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Definition defense marriage act Videos

This Week with David Brinkley - May 12, 1996

A discussion of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) before it became a law. After Hawaii became the first state in the USA to allow same sex marriages, DOMA ...

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Wow, 1996 doesn't seem all *that* long ago to me, but as far as LGBT rights, it was a completely different era.
Crazy how that wasn't that long ago but the opinions have changed.

The Metcalfe Minute: Pennsylvania's Defense of Marriage Act

In the News: The Supreme Court and the Defense of Marriage Act

Cardozo Law Professors talk about the Supreme Court's role in the the Defense of Marriage Act.

Defense of Marriage Act

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I like your video. The thing with Obama is that he has to appeal that verdict because DOJ has to appeal a verdict against the federal law as long as it's on the books, hopefully the respect for marriage act will pass or the court will strike down DOMA first, I hope that the bill isn't killed in the House since the Repubs have control now
Awesome video, on an important issue. I always love your delivery, but especially enjoyed it today.
1,001 rights!?!? DOMA bastards!
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