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How to activate is-oil in sap Videos

Live Demo of SAP S/4 HANA Guided Configuration

Watch to see how simple it is for developers to get up and running with SAP S/4 HANA. See the full keynote: //tinyurl.com/lx8kt62.

How To Activate Cannabinoids, Making Standardize Cannabis Medicine

This is part 3 of a 5 part series on how to activate you cannabis for medical needs. In series 3 we have activated our cannabis and now we will show you how we ...

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Thank you for your time making these videos. If you use the Magical Butter machine do you still decarb. your matter 1st, before putting into the machine? Thank you
+Misty Prepper Nope, it does it all.
Hey John and Mike! Merry Christmas to you guys! :) I was wondering about the capsules: How exactly is the medicine in there activated? Isnt it just dried plant flour? Or do you need to eat something with fat in it when you consume it? Thanks a lot for all the great infos! Keep doing what you´re doing! All the best to you guys! 
More info on activated cannabis from DR Hornby, he is the mind behind activation of cannabinoids and the gentleman that taught me everything :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsB6WJ-Ldxw
how many caps needed to knock my socks off and help me forget about my shity day at work johnny??
how many caps do u take at the one time in order to feel a really great buzz that lasts for hrs and hrs??. cheers mate : )
Depending on how much you need to get there, everyone has a different dose . Some only take 1/4 cap some take 4 caps . I talk more about dosing in part 5 . Peace 
what size caps do you use? 0 or 00?
I use 00 caps dude.. 
Hey John, big fan. I'm a little fuzzy on why you are using the deep fryer? Is it simply just to melt it so you can put it in your smaller containers? I'm just a bit confused because I've been under the butter impression once you pull that out of the pot and cut it up like you did into pizza slices the butter is already good to go. Thanks man!
I putting it into the deep fryer because it activates the cannabinoids, in the beginning it is just extracted  Peace
you guys are rocking it don't stop showing this stuff its great info. Hey mike I know your shy and don't like to talk but you need to because your smart and have a lot to offer others because you are fight your problem and it looks like having some positive impact with it. I have a friend that has cancer and he is I don't know afraid but I keep telling him you need to do this it will help and prolong your life so I will have him watch this series for sure so please mike speak up when needed I know john has most things covered but your input might help others bro
Your encouragement is helpful  thank you
another great vid!!!!..Could you just melt the butter in the stove instead of deep fryer?
You need to activate the cannabinoids first.Peace 

Mercedes W211 How to connect a mobile via bluetooth and SAP V2

Do it yourself: How to connect a mobile phone with your COMAND via the SAP V2 and Bluetooth including your adress book!

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Ist es möglich zum Beispiel Google Maps über das Handy zu nutzen und irgendwie zu verhindern, dass das Telefon komplett offline geht?
+Phillip Hatcher Nicht mit dem SAP V2, es sei denn man steckt eine zweite SIM-Karte in das Modul. Mit anderen Modulen (HFP basierend) ist das hingegen möglich.

How to Load Transaction Data in SAP BW

Load transaction data in sap bw.

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Kakoli di Could you please explain how to upload multiple DSO data in a single a cube, as Step-by-Step
you need ABAP programming to do that,

SAP Business One 8.8 - Introducing the new cockpit

In this quick video, I'll give you a quick overview on how to enable the new cockpit in the User Interface of SAP Business One 8.8 - once you have applied Patch ...

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There are so many possibilities, the opportunities with this great new functionality are endless. We will be integrating the cockpit into OrchestratedFUEL, our Oil & Gas vertical on Business One, to pull in fuel prices right into the cockpit view. This will allow users to make critical buying decisions without leaving B1 to go check a fuel pricing website, but instead view them right inside B1 along with their other critical business data. A fantastic innovation to SAP Business One!
Nice video Richard. Love the new cockpit functionality!
Amazing Video ..! Thanks for sharing :D
Very quick and useful video...

Birch Sap and Chaga tea

Collecting Birch Sap and drinking some fine Chaga tea.

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@wawhiker Thank you. Drinking straight from the tree not cooked first few sips initially tastes just like a regular water but sweet aftertaste will tell you for sure you are drinking birch sap.... and it is cold cold cold... Once you start drinking you can't stop it. If you boil it down to a half of initial volume you will make a mild sweet syrup. Now grab a straw, bottle, piece of rope, and something to make a hole in the tree and go into woods looking for birch. zoran
@wawhiker There is more reasons bud: 1.) Birch burl to make kuksa 2.) Birch sap to drink it or use it instead of water to cook coffee, tea... etc... 3.) Birch real tinder fungus or "chaga" to make tea or to start a fire 4.) Birch bark to make knife sheets or small containers 5.) Birch bark to extract a tar ... glue ... 6.) Birch trunk to make kuksa 7.) Young Birch leaves to make tea ( good antioxidant ) 8.) Inner bark to eat it ( yes ojibva nation use it ) ..... zoran
Hi I'm just learning to forage for food. I've found what I believe is chaga. I don't have anyone in my area that can help me identify it for sure. It was on a down birch looks like all the pics of seen and I know I've seen it for years on birches not knowing it was edible... If I sent u a pic would u try to confirm it is chaga? And does it make a difference if you harvest from a dead tree? Thanks if you have time to answer Michelle
@CdnLifeguard71 That was my first day of collecting this season. I did collect a couple of Liters using three bottles on three trees making a small holes easy to plug it in with a wooden pegs. Most of it I put in to the freezer since that is the only way to preserve it. It can't stay in the fridge more then two days ... it will start fermenting but frozen it can last almost forever ...
@Waldhandwerk Yes Sepp Chaga and the real tinder fungus is the very same thing. Now I assume you can make difference in between bracket fungus ans real tinder fungus.... all growing on the Birch. Thank you for visiting and I wish you wind in your back to carry you, and sunshine with a clear sky in all your outdoors endeavors. zoran
Hi Zoran! Very nice video again. I really like that fire place. ... and again and again your beautiful kuksa. - Do you perhaps know if chaga can also be found in Europe/Scandinavia? Greetings, Tim
@SkogKniv You are very well come Skog,.. thats my mug shot ... thank you for visiting. Also I didn't forget about howto chaga tea. I made a vid just need time to put it up... zoran
Hi Zoran, wow, very cool, great setup ...and I did not know chaga and real tinder fungus is the same. Good result from the birch too. Thanks for sharing and happy Sunday Sepp
@steintanz Thanks tanz-er :). Yes you can find chaga in Europe just it is very rare hence hard to find, and you have to know what are you looking for. Stay well bud. zoran
@EDINBURGSTAR Thank you bud... Canada is beautiful country but Ontario doesn't have high mountains that I miss a lots... :) Stay well and keep up SA zoran
i wasnt able to send u a pic through utube responder so I changed my pic to the chaga picture I took :) hope you can see well enough. tks for your help!
PS: I've just found some info saying that chaga can be found more or less everywhere in the boreal zone around the globe.
Zoran - your camp settings always look so inviting. Can you tell me what does Birch sap taste like? Thanks my friend!
OK now you've done it.......I gotta get something to eat after that.......LOL. Thanks for sharing. Take Care :-))
@steintanz Yes just as I said you can find it everywhere where you have Birch tree.
My friend you are truly blessed with some very wonderful resources. Great video.
@nedeljkomostar Two reassons to seek out a birch tree - both thanks to you! ; )
Nice Zoran How much sap did you collect all together this season? Nate
The pic is to small. Put it on photobucketdotcom and send me a link.
@sebagosteve He he... thank you for visiting. zoran
Nice one Zoran! Thanks for sharing it with us. =)
Very nice! I wish we had more birch around here!
Thank you for sharing. My mouth was watering!
@SurviveN2 he he thanks for watching. :)

SAP BI/BW 7 3 Online Training Tutorials In Australia

Hi new batches are starts on "SAP BI/BW ONLINE TRAINING".Further details contact us:+91-9052666559,9052666558 ,USA :+1-678-693-3475. full course ...

Schedule a document refresh: SAP Lumira 1.0.11

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SAP SD Training |SAP SD Demo Video

ERP-SAP-SD-COURSE CONTENT 1. Introduction to Sales and Distribution 1a Basic sales cycle 1b Easy Access Menu 1c Customizing Menu 1d Database ...
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