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Jiffy plumb Videos

Plumber Silver Spring Gaithersburg MD Jiffy Plumbing & Heating

Jiffy-tite on Performance TV at PRI 2013

Tommy Johnson Jr. stops by the Jiffy-tite booth at PRI to check out how they have made plumbing simplified.

Jiffy Tite Quick-Connect Fittings

Jiffy Tite Quick-Connect Fittings For more information, please visit: //www.motorstate.com.

Jiffy Tite Fittings

Stacy talks about getting the right parts on a budget.

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No i fully understand how google works... You type you find... But if you watch the episodes of this show on youtube they are getting shorter and with alot less detail... This was nothing more than a commercial ... where other videos they show a product he showed how they work, show where to get them, or even install them in an episode, This was more like this is the product and expect me to say "take my money" im sure its a good product but not much effort in showing it off..
They're quick disconnect AN fittings, all you have to do is Google "Jiffy Tite AN fittings" and you'll get all the other information you'd need. Maybe if you weren't completely retarded you'd know that.
Thanks for telling us where to get them, or explain more about them in your crappy 55 second video... the videos are getting shorter and dumber... UNSUBSCRIBED
Couldn't the disconnect fittings possibly get air in the line when you put them back together
Those could come in handy is certain applications. Does anyone know where to pick them up?
Are they not making StaceyDavidsGearZ anymore, because of speed turning in to fox
Why should I watch it on here when I can't watch it on TV anymore
Start putting a whole show on here and forget the networks.
Whats going on with that Datsun S30 in the back? :D
10 minute vid on the latest Cougar updates, please.
in a race/performance application you don't care
Is that a SuperLite??

Jiffy Tite Video How It Works Tutorial Demo Demonstration

Jiffy Tite Video How It Works Tutorial Demo Demonstration //www.jegs.com/v/Jiffy-tite/517 ...

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Good Engine, Can i Engine you?

Jiffy-tite on Fox News

Jiffy-tite on Fox News Road to Recovery.

Jiffy tite HD

Jiffy-tite Quick-Connect Fluid Fittings.

Jiffy-tite booth at PRI 2013

Jiffy-tite Inc.- Corporate Culture Overview

One of my favorite corporate culture overview videos. It focuses on the people behind the technology of error free connectors for the automotive industry.
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