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Highnam surgery Videos

Chad Warren- Guitar Improv jaM- PRS- Peavey Valveking- Steely Dan style

Recovering from my foot surgery-making sure I get a lil playing in each day- I am messing around with my new amp and some of my and friend Jeffs pedals-- I ...

White Fence live - Chairs in the Dark, Fleece, Bristol 27 Jan 2015

Presleymania hits (at last) Bristol and makes fanboys and fangirls of us all. Tim, to be honest, does not look like a particularly well man and would be better ...

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Totally agree, Kevin. I've got one or two more songs to post from this gig so keep on checking. 
"The Greatest Living American" LOL
nick is a fucking beast drummer

White Fence live - Wolf Gets Red Faced, Fleece, Bristol, 27 Jan 2015

More addictive riffage and Byrdsian jingly-jangliness from the sainted Tim. Sorry - must stop slipping into technical jargon like this. Can a wolf actually get "red ...

Blue Aeroplanes live at the Fleece, Bristol - ...And Stones

The Aeroplanes' pre-Christmas gigs at the Fleece are always highlights of the year. Last time I posted a cracking performance of Colour Me; this year I've gone ...

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Beautiful! Saw them open for The Church in 1990...Raleigh NC. They stole the show!
still a great band thanks for posting
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