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Orthognathic surgery guildford Videos

Royal Surrey County Hospital

Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, England, Clandon Ward - great surgeon, terrible nursing.

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Thanks for your kind comment. Sadly I since developed a jawbone infection (stress lowers the immune system). The operation is straightforward, minimal bruising and back at work in 2 weeks. But aftercare in the first 24hours makes or breaks it. Mine was so bad that after 9 weeks I'm still in pain, I can't work properly and I've lost thousands. Nursing isn't an easy job -- what job is these days? But there is no excuse for this. Would you feel as relaxed if your daughter was treated like this?
who caes about protocol? i am a nurse and if i ever gave nursing care at this uncareing and incompetant level i would hand in my notice as i would know i was not fit to practice,anyone who thinks this level of nursing is acceptable need to be hauled up in front on the ukccnmh and struck off the register and then have a public name and shame.hope you are feeling better now.
I find it comical that all the nurses who commented have picked on a tiny, almost irrelevant detail and ignored the rest . In any case I believe xrays were taken , as the surgeon told me so. I assume he took xrays due to the huge damage my jaw joints had suffered during faulty orthodontic work (again NHS) . He had to make sure that alignment was perfect this time.
It is the same protocol at St Peters, I'm a nurse there. I'm sorry for her poor care but she should really direct it at the complaints department of you tube. Hospitals aren't quiet, they aren't hotels! I agree with what you said :)
thank you, what a kind comment especially as I was so stressed that my voice could not have been at it's best at the time ! I have done some voice recordings for phone systems, and would love to do more voiceover or narration work.
(uploader) Hi AnoninEng - nice to hear from you. Yes, Paul Johnson does provide private treatment as well ass NHS. His private practise is at Mount Alvernia Hospital in Guildford. Good luck - and let me know how you get on !
you should complain to rsch and next time go to private hospital thanx
Did you ever consider doing narration jobs? I like your voice. :)
that looks so nasty! i live nearby so thanks for the warning :}
yes xrays are taken in theatre
this is all a load of crap

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@joeted47 It's top-notch of course!

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