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Wedding for two blog Videos

Mike's Bloggity Blog: Two Strangers and A Wedding Recap!

This is a recap of Energy 101.5's Two Strangers and a Wedding Mikes Bloggity Blog www.mikesbloggityblog.com.

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I was merely implying that all these circumstances could have been staged in order to boost the amount of listeners. And before you get your panties in a knot, I never said it was staged, just implied.
it did happen. they got married today, and now they are off to a honeymoon in australia. if you listened to the radiostation you would know. but you obviously dont.
I'm afraid you're wrong Pickle...they decided not to get married. They are going to Australia together but they're not getting married
i listen to this radio station daily, and i just checked the webpage and it had photos of them together. so, uh, yes. They did.
really? wow. can i find a video of the "wedding" then? if there is one.
You couldn't make that stuff up....oh wait, yes, yes you can.

Dog With a Blog S03E13 Stan Gets Married Part 2

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She really is a Space Cow!!
jacky is olivia holt

S-trip Crashing a Wedding!? Video Blog #2

150328 Siwon's IG - at Cho Ahra's wedding

[FULL] 150328 Kyuhyun singing Two People at Ahra's wedding [Cr : blog.naver]: https://youtu.be/lnhtv9C8Y9c [FULL] 150328 D&E singing Oppa Oppa at Ahra's ...
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