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Are surgeries dangerous Videos

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Warning Dangerous Outcomes Possible

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Warning Dangerous Outcome From Patient With 2 Failed Back Surgeries who flew to Houston from New Jersey by Your ...

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Thanks for not hounding on spine surgeons...but warning everyone what could happen!!!
thanks for the vidoe dr, hopes his backpain gets better.

Surgeon Sim - Brain Transplant

Simon and Lewis return to theatre to perform a dangerous Brain transplant! Will the boys be able to complete the surgery? Stay tuned to find out! For more ...

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Brain Surgery is impossible
+2015 Maniac The next head transplant is in a couple years. Say that after that fails/succeeds.
does anyone else think Lewis is cute?
+Sheyenne LaBatte I'd tap his boypussy.
+Sheyenne LaBatte Not exactly the right video to say, as he is covered in (hopefully fake) blood.
I wood hate 2 have my brain transplanted bye the Yogscast
+The Gaming Zebra lmao
I think you need brain surgery by the looks of your spelling.
1:17 was the guy giving us the birdie?
That laser still reminds me of the 11th doctors sonic screwdriver
+TxpCryptoX true
4:43, what I saw was the blood level was about at 546 then you got brutal murder!
+Jackal ......Would you like to drill a hole into their head?
Maybe it went down too fast so I did not see...

Drunk Surgeon Simulator 2013 is Dangerous - Guys VS Games

Emre and Aaron play Surgeon Simulator 2013 for the PC and quickly learn that people need their organs to live. GameSocietyFacebook page here: ...

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when not looking at the screen, emries shouting makes it sound like porn, my mother actually thought i was watching it, just him saying"UGHHH" "GET IT IN THERE""OHHGH" makes it sound sexual in any case this is fucking funny i love it watched it a billion times and have earned my like!
Holy crap, it's like this game was designed for you guys hahaha. I completely lost it at 4:54 "the tickler," it may not have removed that guy's lungs but it sure kept me from being able to breathe for a bit.
You guys seriously deserve way more views...but then again I want to have a channel that hasn't blown up in views so I can remain a hipster.
I fucking love you guys.Honestly, I really don't understand why you guys aren't bigger than you are, this channel is amazing. Thank you for such good content, please continue with it :)
Lol'd hard. Is there even a way to win in this simulator? C'mon, I mean if this would have been released for the Wii, you probably wouldn't even stand a chance.
Awe Adam! D: You weren't in the first couple of videos I watched! I haven't forgotten about you buddy! Go get yourself a nice cold sandwich, you deserve it
You guy's should play the newest updated version of Surgeon Simulator 2013. ( By the way this is the free demo you are playing, its just "Surgeon Simulator" )
Sorry, that wasn't meant to be posted in response to you. YouTube loved the idea of fucking up the comment system completely and totally.
After this video I immediately went into Surgeon Simulator and took the hammer and just started wacking the patient in the face with it.
Having beaten this game on my first... floppy try, I believe that I deserve to be called a Doctor. Now, where's my medical degree?
Adam you sexy man whore (chritopher walken) i remember you and for being such a hipster youre my favorite i subscribed by the way
Don't suppose you guys have considered doing videos of Bastion? Could have some good bits of arguing with the narrator.

人形の家 / 弘田三枝子 / Dangerous Plastic Surgeries


Plastic surgeon: MacNeill face-lift 'dangerous'

Watch Nancy Grace reporting from Provo, Utah Friday at 8 p.m. ET on HLN for the latest on the Dr. Martin MacNeill murder trial.Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif ...

Top Plastic Surgeon Explains Botox Dangers

www.DrMan.com Dr. Daniel Man is interviewed about the latest development in Plastic Surgery. A pioneer in more natural face, neck and forehead lifts, skin ...

GoApe Bedgebury. Arborist / Tree surgeon Kent cuts down a dangerous tall tree. www.abouttrees.co.uk

Professional tree surgeon Arborist felling a condemned tree at Go-Ape Bedgebury forest Kent.

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Another tree takedown. This one was condemned due to a large 2.5metre wound on the main stem.

Buffalo PD: Surgeon May Be 'Armed and Dangerous

Buffalo, New York police are searching for a trauma surgeon, after a receptionist at the Erie County Medical Center was shot dead on the hospital grounds.

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It's too bad. I could have used him for my arm. Bugging out over a lost girlfriend is the vocation of guys who have nothing to live for so they put all their self-esteem in their girlfriend/wives. Like @TheUSMetalhead said get over it. On the other hand that a man of his background would do this is totally out of character regardless of his race, hence my suspicion, same as that of the Beltway Sniper. If he's caught alive I would like to assign the same jurors that Dr. Corasanti got to his trial
@shellcracker Blacks can't outdo whites when it comes to violence even if we tried. You simply cannot compare 25 or so years of drive-by-shootings, domestic killings, gang-killings, & purse-snatching to 500-1,000 years of colonialism, inquisitions, Slavery, Holocausts, & other scorched-earth mass-killings done by the Johnny-come-lately hyper-active race known as whites have become so world-renowned for. Given Dr. Jordan's special forces & military credentials, I suspect gov. sabotage of his mind
You racist people make me fucking sick. A man shot a woman. Period jesus i am really sick of this fucking country and its racist dirt bags. Heres some shit for all you racist cracker, honky, white trash, hick, red necks out there. Your fucking people will fucking chop up a human, eat them for dinner. Rape little children, become cereal killers, kill someone just because you felt like it. Throw animals off a bridge and all this you do for no reason. So look in the mirror before you judge you fuc
Fact of truth is this could have been prevented, as this guy had a history of doemestic violence and there were plenty of warning signs that should have been confronted by some type of administration (Police or Hospitial). As far as Im concened this is a leathal example of the left-wing political correctness of our faltering society, as the reasoning in this case was not to upset a quota baby who would have run to the ACLU or another hate group if they did fire him or issue a restraining order.
We're all just waiting for YOU to film yourself shooting at random women as you orbit the Women's Health Clinic in your car. The great part about it is, you'll be uploading the footage to YouTube of you murdering a bunch of women as the cops burst in, and as they haul you away you'll be screaming: "NO! NO! I JUST BECAME A YOUTUBE PARTNER! THIS'LL GET ME THOUSANDS OF VIEWS! AND YOU GOT THE WRONG GUY, IT WAS THOSE DAMN ATHEISTS THAT DID IT!" I've got a twenty on it happening before the weekend.
Why dont you do a search on YouTube. There are several videos of women being beaten by mothers and fathers of girls in clinic parking lots who are trying to force their daughters into the clinic against their will to have abortions. It also happens that men will kill their girlfriends for refusing to get an abortion. YOU SHOULD ALL START A CLUB. Me ? - I dont even own a gun, I dont fight, I call the police.
All this race mixing insanity is caused by the jewish controlled media and school system. That's why you have all these retarded white men dating gooks and these white mud sharks dating monkeys. It's all a scheme of the jews. Jews are too coward to fight physically so they use indirect tactics to destroy us.
Continuation...... king disgusting piece of beastyality loving shit. You are whats wrong with this world. A woman died today by a man who lost his mind cause she was mostlikely cheating. But all you see is the color of their skin. Fucking ass holes.
Of course we had an Iron-Age you moron. Who were the Ethiopians, Kemets (Egyptians), etc. Stop watching Warner Bros., and Disney and go to the library. Who do you think taught the Greeks, and the Romans?
If she felt like she needed to date outside her own race, maybe she should have chosen a different one. The one she chose has a violent crime rate many times higher than her own.
you white girl..u go with these niggas then you deserve what u get i dont give a fuck if they beat your white ass or whatever
He's surgeon and a special forces weapons expert to bad he went crazy. He was one heck of a human specimen. Damn.
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