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Alconbury surgeries Videos

Doncaster by car 1956

A journey along Town Moor, Thorne Road, Hallgate and the centre of Doncaster, shot on cine film in the 1950s by Peter B Robinson (Dental Surgeon)

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Have just watched on my computer - all OK. What device are you watching it on? (My iphone was struggling with other peoples videos. Try again may be?
Fantastic! Just found the video. I was born in Doncaster in 1956 and it is lovely to see the Doncaster of my childhood. Thank you!
Just seen that for the first time. Peter was my uncle, and the lady at the end was his mum, my great auntie Vi.
Exactly right Miles! I have just sent you a message. What a great way to contact old relatives!
Wow, this is amazing! Looked so nice in those days. It's rubbish now, a complete dump.
The other lady was Cath, his wife, and the little girl will be my cousin Virginia.
Doesn't load. Please fix it, I would love to see this.
a town totally ruined now a days , so sad.
fascinating!i live near there.

Doncaster Cricket Club 1950's

Cine films shot by Peter B Robinson (Dental Surgeon) at the cricket club during the mid 1950s.

Town Moor Golf 1958

Various clips of golfers at Town Moor, shot on cine film mostly by by Peter B Robinson (Dental Surgeon), during 1958 approx, when he was captain of the club.

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Fantastic. Playing town moor tomorrow afternoon. Nice piece of cini.
Very interesting, was it shot in Newcastle upon Tyne?

Gladiators vs. Cats - Jaw breaking big hit!

Regular season game, Colchester Gladiators vs. Cambridgeshire Cats. Score 27-7 to the glads. Late into last quater big hit from little man Foxely!

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@WheresMyDinner64 Ahh cambridge cats all the way mate ;) tbh, the game we played away against you last season was wayyy closer than the score board told. What position do you play? i'm a CB but I have no idea where they're gonna put me next year. But to be honest, the exiles and glads are both topping our division, and they're both equally as bad at cheap shotting, smack talking and fouling as each other, but when you have larry the fucking ref every week, theres no hope for a fluent, fair game
@WheresMyDinner64 lol who do you play for? are you in the southern conference with the cats and exiles? The refs I have week in a week out at the cats are possibly the shittest refs known to man. They flag us, particulary me, for just about anything, they even flag players for roughing the passer, face masks and offsides who aren't even on the field!! They are a cheap shotting, dirty playing big headed team
@jackobendo1 I play for the East Kent Mavericks youth so yeah I am. Yeah same happened to us lol. Their chain gang got in a bunch of fights with our coaching staff as well lol cos we were dominating in the 1st half (they came back and won in the second, but w/e) and they couldn't take it. Seriously, if you want to be a top team, you've got to learn to discipline yourselves as equals on the field...
@pitty313 after playing there today I can vouch for that. I played youth against them, and they were a great bunch of guys, but their refs were more one sided than a trick coin...
the entire game was a joke by colchester, that makes theyr rule breaking look like nothing, of course refs there dont throw flags on there own do they!!!
what is the point of putting that up there, it wasnt even a good hit, it broke the rules and u should get kicked off the team for it!
this is a poofter sport fukin padding ad shit watch nrl thats the worlds toughest sports
@DjanniD get on the field and try it for yourself and we'll see who tough
how old do u have to be to join cambridge cats youth team
jesus, nick certainly knows how to stop someone, whammo!
haha, damn that was unecessary.
wow that was late....
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