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Backyard wedding charlotte nc Videos


GoPro Backyard Bike Park Charlotte NC.

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from 1-10, how good is this trail, I am thinking about going with a friend of mine sometime soon? How many jumps are there and are there any big dirt jumps?

BYT(Backyard Trail) Clips GoPro 1080p

Just some clips of me riding at byt in Charlotte.

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Can you do it naked next time?

Ring-Everette Wedding

Not a bad wedding band.Jimmy Buffett drops by

Jimmy was on hand for a friend's backyard wedding here in the Keys and proved that he has indeed made a full recovery from his fall in Australia.Another great ...

Colonel Francis Beatty Park ~ Charlotte, NC ~ Day Hike

Colonel Francis Beatty Park has been a favorite of mine for many years. Personally, I think it's one of Charlotte, NC's best recreational parks that has a lot to offer ...

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That place is amazing. Looks like it has it all. The Sony camera held up like a champ adjusting to all the movement. I've never seen that phone accessory you had for that mono pod. Cool video, I'm trying to get back into shape and am looking for hiking trails around here so this was perfect to help motivate me. Thanks for posting man. 
Thanks Fireball, just find some mountain bike trails and it's the perfect hike for exercise. The pole I was using is from fastcap.com,. It's called the iPole and they also sell the attachment for smart phones. Thanks for hanging out with me a while. 

Wedding Receptions in Uptown Charlotte

Snake eats fish. McDowell Park, Charlotte, NC

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Wow!!! Ничего себе!!!!!в первые вижу настоящие съемки. Спасибо большое. А в каком парке вы гуляли?? Мы тоже собираемся в NC. Может быть и мы попадем в этот парк. Ходить будем по аккуратнее :). Спасибо.
Спасибо за комментарий ) Снято в McDowell Park - это паблик парк на запад от города, озеро Wylie. Очень приятно место, но, действительно, нужно быть аккуратными, гуляя тут по дикой природе :)
спасибо за инфо..обязательно прогуляемся:) выставляйте новые видео.очень интересно!!!
Давай приезжай в гости, съездим туда, найдем эту змею и покажешь, как надо )))))))))
мы уже тоже в NC Шарлот оч красивый город!!!!И погода просто суппер!!
охренеть,в зоопарке такого не увидишь.

North Carolina Wedding

backyard makeover

a slide show of our gardern makeover.Not quite finish, still waiting for the sail shade to come...

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Very nice
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