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Epic wedding videos Videos

Sony a7s Epic Wedding

This is a Highlights video from Filipa and Pedro Wedding in Portugal. All filmed with Sony a7s and GoPro 3+ with a Phantom 2 . I made the color correction in ...

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Whot Song?
+OFFROADBOX I wish they would post it!
Pp1 movi or cinema???
+video baby Hello it was at Pp1 cinema ;)
excellent color grading and cinematography.....hey bro are u using luts for grading ?give me some tips for grading
+The Videographer Official Thanks bro
+DesiPlay 4u Hello. Thank you for your comment. yes i used Luts and the FCP X color board. Well just use your eye, it's what i do im no professional...i learned everything i know on youtube lol but just play with some luts.... or Pixel Film Studio plugins too
was it all shot in slog2?
+Paul Van Veldhuizen it wasn't in slog2 it was PP1 preset.
Very nice and cinematic look.
+RICH SONG thank you very much :)
good job with the color correction, i thought you did the aerials with the a7s. i am my self an owner of the a7s and thinking about upgrading to the A7S II.
+Milo P Its not a HUGE step up from the A7S, so i'm not quite sure if its worth the 3k price tag yet. You might want to wait for the A7s3 since you already own the A7s. I shoot with prime lenses a lot, so I really like using the A7sii for the IBIS. I was shooting with a 70mm canon FD prime lens handheld out of a moving vehicle with the IBIS on, and I was able to get some really amazing shots. So thats a HUGE plus for me. The slow motion is also amazing at 1080p. If I already owned the A7s though, I don't think I would have spent the 3k for just those features alone. But who knows, they might be worth it to you. Good luck!
+Milo P Thank you Milo... for watching and for your comment ! I love a7s i wish i could upgrade for the A7S II but it's not a good moment to invest now! Thank you.

Robert & Teresa's wedding EPIC video making

Epic Wedding Video Teaser (La Pause Morocco).mov

After an 11 year relationship. Sacha & Jmayel El-haj, creators of Edenexposed Photography, united in marriage under the African sunset in La Pause Morocco.

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3 days of no sleep was the only way to create such an epic logo. i spent the nights dreaming of after effects expressions!
full trailer first, then the might premiere will follow. glad you like it
I love it I can't wait to see it great stuff LOL Epic outro as well
Quality can't wait for the full video. Good Work!
Sweet logo!

Epic Funny Wedding Fail Compilation Wedding Fails Funny Video

Epic Funny Wedding Fail Compilation Wedding Fails Funny Video.

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when did i subscribe this channel lol
False thumbnail

Epic Wedding Fails_Funniest Wedding Fails_Funny Fails Pranks 2015

If you enjoyed this Epic Wedding Fails_Funniest Wedding Fails_Funny Fails Pranks 2015 funny pranks fails funny pranks 2015 compilation please share, ...

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EPIC Wedding Video-Beatriz & Daniel's- Wedding video

A beautiful location in sunny southern California calls for a special wedding day with Beatriz and Daniel. Shot and edited by Charlie Duran and Awaken The ...

7News anchor Eric Lupher's epic wedding video

During Jayson Luber's "Hot On The Internet" segment, he shared Eric Lupher's wedding video that's trending on YouTube ◂ The Denver Channel, 7News, ...
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