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Schlereth surgeries Videos

Athlete 360 - Mark Schlereth Teaser

NFL All Madden tough guy Mark Schlereth is no stranger to the highs and lows that come with being a professional athlete. Over the course of his career, ...

Tree Surgeon Helmet Cam dismantling MASSIVE Cedar of Lebanon with a Crane (Day 1).

Dismantling of a Massive Cedar of Lebanon using a 40 ton crane, Surrey. Climber: Andy Schlereth. Music: Time, Hans Zimmer.

User Comments

A couple of tips, the key to a step cut on a crane removal is to make them very close to each other, as near as to the point of matching up, the crane should not be allowed to snap your step cuts, this only pre loads tension into the cable and creates a huge shock load when the step cut does snap. Secondly, when slinging vertical and lateral limbs ensure they are slung so that when cut, the limb remains as much as possible in the position it started and the crane can smoothly remove the object.
I find that with crane work the safer way to cut is front cut towards the boom and finish it with a back cut a saw blade thickens below your front cut, doing this you can cut right until the crane takes it away. Because your saw will remain in the wood not the pick, letting the crane snap it loose is a ill sketchy IMO. But everyone has a style! Good work climb safe
The whole front of the tree snapped out from the weight of december's snow (2010). It crushed 3 cars parked underneath, and was left unbalanced. So unfortunately had to come down! Tree was about 200 years old and dismantling means taking it apart bit by bit.
Thank you for remaining positive with MrDemolitionking's feedback; it shows that not all of us "tree guys" are "hot heads".
Nice work boys. Looks a lot easier with a crane - the usual way I had to deal with trees like that was with rope lowering. Well done on a smooth operation.
never used step cuts on a crane job! cut through-wedge- finish cutting through !best way !good work my friend!
Great job man, what did u guys do with that stump? Any idea how much it weighed? That thing was massive
Maybe the music could be a bit more dramatic next time? Seriously, nice work on a very big stick.
Grate video man nice to c close up with head cam whith crane work classs weel daone 
another simple day at the ATC office. schlereth nice work mate... stefan
@MrDemolitionking Thanks for the tips! Will be useful for next time.
still got a few things to work on but not bad
dude your realy up there! how old is that tree

Tree Surgeon Helmet cam dismantling MASSIVE Monterey Pine

Dismantling of a MASSIVE 100ft Monterey Pine, Surrey. Climber: Andy Schlereth.

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I think the groundsman needs to remember to let the timber run away from the climber a bit lol. Cool vid though mate. Often thought of using a helmet cam on a big section fell myself!
looked solid to me..doubt itd fall...i ask myself at work all the time why am i removing this tree...but sometimes ya just hav to shut up and do what the boss says
Wow interesting job, but i could not I have vertigo :(( despite all the safety things, is it a hard job ? (physically ) ? regards
really enjoyed your work style, use similar tricks myself, great vid thanks for posting up.
bet you that made a bit of a dent in the lawn at the end! hope you had a spade handy.
@al9rupture OMG yes. I shat myself just watching. Otherwise a good job well worked.
That's my job too. Got to say though the helmet cam makes me a bit dizzy!
great video, bet it was a bit of a brown pants moment at 2:30 :D
Nice job. I saw an oopsie around 2:40. Kudos for keeping it in.
Were you using just a basic prussic for your hitch?
Because it would have killed you if it fell on you
Got to hate those bouncing logs at 3:30
Nice Nice Nice!! Great save, at 2:30!

The Ultimate Mark Schlereth Rant

Mark Schlereth on the NFL fining players for head shots.

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@eaglewillfly Oh, believe me, I don't have a problem with the helmet to helmet hits, I just think that if you are trying to strip the ball, going for the hands will probably give you a higher chance of success.
Yes, the goal of the defender is to separate the man from the ball, but the point of contact between the man and the ball is most often the hands, NOT the head.
He basically insulted the American people by saying that they are too stupid to enjoy anything that doesn't have people throwing each other on the ground.
I agree with everything, except his soccer comment. To say professional soccer doesn't have contact, lol. Needs to stick to what he knows.
hurray for gladiatorial bloodsports! hurry for long term brain trauma! hurray for early-onset dementia and alzheimers!
How the fuck is he still walking around without so much as a limp?
It does but soccer is not contact like football thats for sure
AMEN! put flags on the qb cause you cant hit them anymore
bravo mark, bravo- finally someone understands the game
mark reminds me of joey from friends
He should replace skip, no bias 
Mark is the fuckin man
national flag league

John Clayton, Mark Schlereth and Jamie Dukes fail.

Just like the title says. watch and see for yourself. All 3 of those losers are failures at football, and failures at life. Song: Low from Darkest Hour, no copyright ...

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the broncos are 5-0 you cock sucking dick head. watch football before you start talking shit. and all bear fans need to shut the fuck up about that bitch ass child GAY Cutler. i know you faggots have never had a decent QB but cutlers not your savior. if he couldnt get it done with the broncos then he sure as hell cant get it down with the bitch as bears. and thanks for orton we love not throwing dumbass interceptions like cutler threw. so fuck you and do some research before you talk shit bitch.
@okplayer420 Look at the records and numbers kid. Tebow's first three games as a starter are better than any other QB in NFL history. And, I'm not sure if your stupid ass picked up on this, but this video was made over a year ago, meaning it was about the 2009 season. And as for my "Donkeys," they aren't nearly as bad as you think. You'll see. Oh, and it's YOU'RE, not YOUR, you fucking cunt stain. Take a walk, jackass, because I could stomp your mothers stinky cunt with my football knowledge.
CBFTD- congrats on the stupidest fucking comment I've read in a long time ... "gabage"josh had to be a bitch and change up his off ways just to beat the patriots" ... yeah, and that is what is called great coaching ... Copy the 3-4 ??? ... the Broncos Orange Crush ran the 3-4 in the 70s ... god forbid the team puts some type of planning into this - I suppose the Broncos should be bashed for copying all the other aspects of the game like having WRs run routes and putting Orton in the shotgun .
nah i only watch this crap caz my friend fav this bs. i dont have to worry about the packers they suck im just worry about the vikings and im a troll? ahah funny but u a lame... u overrating bandwagon bronco fans the only way u beat patriots josh had to be a bitch and change up his off ways just to beat the patriots caz he know his old playbook would get smashed.. randy moss int enough said u had to copy r 3-4 defense just to win ahah i got my money on chargers no way u stop there off
So, the morals at the end of the video are either entirely biased or entirely un-intelligent. Good thing that I am unbiased on this video. I can see clearly. But what do I know, I never played in the NFL. Yet neither did you. But I do know that Schlereth, like most NFL players, earned his Super Bowl rings. I agree though on Merriman. But the thing with Merriman is that major injury that he had. It only takes one to ruin an otherwise potentially great career.
Alright, let's get a few things straight, cock monger. First off, I am not a bandwagon fan. I know it's hard for Burrs fans to understand, but I liked my team well before Jay Cutler showed up. I've been a fan for 15+ years, so back off that shit you punk. Second off, it doesn't matter how you beat a team in the NFL, if you beat them, you get the W, so don't talk shit about our wins not being legit. 5-0 is nice, and 6-0 will be better. Fuck you, faggot hater.
How many people around the league that aren't broncos fans thought they would all of a sudden have a great defense and that the team wouldn't be in shambles. It looks like they are going downhill now anyways and could lose their playoff spot to the Chargers but I don't blame these guys for thinking what they thought before the season. I do really hate Schlereth and Jamie Dukes but I can't blame them too much for thinking the Broncos would be bad this year.
@gregbla47 The Broncos started off with a 5-0 start, which Rod Smith got right, and Dukes got wrong. Clayton thought Denver would go 3-13. 8-8. Better than expected. Clayton thought they didn't have the 3-4 personal. DUMERVIL, Vonnie Holliday (who had 5 sacks as a 3-4 DE,) DJ Williams, Andra Davis. And Clayton also thought Cassell was a great addition. He blows. Schlereth also thought Merriman would be comeback player of the year. He sucks now.
Sweet edit JM. Email the link to Dukes. This vid reveals what is so utterly true. These "experts" take one tiny piece of data and base bold inflammatory predictions on it without doing any real research on the teams. Of course Rod Smith knows whats up he's been to the practice field and talked to the coaches and players. These other guys don't have the first clue as to whats really happening.
and this was made by a bronco fan everything they said about the broncos that was negative was wrong... ahah bandwagon bitches biggest fluke in the nfl calm down bitches .. its still 11 more games to go alot can happend i got my money on the chargers i cant wait for somebody to break your luck better eat some lucky charms because yall not winning shit. GO BEARS!
ughhh, I CAN'T STAND JAMIE DUKES!!! This guy always acts like he knows what he is talking about. He is the reason why I barely watch NFL network, Warren Sapp is another retard they need to fire. Also, am I the only one who can't understand a word Warren Sapp says? Every time he talks it seems like he mumbles words and shit, he needs to take english again
and bears soon 4-1 and broncos 4-1 dont get hyped up yet it still 11 games left. stupid bitches if you had JAY CUTLER nobody would doubt u fags but u got the caveman asain lookin qb named kyle orton back there only managing the game hes not a true qb he just controls the pace of the game with his whole team hes not a playmaker... like cutler is
Oh did i mention the broncos are shit? The broncos just had A TOP 5 DRAFT PICK, which means they are bottom feeders, the raiders will be them once, they will be swept by the chargers and chiefs, get ready for another top draft pick denver, well at least you guys' optimism is as high as your altitude, or you all just may be high

Athlete 360 - Mark Schlereth Physical Therapy Segment

Learn what it takes to get a pro athlete from the operating room back onto the field. This bonus 'Athlete 360' footage features host Mark Adickes, Super Bowl ...

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I heard that Mark Schlereth is a jackass.
dont marry him

Mark Schlereth: Much Respect

www.uglyfours.com -- Mark Schlereth talking street on NFL Live.

Jamie Dukes after Realize Band Surgery

Dukes chose the latter and now he's on a mission, particularly in the African-American community, to help change the way people think about obesity, one of the ...

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The problem with the Standard American Diet is NOT the volume. The problem is nutritional deficiency. If one increases the density and breadth of the nutritional spectrum, the body actually sheds all the excess food which is consumed with relative ease. For some, this surgical procedure can be the thing that saves their life today, no doubt. Beyond tomorrow, "we've got to get ourselves back to The Garden." Full spectrum hyper nutrition is the best long term answer to the crisis of obesity.

Mark Schlereth gives his take on the Washington football team's name

Mark Schlereth, who played for both the Broncos and the Redskins, joins Woody Paige and Les Shapiro on the Sports Show on May 4, 2015, to discuss his ...
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