic economic collapse, the people will beg for intervention, and we will become full slaves. lets hope im wrong.
Oh, well, if they are criminals then it wont apply, and hill billies are people to technically. this it make more sense when you look at human history, it doesn't seem so obvious now because we are living even with this recession in a very affluent time, but sometimes power structures get too centralized and get compromised by mob mentality (a pure democracy) that allow for oligarchy that would use force against a Minority pop. Point being you should be able to defend you and yours with a gun.
As a member of the NRA, I think, Pakman is just coming from a really uneducated perspective. Stand your ground laws are good and support the intent of 2nd amendment, wasn't created for criminals or hillbillies killing marmots, its there to prevent internal government takeovers that go against constitution/ our civil liberties and obviously self defense. Look, there is no way this is a bad thing, there are way too many lawyers our there gaming the law. This is for people properly using the 2nd.
History man history. not learning from the errors of others is dangerous. also its important to note terrifying centralization of power in the federal government. also look up sociopath statistics, when you get to the top lvls of federal government (also CEOs) you find that its around 1 out of 4 are full blown sociopaths. I have a gun, thats the point, what does it matter if i signed a piece of papper that let the gov know i have one, haha are suggesting that they would try and take it back?
Damnit I hate this new feature where you press Enter and it immediately posts your comment. Anyway, I"m sure there are people around who are qualified to carry a weapon, and I have no reason to assume you are not one of them. The point is, however, that guns per se don't help anyone. If you're afraid that it's a bad thing that the police are the only ones carrying weapons, then that might be a bigger problem than the fact that you can't. Also, I assume CEOs are allowed to carry guns, too?
Why is Dave calling this "stand your ground" insurance? What about instances where there is no opportunity to flee? Say I'm cornered, and would like to flee--I don't want to stand my ground--, but the assailant won't let me get away and I have to kill him in self-defense; sounds like "stand your ground" insurance wouldn't cover me. Aren't we using the phrase "sand your ground" as a proxy for self-defense, in order to make the ancient law of self-defense sound like something new and crazy?
People with car insurance feel more relaxed when they drive; sure not quite the same thing, but this definitely won't prevent more deaths from these laws. Castle doctrine is best for gun laws above all, and I think concealed permits are wrong in that they do, again, increase deaths. One may argue of black markets, or knowing someone may have a concealed weapon could potentially bar an act of violence, but less guns today will directly equal less deaths. Increase regulation.
I get the logic from the NRA point of view to offer this kind of insurance. They were behind getting the stand your ground laws on the books. So in order to give it traction in the US, they'll have this cases to cite in advertisements displaying success in murdering others standing in line for a pizza, if they piss you off. Then they sell a LOT more guns. It's a win win for the NRA. Except for those getting killed and the other suckers who lose their murder cases.
I don't get it. How exactly are your constitutional rights and civil liberties in danger in any way? Because I don't recall any anti-gun laws being pushed through under Obama and especially not under Bush, and to say that the law wasn't created for criminals or hillbillies doesn't mean they don't apply to those people as well. It's too easy to say a law 'protects your civil liberties' when there's just no reason to assume anyone's even trying to take them away.
The fact that the NRA has the power in this country to shape policy, and to misrepresent the text of the Second Amendment (so much so that the right-wing of the Supreme Court agrees with their misreading), indicates the low, low point we have reached. The NRA knows it's misrepresenting the amendment; they never print the whole text in their ads. They're revolting, disgusting men who need to compensate for their tiny penises.
Dave, Louis & Natan. Here, I found this article, it's available online, and a cursory reading makes me think it's a decent article. Margaret Raymond, Looking for Trouble: Framing and the Dignitary Interest in the Law of Self-Defense, Univ. Iowa Legal Stud. Research Paper No. 09-39 (Sept. 1, 2009) Since you talk about this so much, why don't you try to get some background understanding of the topic? It's an easy read.
These people are cowards and choose violence to oppress opinion and intimidate. A gun is a symbol and tool of that. Increase education. The most heinous of crimes are not committed where a gun is necessary to correct the wrong doing, a educated vote is. These are crimes committed with profit over people, money. Fuck the nra. Do these people realize what an Apache helicopter can do to one of their trailer parks.
The comparison is inapt. Car insurance pays your damages when you are at fault. From what Dave's saying this doesn't pay anything at all if you are found liable. That said, there's a lot of economic research on the effect of liability insurance on the deterrent effect of the tort system. Most economists have arrived at the consensus that it doesn't alter incentives.
Go NRA! I think that is great insurance because it's going to make the law abiding citizen thats being attacked/robbed less afraid to defend themselves with deadly force which is a good thing granted their defending themselves from a criminal/attacker to protect themselves and/or their families.
It's a good idea, why should it cost you your life savings if you defend yourself from someone that's trying to kill or rape you..Thank God for the second amendment. Did you know that over 3500 white women are raped and/or murdered by black men every year in the USA..Never seen that on CNN!
I'm with you for your entire comment except for the final sentence. The idea that you some day have to defend yourself against your own government with weapons is out-dated. Also, what good does having a government-issued gun license when it's the government you're rebelling against?

NRA Gun Gurus and ArmsCare Plus Insurance

Wayne LaPierre Chats With Me About The 2nd Amendment WeaponsEducation

The NRA Needs All Of Us. Join Via My Link Here, Save $10.00: //membership.nrahq.org/default.asp?campaignid=XR024779 Immediately Activate Your ...

The Free One-Year NRA Life of Duty Membership

NRA Life of Duty Presented by Brownells The members of the National Rifle Association appreciate your continued service and have sponsored free one-year ...

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I signed up, but how do I log into the website and use my discount on gear? I went to some of the vendors and nowhere does it allow me to put in my LOD account or get the discount.
Yeah how do you actually sign in to the webpage to use the discounts?

A Brief History of the NRA

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