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ARTHUR (1981): Best That You Can Do *Arthur's Theme*

A video tribute I made to a great movie "Arthur". It stars Dudley Moore as the drunken millionaire who is being forced to marry a woman he dispises. He decides ...

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who are they? they are alive? .......'
+garridobenja  You mean the actors in the movie? o-o
This 'Arthur' was so much better than the re- make. In the re- make he was a drunken clown who happened to be rich, whose over indulgent British family gave into his every need until it was too late. The original had him as a rich American man, who had been sent off to British boarding schools, where he picked up a charming British accent. after which he starts living the high life and becomes an alcoholic, to the utter disgust of his American father and British mother. and while he comes across as a charming drunk; he does so with tradition, grace, refinement, and pizzazz.
+Allie S Of course it was! This is the classic original, always the best!
+Allie S I feel the same about "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". How can you possibly remake that? same with Arthur.
Linda musica e o filme 
+Neide M
Mil pra vcs tbm
New York in the early 1980's looked special and timeless. Watching this film as a kid always made me want to live there one day.....
Great song, great movie, brings me back in time.
+Doug Skriver //91reasons.podomatic.com/entry/2015-04-16T21_49_30-07_00
Fun movie and Dudley was fantastic. He was lost way to soon. Liza just was as good as she had ever been.
+Kurk Edwards //91reasons.podomatic.com/entry/2015-04-16T21_49_30-07_00
Whiny wimp fruitcake singer.
Oh be quiet.
I am 52. This song makes me still cry. I never cry. Forgot how much hurting I was doing when this movie/song came out. That was 34 years ago. It was a girl that broke my heart. Guess part of me died. Took me till I was 42 to find someone to marry. Have a nice daughter now and wife. Still something died in me.
+Scott JohnsonWhat is wrong with you? You feel good looking like a fool on the internet? 
+Dave Stevenson Just kill urself already.
I understand you Your story is touchy and sensitive Things can never be forgotten sometimesI know it
You are 18 in 1981? Long time ago.

DESIRE: An operatic trilogy (Teaser)

Desire is both a cinematic and a music exploration of desire via three distinct viewpoints: the subject of desire, the object of desire and the death of desire.

Glenn Quinn - Covington Cross 01_Pilot Intro

Stars: Glenn Quinn, Nigel Terry, Cherie Lunghi, James Faulkner | Creator: Gil Grant The series follows the daily intrigues of Sir Thomas Grey, a widower, and his ...

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This show is looked on with often a misty eyed glow for those that remember it at all. Despite being a British made and filmed show, with American backing, I don't remember it getting much of a reception in Britain. It seems to be more fondly remembered overseas. The series showed a certain quality to the production, thanks largely to filming on real locations, not sets, and a lot of money being thrown at it. For the time, it was of a higher standard than other period tv dramas - trying to recapture the success of shows like the phenomenal Robin of Sherwood 6 years before. However, the scripting was often flat, as was the delivery by many of the cast - largely drawn from young American actors ( a condition of the financial backing) who sadly just threw out any believability and made it into almost a ren fayre pantomime. They managed to convince veteran "Excalibur" stars, Nigel Terry and Cherie Lunghi into starring roles, which was for me a major reason for wanting to like it. It felt a little like "By The Sword Divided" but placed back into the 14th century. A great concept, but not even Terry and Lunghi could save it.
Thanks, I remember liking this show allot as a kid. I remembered that the production value on this show was better than other shows. It looked like a quality movie. I also remember this show coming out on the hype of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Don't get me wrong, this show should stand on it's own since the makers went out of their way to make sure it is a quality show. Looking at this show today it even matches the quality of the popular shows of today. Well, it's been a long long time since I've seen this show, the good thing is that I like to go back to old shows and look at them with an adult mind. Not in judging but in understanding the adult talk and drama.
I'm sure that when this episode was screened in the UK there were additional scenes. Maybe these got cut in the US because of advert breaks.
38:50 "Let's start with everything you know about everything". The crossbow helped make that a persuasive argument.
" I loosened their saddles out of my fondness for them " - my very favourite Glenn Quinn line - EVER !!!
Loved this show and was so disappointed when it was cancelled.

How Great Thou Art by Alan Jackson

www.facebook.com/mindslife O Lord my God, When I in awesome wonder, Consider all the worlds Thy Hands have made; I see the stars, I hear the rolling ...

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The claim by Jesus that nobody comes to the father but by him was not so much meant to just be a narrow statement as it was to express a critical truth. If there were only one drug available to heal cancer why wouldn't I want them to tell me that. So while pepto bismol might be beneficial for some symptoms it is not going to heal the root cause of my terminal condition. We would not object to such a proposal when it comes to our natural lives why then when it comes to our eternal lives......
@foxxietrini .....hi fox...i hope & pray you are still loving Jesus...your comment is very discerning..so you must carry that blessed gift..from the Savior....and YES..satan never gives up...i know first hand all his tricks...i have had a lifetime of knowing his subtle, yet wiley moves...but then he was the angel of light at one time...Lucifer, wasn't named his name by accident....the beauty of all of this is he is a defeated FOE..& under our feet..amen? for greater is HE who is in ME..amen?
I just lost a friend a few months ago and that was his favorite song. Every time I hear it I am reminded of all the good memories of him. Some people that bash believers in Christ just don't get it. I said to one man that was teasing me. "You making fun of me being a believer in Christ is like teasing me because I have a million dollars and live in a mansion." He still didn't get after that....
You know I have been reading all these comments that are arguments about God and now I am not so happy. I mean come on grow up and come to find Jesus and God and trust me you will not regret it. God bless you all who have said good things but bring your arguments elsewhere. Gosh this is the second time asking in 2 songs today but please may God bless you all.
How great thou art Lord. Has anyone noticed how Satan is trying to corrupt and distract the mind that is searching for Christ?? Anytime you look in the featured video section in the upper right corner or when the hymns finish playing, that video up next is something lewd, nasty or not of God. It's crazy..always be on your guard.
how great is god check in the bible if you got one u people that dont love god dont exspect to go up to hevin because you,ll be going in fier and god is comming may 21 2011 33 more days theres still rtime to beg god to put u on his good list im 8 years old and im warning u because i love u and i dont want you to be bernd up
from personal experiences by running on an ambulance, seeing some one who was not 1 minute ago completely lifeless, and bringing them back, Yes there is a god, or in what is said as each country has its ow religion, and if anyone stops to think about it everyone is praying to almost the same person. its even been proven.
This song reminds me of the time I was 2 years old and my grandfather didn't want to go to service with us and I stood there in front of him with my hands on my hips and said " Grandfather, look outside at the trees, the sky and the birds in the air and tell me there is no God. What is the matter with you?"
@kdrtap Actually death is when your body can no longer function well enough to keep your body alive. E.g. your heart stops beating which stops your brain from working etc. It's really your brain that's keeping you alive, not your "soul"... unless the word 'soul' is a synonym for part of the brain or mind.
This Easter, spread the truth like Jesus did instead of perpetuating deception and myth. Go to TruthContest (dot)com and open The Present (with religion). Read what it says if you are seeking to learn the truth of Life. Pass this on to everyone you can reach.
@DigitalPraise7 Interesting, last time I checked I was by definition, a 'Homo sapien' aka a 'human'. I must breathe to stay alive but it is my lungs that allow me to breathe. Breathing is a function of the human body, not something separate.
There has never been another deity who has ever laid their lives down for their friends let alone their enemies except Jesus Christ. All others only require sacrifice of others unto them. In Jesus is the safest place to be
@edgardbobarykin If that is their intention, then they will not have much difficulty proving their point as the traditional descriptions of the deity in question imply that he/she/it is a manevolent and selfish being.
@narjr14 Welcome to the fold, brother or sister :) Praise be to our awesome God for your salvation! The angels in heaven rejoiced to see you come to faith in Christ. May Christ reign in your heart forever, amen!
This song always brings me peace. It I find out was also one of my Mother in laws favorite songs. Sadly we lost her last month. :( but I know where she. She like my mother is one of my angels in heaven.
What kind of hymn has the word 'awesome' in it? I still can't put my finger around it. But if I think about it as awe-some ( I'm in awe) as to awesome (ex. OMG THATS AWESOME) it's not too strange.
@joel053 Your so wrong. I feel great sorrow for you when you reach that time and realize that you were wrong and he says I know you not. You still have time but only he knows how much.
i am not i good singer but i am in my church choir i am trying my best and singing for all the right reasons to praise god i love jesus so much he is such an amazing and woderfull god
@Digitalpraise7.Read your bible if you know what that is;The breath of life that God gave you is your soul,that is what keeps your body alive;Once the soul leaves the body ,you die.
@charles2466 : Sweetheart, the Bible is very clear that nobody knows when Jesus is coming. Anyone who says otherwise is calling Jesus a liar, and we know that Jesus does not lie.
@bagobuilder I am sorry for your loss dear one. The world feels very different as our parents leave to be with Jesus~ May God bless you to His use as you turn to Him for comfort.
Lord my God Adonai Elohim Aba Father my Savior Lord Yeshua Ha Mashiach Holy Spirit God!!! How great Thou art !!!! Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai in Yeshua Ha Mashiach ' Holy Name Amen
IMO Elvis did the definitive version of this song. I loved how he built up the emotion in his voice and then exploded on the chorus. I love Alan Jackson too. Thanks for the post.
We sang this song at my father's funeral in January, funny thing was my father's mom was laughing because my father's father was named Art, and my father was buried beside him
Another one How Great thou art by Alan Jackson you don't need to write it is Alan Jackson signing these because some of the older peole might get offended. [email protected]
I promise I do not say that to get anyone riled up because we all know that the biggest controversal feets of any war begins with religion, so please just bare with me.
this song fills my heart till it would burst the fullness of our father is beyond words and his word lifts my broken body to hights that only he knows ,Glory to God
this is my songs when i was a baby until i become a child until now this is all my favorite... God is with me all of my life... thank you LOrd so much
This was the last song played at my grandmothers final viewing during her funeral. RIP Grandma Howard, I'll never forget you and will always love you.
@sdeisme God will say, "Sorry, I know you not, guess I will have to torture you forever even though I love you" What a load of shit

Crayon Melting Craft : Arts & Crafts

Subscribe Now: //www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=EHowArtsandCrafts Watch More: //www.youtube.com/EHowArtsandCrafts Crayon ...

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did you use regular paper? this is a much easier way to melt crayons thank you:)
Your supposed to use glue.. At least that's what u did
Did you use regular paper ??
dude. buy a heat gun.
It's awsome
Its Good
So cool
Talk much

Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross (Hymn)

1.Jesus, keep me near the cross; there a precious fountain, free to all, a healing stream, flows from Calvary's mountain. Refrain: In the cross, in the cross, be my ...

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+Mk //www.bing.com/images/search?q=photos+of+the+cross+and+crowds&view=detailv2&&id=4AF05FEC03F30B8E5BFE8A616E994FDD35CBA5D7&selectedIndex=0&ccid=xrBy%2fn5G&simid=608020589350227808&thid=OIP.Mc6b072fe7e464a15b6dff7b219a23d62o0&ajaxhist=0
+Mk it should give you the image too
ok but how can i get this image?
+Mk share it to youre facebook page
The Christian logo which the devil hates.
I especially appreciate the harmony vocal on verse two - I'm going to try to learn that!
+Tom Flynn Personally I love when the Choir start singing on last verse. It's amazing

How to make a wooden Artistic Cross using acrylic colors - Abstract art

How to make a wooden Artistic Cross using acrylic color Abstract art This is a very simple way to make a wooden cross صليب خشب Cruz artística de madera ...

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excelllent !
+Barrington deshesaray Thanks you so uch
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