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Plumb singer Videos

Singer Plumb Performs Single 'Exhale' on BC NEWS

Alice Plumb - Singer/Songwriter Crookwell NSW

Alice Plumb is a young singer/songwriter from Crookwell NSW with an amazing voice and a great talent on guitar. Buy her DEMO CD, check out her songs and ...

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well done Lady ! sounds very good !

Alice Plumb Singer/Songwriter from Crookwell NSW

Alice Plumb is a young singer/songwriter from Crookwell NSW. Check out her amazing voice at her website here: www.aliceplumb.com Alice and her band are ...

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Hey, I am Alice and I am a young singer/songwriter too! Your voice is so pretty. Keep it up! I am looking forward to hearing more.
Love your voice. So beautiful!

Me singing Cut- By Plumb

Hey everyone! This is a video of me singing Cut by Plumb. I think it's such a beautiful song! I totally fell in love with this song and I really wanted to sing it ...

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There are different people who sing:the ones who have a strong but not as cute voice,the ones who have a soft voice, the ones who have a strong and cute voice, and the ones who have a not very strong but VERY/EXTREMELY melodic and sweet. voice that makes you cry.You are one of those :). I think you can really sing. It is a very RARE and BEAUTIFUL gift.So, PLEASE, use it for good. Take advantage of it. ♥
I'd like to say thank yo so much to everyone who has watched this and my other videos, and who have left all these amazing and supportive comments. They always brighten my day so much. This song is so meaningful and I hope it had the same impact on others as it did on me! Thank you so much for watching
you are amazing, I admire you. great job I also fell in love with this song its gorgeous just like your voice. you have real talent. your not only singing the song your expressing the song, telling a little tale its beautiful. great job keep singing
Coucou, Je viens de te découvrir tu es toute jolie et quelle douceur dans ta voix......... plein de bisous d'une Parisienne!!!!!!!! oh oh mais qui suis je??????? A bientôt...................
Nice! I also heard this song for the first time in The Vampire Diaries!!! I loved it! Would you please check out my cover and give me your opinion on it, I'd really appreciate it! n_n
i first heard it on the vampire diaries aswell,and thats where i fell in love with it,when i heard you singing this i totally just fell in love with it even more!
i think its amazing that people want to bring awareness to self harm! i love anyone who brings awareness to self harm because I'm a cutter:( but i love your voice
I think it's great that you're trying to bring self harm awareness to the world. Coming from a cutter.. And you have a great voice, and you're gorgeous!
Hey! When I came across your video I must say, you had me. You have a lovely voice and I absolutely love the song too! Keep up the good job
It is a really really good job! Your voice is so powerful and it seems like it's your own song! *-* just fell in love with it!
You've really got a beautiful voice but i think your voice is a bit too powerful for this song
I love your voice, it's different and in a good way :) Well done keep uploading videos! :O
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