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37 weeks pregnant but measuring 41 Videos

VIDEO RESPONSE: To a comment on Week #41 video

I do my best to cheery and nice when I'm on here, but sometimes my buttons are pushed and I just have to respond in kind. I apologize for being harsh, but I felt ...

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Well I know this was forever ago now, but I want to say that you show so much class in both this response and the one you made on their earlier video about changing God's will. I absolutely adore your videos, and everything you share. You are a special person, and if anything we could say that it was God's will for you to have the surgery and be here to help guide and journey through this with all of us. Thank you again ans so many others I am sorry you had to deal with this, but very proud.
The thing about all this that really speaks the most to me is that even when you're "furious" you present yourself with incredible amounts of dignity and grace. From the very 1st video of yours that I watched and even more so since, you remind me of a passage in the poem Paradise Lost by Milton... "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye, In every gesture dignity and love." You are an amazing woman and an inspiration to many. Your videos have given many people the courage to begin again.
I have arthritis in my neck due to a kyphosis which was not diagnosed until I was 35. It can be debilitating at times. It has nothing to do with my obesity or my WLS, it's just unfortunate genetics. WLS may help with it but we don't know for sure. BUT-I am now free from Diabetes and Hypertension, my other genetic misfortunes. Would Deb say I was foolish to chance WLS and potentially save my life if I begin to suffer pain from the kyphosis and now can't take NSAIDS? We ALL take risks with WLS.
Taunia, I just went to her page and her latest vid said she's been having a bad couple of weeks. Well, I commented that I hoped that that was the reason for her unkind comments to you and not that she was just the judgemental, uninformed, unkind, non-supportive, jealous little snot that she appeared to be. Oops, may have gone a little overboard there (she removed my comment almost immediately) but people who make judgemental comments without any facts to back them up really push my buttons!!
TO "DEB": If you had tragically died after your banding surgery, or if you should suffer ulcers, slippage, band erosion or a blockage in the future, or for that matter even a hangnail, will we all say "you shouldn't have taken the risk"? We ALL take a risk with any form of WLS surgery because morbid obesity is certain death, but with the surgery, we grasp at a chance to at live and live well. None of us know whether we'll have any complications until after we take that leap of faith.
Im sorry that you even needed to go in to such detail.I am a very private person and respect each and every one of you for sharing your experiences in order to help others. There is no excuse for someone passing judgement on anyone here when we should all feel lucky to have a window in to each other's experiences in the first place.You handled this like a lady,as always.Ánd though your plate is full, you still look as beautiful as ever while carrying that plate! Take care of you!!!
Taunia, I saw that comment and I was blown away by it. I didn't respond because I hate to get involved in drama as well. Working in the medical field myself, I know for a fact that the surgical work-up for WLS is very thourough. The comment was uncalled for and I think people are jealous, jealous. You are sweet and beautiful and very talented. You didn't have to justify yourself. I love you and you have been an inspiration to me on the road to my WLS! Take care(((Hugs)))
Why is it people are so quick to "blame" someone when we're trying to improve our lives? Misery sure does love company. Stop and remember how it hurt you when outsiders delighted in telling you WLS horror stories they knew nothing about first hand, or when people tried to tell you you were stupid/foolish for taking a risk with WLS. Remember how it wasn't helpful; it was just petty. Don't perpetuate that ignorance. Don't victimize others the way you were victimized.
sorry you got hurt so badly ;(... I have to tell you I have a blonde hair and skin daughter(22) and she gets so mad at me in Jan Feb and march b/c I am always saying she looks tired and I am concerned about how much sleep she is getting, but living in the north blonde leads to a pale look and if your a blonde it is doubly bad (sp?)LOL so hang in there spring is making a come back yeah!!! love your videos don't be discouraged you are very helpful to so many people.
Okay so what did this person propose you do, undo it? Were you asking this person for advise? NO! You would have had so much more going on without the surgery. This comment wasn't necessary. They need to make their opinions on their own channel without mentioning names and let their viewers decide. YT is a mixed blessing. It passes on info to some who become believers when the info/opinions are not always accurate. The nurse in me cringes everytime. Hugs! Donna:)
one thing is you should not listen to people who have childish remarks. theyre jealous and you should make a video entitled " dont hate me cuz u aint me" lmao. i love all of your videos and am a big fan of yours. some people are so disrespectful. iggy people like that. actually , i wish i was where you are right now. i am hoping for gastric bypass and havent spoken to the surgeon yet. im crossing my fingers and id like to document it as well.. xoxo stay strong!!!
I have read your stories as I debate whether to go forward with surgery or not. Your story is very inspirational and I love watching your video's because you are so sweet, energetic, down to earth, informative, funny, charming and beautiful. As a chronic pain patient myself, I am sorry you felt the need to disclose your illness in response to this poster but understand why you did it. Feel better and may you soon find a solution for your daily pain. Blessings!
Ugh, so obvious...but whatever, I'll answer. I don't act like it's nothing. I talk about it because it's something I live with EVERY SINGLE DAY. And as I've very clearly stated here...it's UNRELATED to gastric bypass. Next, I'd like to know why it's MY responsibility to advise people? Their surgeons should be advising them. Last, why do you think that you know better than my surgeon and his surgical team? Are you REALLY that self-centered??
Wow I am so with you on this, you would of thought she learned her lesson, but no she does it to others as well, humm well I think you are very proactive about your health, she should mind her own buissness. I think you are doing wonderful, you are in my, alan, and Spencer's heart and prayers. Please tell Rob Hi and God Bless you both, oh Yes I hope Rob and you both start to feel better soon. Take care. Kristy
hey girl, you look real good, when you have kids and dogs like me we look like that, LOL, don't let them get to you, i stoped getting on here for the same reason, some people just have nothing better to do, they really don't know most of the things that we go through but they just go and judge, hope you and rob get better soon, i'm really happy for you on your new fami, that is just great. take care, hugs
Hey girl! You shouldn't even have to justify yourself to anyone. Some people in this world are so self-righteous. This is supposed to be a supportive environment, we're all in this together and not here to judge. You rock, don't let that person get to you. You look fantastic, you're an inspiration, and I hope that your kidney issues get resolved very soon. Feel better chickie!! Hugsss big! xoxo ~Patrice
Taunia, there will always be naysayers and I think it's funny how this procedure can get mixed up into someone's personal beliefs. It's unrelated, so shut up DEB. If someone suffers complications from anti rejection meds after an organ transplant, will you then chastise them for getting the organ replaced in the first place? Didn't think so. And get facts first before you build the soapbox!
Obviously, the surgeon would not have taken you as a patient if he thought there was going to be a major health issue for you. BTW: I've only had one kidney stone in life and I was seriously preparing my husband for my demise while we were in the ER because I thought I was dying. So, I can only imagine what you go through. I sincerely hope you get better.
omg if people are not going to be supportive then they just need to not be apart of this community...if she felt a certain away about something or had questions to ask you she could have done that in a personal message...it was so done to be vicious!..i really like your response to what was said..like always...said with grace..i love ya Taunia! oXOOXOXO
I'm sorry to hear that you've had to go through this Hun. I suffer from gaulstones and know that the last thing you want is ignorance. Even upset you have managed to stay cool, I would have just gone off. It's awful to know that even in this community there are individuals that feel the need to spread hate and ignorance. I hope you feel better soon.
hi taunia, i have followed your videos since the very start and have been astounded by your fantastic weight loss and determination. you are a very decent and impressive you tuber and quite clearly that comment stems from somebody who is jealous of your success and happiness..!! dont ever stop making videos, you inspire me.!! amie, ireland..!!
yes, because getting a gastric bypass is very easy and the surgeon/doctor gets their patients to come on youtube and get all their information. Its not divataunia's responsibilty to have to mention any of this. Any information she shares about the bypass we should be grateful for and if we have any questions ASK YOUR DOCTOR!
You have done extremely well on your weigh loss journey and it was the very best thing to do with the medical issues you have/had. I wish you luck with the kidney problem and I know that pain is awful. It's a shame that someone has to foist their unhappiness upon you and cause you more pain. I wish you all the best. Barb
I also wanted to add that just because someone puts, "Just my opinion", doesn't make their comments any more welcomed or correct. In some way, it makes them feel their comments are justified. Certain comments are just better left unsaid, if for no other reason then to spare a persons feelings.

32 weeks Pregnant Belly

32 weeks and 2day Belly - 41 inchs Now i'll start seeing Docter every two weeks....

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This week do you feel tired like more then usual? I take naps 2-3 times a day which is weird for me, but it just started this week so I just want to know if it's me lol
I see some stretch marks up and down the tummy!Beutiful tummy tho!
@ALLIEedgin Thats not stretch marks thats linea negra
I want to hug your stomach!!! :D
akak da decide name utk bb?
its getting bigger:)
I am so jealous!
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