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Ear Tube Surgery

Dr. Erik Bauer, a pediatric otolaryngologist at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, talks about the ear tube surgery. Ear tubes are small cylinders placed through the ...

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Don't be. Depending on how bad your eardrums are (mine were collapsed) they might have to put you out. When you wake up, you shouldn't feel a thing, but you will be extremely drowsy. The only reason my right ear hurt was because they said it was "tricky" to install and it was bleeding when I woke up. Remember, that's for screwed up ears. I hope they aren't as screwed up as mine :/
i have this T shaped pipe in my ear for 1year till now....i wonder, I really wanna swim on the sea...can someone suggest me is there any equipment for my ear? Could this hole eardrum to be cured?
same here. Got this surgery three times lol it always felt like it took foreever but it actully only lasted about 20-30 minutes
I have gotten this surgery 5 Times! I Don't like how I have to swim with 2 ear plugs T-T
Ok peeps, why is the helper wearing a watch in the OR? That seems like a germy no no....
Hi, I'm 15, and I just had this done today. I hate it when the anesthetics wear off.
Had these before when I was younger. I'll probably be getting them again soon. .-.
That nurse should NOT be wearing her watch,its touching the kid's forehead.
You need to get Silicon earplugs (water proof ear plugs) and you can swim.
i have hell of alot of ear wax in there but i cant get it all out
Im getting mine aug 20th... Im 15 and im scared ;/

Bastian's Bone Marrow Transplant

This is the video from my son, Sebastian's, bone marrow transplant, that he had done in April 2012. It is August 2013, and he is still fighting. His bone marrow ...

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After while you learn to live with it, that's when all the fear goes away. I was nine years old when I was diagnosed with lymphoma and according to the doctors I only had a few months to live. I was really scare to die, but between watching most of the friends I met in the hospital die and the bullying in schools for looking weird, all that fear when away. Believe or not that's when things started to turn around for me. I responded to the chemotherapy well and next thing you know I was in remission. Im 47 years old now and feel better than ever, and I will never forget to be grateful for the life I have today. I'm not rich I'm not married and I will never have a son or daughter of my own, but that's ok because most ppl don't have what I have and that is the will to live life without fear.
+Angel AyalaYou have my respect sir !, live you life and be happy =)
May god bless your son and your family. God will not let you down, keep fighting! I'm having a bone marrow transplant in a couple months and watching him makes me feel like if this young young man can do this so can I. 
+Justagymnast there is a god. He puts certain people through stuff like this to lead people to him those people show that miracles can happen. He chooses his strongest warriors to fight the toughest battles.
There's no god if there was a god why would there be such a thing like cancer if there was a god he shouldn't let that happen

Surgery Middle Ear

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nice video. i hope my case is one of them. i had a trauma and then lost hearing at one ear. thats not my main problem but the dizziness is. its the 2nd year after the trauma but dizziness still with me. and unfortunately i am afraid of operations or possibility of more complicated and deadly diagnoses. this afraid keeps me not going to a doctor :(
+tskcthulhu           I had surgery done on my right ear on 5 June 2014.  I had the eardrum repaired, and incus bone implant and a mastoidectomy(sp). The doctor was worried about me losing the hearing in my ear if I did not have the operation done. I did have the operation and I have basically lost the hearing in my ear. There is pressure in it, ringing in it, and it pops. All of that can drive me crazy. I am looking into having the incus bone removed. I won't be able to hear. but if it eliminates the ringing, pressure . and popping it will be good even if I can't hear from that ear.  I would never have the surgery done again and I wouldn't recommend anyone to have it. The doctors just don't know enough about it to do it right.  You are probably much better right now without the surgery. I am also dizzy too.  This surgery is just a waste of time and money on your part.  Sure the doctor will tell you to have it he gets paid whether it works or not. And my experience is that it doesn't work. If you want to pay a lot of money, go through the pain and suffering of surgery that is your choice. But I say don't it is not worth it.

Bone marrow transplantation, donation procedure (HD, ENG subtitles)

Clip showing both methods of bone marrow [or Hematopoietic Stem Cells - HSC] donation. Helpful for those who want to become a bone marrow donor and ...

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hi . i don't understand acceptor can deal with doner blood what about MHC there is immuno response aganist foreign cell.
+vetmoh Immune There is no response, since the acceptor is prepared to transfer of cell by "killing" all of his own immune system by chemo+TBI. The only immune system cells in his body after receiving donation are those produced by haematopoietic stem cells from the donor.
hi, one of my relative is suffering from Hiv/aids since 15 years , and my question is that ,is it a good decision for her to undergo through bone marrow transplantation? will there be any positive result for her after going through this right now?...........
Well, HIV damages immune defense system, and there are news about people beeing cured from AIDS by bone marrow transplant. So, it makes sense even if health imrovment would be temporary.
So does it hurt during the procedure and after the surgery anyone that has actually had this done before I would like some feed back. Thanks
+onlymeeee the full recovery time for donor's blood is about three weeks, but recovery in terms of feeling well is a matter of a day after donating bone marrow / PBSC.
im wondering the same. Need to know how long recovery is
My friend has donated bone marrow twice (to the same person) and he did not suffer any pain after the surgery. For many years of bone marrow (or HSC) donation no scientific or mass media information about the dangers of donation... and thousands of people were cured...
does it save for few extra months or save the whole life? there is somebody in needs and i might go to test my saliva
The original bone marrow of the patient has to be destroyed in order to get rid of cancer cells. It is then replaced with the donor's tissue. It may vary, but it definiately has chance to increase their lifespan dramatically and cure them completely.By the way, thankfully the donor's base here in Poland increased alot since the production of that movie and every year there are several public campaigns in order to convince people to sign up as donors.
+Avonlea Montague my sister had myeloma and I was not a match. If so she would have been cured(cancer 100% gone)
It's a cure for the patient so if that's what you're referring to it saves their whole life :-) 
go... help anyway you cancompatibility is the main issue
I have Aplastic Anemia and I am in bone marrow failure. I have been looking for a donor since September 2009. To anyone who has or is willing to be a donor I want to thank you. You make it so people like myself have hope. Without hope there is nothing! I hope to find a donor soon. Until then my journey continues. Help me fight! //www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-me-fight-aplastic-anemia
That is great to hear!  Hopefully everything goes as well as it can!  I will absolutely be keeping you in my prayers and hopefully someday I could be a good match for someone!
Thank you so much! I am scheduled to have my transplant very soon. We have decided to use my sister as a donor. She isn't a full match but at this point she is all I have. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you!!!
I know it's been a year and I hope you either got a Donor or that you get one soon!

Open Heart Surgery/Bone Marrow Transplant Part 2

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