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Fernox tf1 plumb center Videos

Fernox - How to Powerflush


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All very nice in theory, but it will show up every possible flaw in the system, leakages, holed radiators etc, beckon.
This is an old wives tail.

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How to add inhibitor to a central heating system

This video shows a quick and easy way to add inhibitor to a central heating system through the towel radiator. It is important that the central heating is switched ...

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Hi, thank you for this video! Can I ask you a quick question please? I wanted to do exactly this to my new towel radiator this weekend but when I went to buy inhibitor, the guy at the shop said I Can't just pour inhibitor in but have to buy the rapid dose pressurised can or else, he said, it will damage my boiler. Logically, I don't understand why this should be the case? I've isolated both valves at the bottom, taken the old ratiator off and fitted the new one which is now empty. Can't I just pour the inhibitor in, shut the radiator at the top, and open the bottom valves to let it fill with water again? (Then of course pressurising the whole system again and bleeding the radiator.) Would be great if you could let me know your thoughts. Thank you!
+kashback Oh right, I did not know you could get such a tester.As long as you can test the amount of inhibitor in the system there is no need to drain down ;-)Good luck with it.
+Ultimate Handyman Thank you for your super quick reply! I will be going straight back and exchanging the rapid dose can for a regular bottle of inhibitor in that case. Also, noted that I should be draining the whole system first. I'll try and read up about how to do this and will if I can. Otherwise I may have to take a shortcut. That said, the bottle of inhibitor comes with a water tester that should tell me how much (more) inhibitor is needed in the system so that I don't just take a wild guess at this! I hope this will make it a 'happy compromise' if there is such a thing... ;)
+kashback I think the guy is-1. Either trying to deceive you and make you buy a more expensive product.2. Doesn't know what he is talking about and he believes what he is telling you to be true.3. Knows something I don't know.With 1 or 2 being the most likely scenarios.I have always added the inhibitor the way you suggest.It's good practice to drain the entire system first though, then you get the correct dose of inhibitor for the system.
hi how much inhibitor did you use in the towel rad my house is small 2 bedroom with 6 rads an a combi boiler
+Roy Kirkham It depends what it says on the instructions for the inhibitor that you are using. Sometimes it will say that one treatment will do a full system, which means draining it down before refilling it with the full bottle of inhibitor.Thanks for the comment
Your videos have just helped me out once again, thanks and keep them coming , top man
+anthony mcdougall You are welcomeThanks for the comment

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Central Heating Flushing / Cleaning

Short film on flushing / cleaning central heating systems using the Magnacleanse . Most boiler manufacturers offer no warranty on systems contaminated with ...

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@stacyparrish Hi I assume you mean on the magnetic rods/filters as the radiators are shown using our thermal imaging camera at 1min 58 sec . If so I agree as you can only see a comparison on the final floor at the end of the video . p.s don't forget I'm Paul Daley not Steven Spielberg and it was recorded on our mobile phone .
@wayne burgess . If we are completing a flush they get a magna clean as it slots in place where the equipment is . We always advise on fitting a magna clean for long term protection some take you up on it some don't . Customers choice really .
That looks a belting little set up. Do you fit a Magna-clean on every job you flush or do you sometimes just do the flush?
was that a hot flush you did with the boiler running ? thanks
a before/after would have been more effective!
@RYAN , yes boiler running hot flush
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