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Reactive hypoglycemia diet nhs Videos

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Diabetes Type 1

Reactive Hypogycemia

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@jazzdiva04 Thank you Jill, yes now that I know I have been doing much better. The nutritionist was very impressed with what I knew and what I brought her. I said 'you need to understand I'm an RNY patient and most of us with a great support system are knowledgeable or are becoming knowledgeable in nutrition, we have a wonderful community to share that knowledge with.' So I will just plug away with a ton of trial and error I will get though this. Thanks again for your support. :-)
OH my gosh!! So good to see your video!! I was the same way when I first found out I was Reactive Hypoglycemia 5 years ago!! I had to cut out all sugar for about 1 1/2 years and after that I started eating a little more sugar here and there. I am still very sensitive to it, but not as bad. I am like your friend I can eat apple and cheese:) I hope and pray you get there. Please come see all my reactive hypoglycemic videos :) It sounds like you could share some info with me also:)
Well, Virginia...that must be SO confusing. I´m sure you and the nutritionist can work something out so that you know what can and can´t be eaten. I´m so proud of you that you are taking this additional adversity and also learning to live with it. I´m glad that you finally got to the bottom of that nausea- knowing is half the battle, right? Hang in there, wonderful lady! xxx
I have talked about reactive hypoglycemia in the past- have notes on my FB page- late stage dumping...but now I am confused--i thought they were the same thing-- for me it is what I eat- but just as much how fast the food is pushed through- like having a cup of tea and a scone at the same time ( which I did one time at a tea room )- I was sweating and falling out 2 hours later.
Wow hun. I am so sorry to hear about that. I hope you can level it off and keep it level soon. I have only heard of this by melting mama too. Will keep you in my prayers
ww.mendosa.com/chanadal.html check this guy out- he is an expert on lots of stuff from diabetes management to GLYCEMIC INDEX LOAD!
Virginia I'm so sorry you have to deal with this mess. I hope you get this under control soon. HUGE HUGS Janine
@grammamarcy Thank you Marcy, I'm doing much better and hopefully in time, I will get use to all this.
@PinkFishLilly Thank you, so far I'm doing really well now.
I can't really eat fruit either :/

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