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My big fat gypsy wedding swanley Videos


swanley drive ,by www.commanche-stud.co.uk.hope you enjoy the video of a drive we took part in .we had 'gazza' a 2yr old bay and white colt on here and a ...

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That's my area swanley

The Swanley Thief

This thieving foreign bastard tried robbing a member of my staff of her mobile!!!

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You should have given him a kick up the backside Helen!!
Should've slapped him
Thieving pikey CNUT

ghost orb in swanley

ghost orb in my house 1 of over 40 footages. look carefully when lights are switched off from 1min + 30 secs for a big bright blue ghost orb flash past at top of ...

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Either the cats eyes reflecting in the lens or a cars headlights reflecting through the window.
@YJ61BBZ check out my other footage part 2 and part 3

swanley skatepark

skateyourface swanley skatepark trailer.

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who are these legendary people...???

Dj Matt Kye & DJC @ De Ja Vu Swanley

De Ja Vu Nightclub Sunday session!

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I has some mad nights in Deja Vu between 97-2001 Miss the place!
Bring Back De Ja Vu!!

Me at Swanley skate park

Just me and other people at Swanley skate park.

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Thanx for one like I luv u who ever did that comment on this is telliing me your username on utube and i shall subscribe to u
actually skateboard and make the video longer
You have another like! :p
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