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The World's 10 Most Unusual McDonald's - part 3 of 5!

Recorded from the Travel Channel on March 30, 2010, here is part 3 of 5 of "The World's 10 Most Unusual McDonald's." Interesting stuff here! This is taken ...

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Check out 5:21. There you can see a car parked outside the McDonalds. I think the Narrator misunderstood. It is the ONLY McDonalds where you CAN use a snowmobile to get to. The Snowmobile is NOT the only way to get there. LOL
The Pitea narrator says the ONLY way to get there is by Snow Mobile but if you look close and you can see a CAR parked on the side of the building. lol
I've been to the one in Montreal. It really did have a European feel to it. But then so does most of the city to be honest.
10:00 is that were the McCafe idea came from ?? now they have Frape's and other drinks in hundreds of mcD's in the USA.
i am living in hk, years ago, mcdonald in my region serves rice burger:)
I've been there

USA College Volleyball Students Fighting

They are very good people!

Tailors Dressmakers and Custom Sewers

Many steps come together to form the clothes on your back. Styles tend to make their way down a factory assembly line being cut, sewn, and pressed by many ...

BBC Look East Peterborough Fly Tippers & Essex Sible Hedingham Deaths & UEA Student Rooms

BBC Look East News 14/9/10 Peterborough Fly Tippers. Essex Sible Hedingham Teenage Girl And Father Found Dead. Michael Carroll In Court. Suffolk Police ...

'Cat killer' court protest

Animal rights campaigners held a demonstration outside Paisley Sheriff Court as 'cat killer' Anthony John Docherty, 23, appeared for sentencing after previously ...

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@trash65 There are people being killed right now in wars throughout the world and thousands dying of startvation, but that's not worthy of protest? I'm just putting this crime into the perspective it deserves. This is what is deemed a "sexy" story by half assed reporters, and my first comment WAS worthy of my time, thanks.
It is a pity that these protesters can't find something more worthy of their admirable show of disproval to other laws in Britain. For me this crime means NOTHING, although i do believe Mr Docherty should have been put away. This is NOT news, it's just another tasty story which the media just loved telling us about.
@dragonfitter Sorry friend, my political stance and general view of the world has changed dramatically scince my last comment. I no longer care for the problems of the world or it's people as i have been fully awoken. Peace.
I'm sure none of you would have a problem with someone killing a rat slowly in a spring trap, or beating a possum to death with a broom in their garage. Why is a stray cat any different? You people have issues.
I possibly disagree, what is the situation?, does defendent have parents?, on ssri drugs?, age of defendant? location , does defendent live in zero tolerance environment?,economic outlook of defendent?
@dialchemy if everyone had your attitude scum bags like anthony docherty would have no detterent if this crime means nothing to you then why waste your time commenting on it ?
cats do a lot more damage to the birds, and the only thing i see cats bringing back round here are field voles shrews, and maybe the odd field mouse .
@CandiceM888 how is that getting the last laugh , ile still be shooting and killing stuff , and you will still look like chris crocker , ha ha
@dialchemy 2 million people marched through london in protest of the iraq war so it does happen
if it wasnt for cats/birds we would be over populated with rats/mice...the real rodents.
@CandiceM888 well normally its the dogs that kill um not us , ha ha h a
@CandiceM888 chris crocker = FREAK
Animal abusers should be shot!
WTF was that dude saying?

Reforming Legal Aid | Conservative Party Conference | 05.10.10

Speakers: (CHAIR) Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Commentator Jonathan Djanogly MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice Steve Hynes, ...

Dereham Town v Wisbech Town - 23/04/13 - TNL

Having been a goal down at half time, the Fenmen complete a quickfire turnaround with three goals in 15 minutes at champions-elect Dereham Town. Danny ...
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