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Ketogenic diet handout Videos


Here is a lecture segment on writing Topic Sentences based on Thesis Statements. Teachers, if you are interested in a link to my handout and presentation ...

Fixing leaky gut.

On this recorded presentation - We covered: Why leaky gut is often the root cause behind problems like brain fog, bad skin, hormone problems, food sensitivities, ...

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my Dr say there is no such thing as leaky gut. and were all quacks

Detox Thursday: Coffee Enemas

The Greeks wrote of the fabled cleanliness of the Egyptians, which included the internal cleansing of their systems through emetics and enemas. They employed ...

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Our bodies deserve the very best we can give it. So let's go the extra step by doing a coffee cleanse. It doesn't make any sense to look good on the outside and be all jacked up in the inside... Join the discussion down below... Do you detox? and what is your preferred method?

Muscle Mayhem Vlog Part 2: Pro Men's Prejudging, Ogus Prejudging, Ogus Call out to Chris Jones.

Muscle Mayhem 2013! Kenny Gonzales: //www.youtube.com/channel/UClgwcyQQhYc5ZzxRoiIXFpw Jordan Teraza: ...

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Dude in the black trunks made all his gains on his head... chris jones ain't go nuthin on him
Matt and Chris did great ! Matt really put on a show ! Sure wish Chris Jones had competed !
I bet this makes you even more excited to step on stage again.! Good footage breh.!
I'm looking forward to the next time you're up there on stage man!
During the Chris Jones part the dude on the left was like wtf haha
6:32 the guy on the left looks like his head has been photoshop!
Lol so funny how that guy with the tattoos does his posing :D
Number 9 looks like Patrice Evra from Manchester United lol
Elkins was on point with his conditioning
that one guys arms are fucking hyyyyyuge
Chris and Matt rudels all the way!
I think #14 is missing an Ab lol
Marshall looked better that Moji
Strong pimp le
Jones > Ogus
*ruled* omg

Macon group holding food drive to help local food pantry


Cute Scentsy ideas in 30 seconds!

Here are just a handful of ideas that are super simple and will make ur customers come back for more!

What in the world is a food bank?

Worked with Foodlink (non-profit) in Rochester, NY for several weeks photographing and recording material for a multimedia piece to help people understand ...
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