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Glidecam, Slider, & Monopod Tips! How to create emotion & feeling!

Learning to tell a story effectively is the mark of a master. In this quick tutorial video we share how we utilize the glidecam, slider, and monopod in different ways ...

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When you put a camera on monopod with the plate 90 degrees was your plate screwed in tight and you just did a movement left to right using a monopod or your plate was completely unscrewed and you moved the plate (but not a monopod) left to right? Thank you for your help.
If you are looking for a reasonable cheap monopod, check out Benro. It is a lot cheaper version than the manfroto! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O469M96/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_DzhgwbTB72DZN
I want a slider so bad, but they're sooo expensive! Some day... Great video though guys, keep up the amazing work! I love seeing one of your videos pop up in my sub box :D
Also can I please ask you what tripod you are using for the slider? Thank you for the AWESOME video!!!
you are awesome!! Thanks for all your tips!! they are really helpfull!!
Very good tutorial. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work. =)
thank's for sharing bro... i like your videos.....
Thank you so much for your awesome tutorials! :)
Keeep up the good work, i love you guys!
Thanks for the great tips
Thank you so much
Nice video!

Wendy+Clement Wedding's SDE (A DSLR with Monopod) By ArtScene

Video Presents By - ArtScene Production Cinematographer x 1 Editor x 1 Equipment - 1 x Monopod Date : 22/06/12 Location : KL A Film in ( Warm . Simple .

Monopods for Video

Shop at B&H: //bit.ly/MonopodsforVideo This video takes a look at the different features you should consider when buying a monopod for video capture.

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Products reviewed (by time index) 1:35 Benro A38FBS2 3:13 Manfrotto fluid monopod with MVH500A head 4:44 Sirui P-204S with L-10 head 7:19 Benro A48FBS6
+Brian Katzung  thanks man!
I like that she pointed out which one she was able to get the smoothest action with. I like features but at the end of the day it is about getting the shot the way you intended to. I really want to go with the Benro but the Manfrotto has been proven to have very smooth action with a couple of quarks of course. Idk such a gamble it seems.
+John Jones I am also looking at Manfrotto and Benro, but I like the versatility of the Sirui (the fact it is also a mini table tripod). I am thinking about getting the Sirui with a separate Manfrotto fluidhead although it's a pretty expensive setup this way.

Walking with a Canon 6D on a monopod, stabilized

During a wedding ceremony my company was officially shooting with one camera (Sony Z7), I was test shooting with a Canon 6D I'm reviewing for a magazine ...

Video Clips EGYCS - Andi & Elis Wedding Preparation 2014

Benro A48FBS4 Video Monopod Review (Benro Video Monopod.)

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My Benro is squeaking even after I've loosened the screws. Can I do anything else about it? Edit: They've sent me new unit.
+Kazanchev Still making noise? Try using a dry film lubricant that goes on clear. I use RZ50 from home depot on my manfrotto monopods to combat the skip. It works and last longer than WD40 in my experience.
+Steve Hix My new unit doesn't squeak, vaseline eliminates the squeaks only temporarily, I put a coin inside the first unit, the squeaks are gone.
+Kazanchev How is your new unit? Another review I read mentioned removing those same three screws and coating the ball with Vaseline or WD40 to eliminate the squeaks.
so you have to tighten the ball first so the camera can stand by itself or you just leave it with the loosen position
+Pang Christian Mine was very tight so I loosened it to avoid the noise. However, if you loosen it too much, it won't stand on it's own, so be careful
Hi, I'm looking for a monopod - now that you have been using the Benro for a while are you still happy with it.... I was thinking about buying the Manfrotto which is more expensive.....Thanks
I chose the Benro - it's a fraction of the price of a Monfrotto and has basically the same features. But it also has an added feature of the pan head (not just panning at the foot) and also is slightly lighter than the Monfrotto. I am really happy with my Benro :)
I also have the Manfrotto.  If I had to choose one, I'd go for the Manfrotto because it can extend taller. 
Good info here! I had just ordered this mono pod and like practically everyone else, I was juggling between Manfrotto & Benro. For $100. less and the panning head I took the gamble with Benro. It'll be really cool if the Benro head plates mate with Giottos & Manfrotto.
I got it and I love it!  The only disappointment is that the plate "doesn't" mate with my Manfrotto/Giottos plates.  Not a deal breaker.  I just added the Giottos adapter mount. Got to mention the nice case and tools that come with the package too; all for $200.00. 
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