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X-COM: Enemy Unknown - Episode 34 (Killing Floor)

We continue to plumb the depths of this alien womb, slaying the vile creatures that dwell within, with Polar Dash gradually filling the shoes left by the legendary ...

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Should just tell them "At least it's not a Terror mission, where chances are you would've died, and not only would you have died, but you would become impregnated with an alien child that would then mind control you as a zombie attacking your friendly troops while it eats you alive from the inside." That should raise Morale.
Dude, you say that now, because you've never had to take someone's grapple away and listen to the soul crushing cry of sadness... it's like being forced to listen to the Judge's hopeless meows all over again :(
The best offense is a good defense, the battle continues and no one i injured. It seems like the rookies are getting more consistant shot than then the pros, time to more on to the next ideo.
nice set up there. it is indeed a killing floor. and polar is filling the role of deadly sniper greatly, not as well as spider mar, but a great sniper in her own right.
Yeah, I'm actually a little surprised. The bases in the original were like rabbit warrens, where all the rabbits were from Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail...
Slow and steady wins the race! but at some points it's like watching a world championship Pong tournament xD not long left now though till you save the day!
I'm really glad you're still enjoying! This battle was an especially good one in my opinion, I really enjoyed this whole mission to be honest.
Aavak you have to be firm with your men. Asking them nicely to not miss is a lesson in failure! Tell them to shot or no more grappling in HQ!
lol, thanks mate ;) You're the only one who reminded me! Thankfully, they did get watered so no dead plants this Christmas!
so far, it doesn't seem like they designed this base level to be difficult. it's a turkey shoot out there!
I may be a bit late, but make sure you water your plants. ;)
Week-late-reminder.... water your plants dude?
"That things is dynamite!"
LOL! Thanks ;)

Dwell In A Dream - Arthar [4/5]

Need You NOW by Plumb

The Archivist (Oathbreakers)

Song - The Archivist - (Lackey/Fish) Michael Longcor Vocalist (Jadrek) , Greg Shaver Guitar, Cecilia Eng Arrangement, midi programming. Album - Oathbreakers ...

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The most depressing song ever - and I mean that literally O_O
All I can think about for this song is like somebody reading every book ever then just having nothing left. What do you think?
+Игорь Микулик I know right, makes you want to become an emo and start cutting

How to Use AMMO Wheel Regimen

This is a review of the steps in the AMMO Wheel Regimen. The Wheel Regimen was designed around three key products. It is the safest and most effective way ...

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Hi Larry! Can I use this product on white-lettered tires?
+NESherv Hey, Yes you can!
Quick question! Do you do your wheel regimen before or after you wash the paint? If anyone could chime in that would be great!
+s4socceritalia4s Wash the wheels first then the paint.
Hi Larry, ive just got a lotus exige with satin black wheels and rear spoiler. What would you recommend protecting each area with? Thanks for your help! Always love your videos! Jim
Sorry, 1z Einszett Cockpit Premium is the product I suggest as an interior detailer, also Larry recommends those websites because he uses them for basically anything he doesn't sell on his website
You can protect the paint and wheels with Larry's AMMO NYC paint sealant. If you don't want to buy or can't afford his products, their are plenty of products on Detailer's Domain or AutoGeek websites, like waxes specific for wheels and paint, also sealants and coatings that are more durable protectants for all exterior surfaces. For the interior, if leather then conditioner after cleaning is the only protection needed. Any plastics/vinyls there are plenty of protectants on the websites I suggested for that like the best which I recommend is '1z Einszett'
Lucky! Congrats on the purchase!

Aaron Keyes - Song Of Moses

aaron keyes song of moses dwell.

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Beautiful Song! Blessings of knowing that our Creator will also intervene for us as the warrior. Thanks brothers!
it the song of god

GOD IS LOVE (Love Is Not Insistent) by Kent Clifford Cooley

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