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Dental hygiene nau Videos

NAU Athlete and Olympian Diego Estrada-We Are NAU

In this promo for NAU-TV we feature Northern Arizona University Student and Olympian Diego Estrada. Diego will be representing NAU and Mexico in the ...

NAU College of Health and Human Services

If healthcare is your passion, you can choose from majors that will prepare you to provide health and wellness services for individuals, families, and communities ...

Why Did I Choose NAU?

Find out why our students chose NAU in this Emmy-nominated commercial, produced by NAU-TV and directed by Jerry Anderfuren.

BIG NAU Harlem Shake (NAU Harlem Shake.)

User Comments

not that amusing, didnt have any good costumes in it like most harlem shakes
Oh my God so much #SWAG you guys are so cool so jelly
Love!!! Wish I could've been in it
Well Jesus.... Wait, no. Really.
seriously NAU?
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