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Diabetes Will Kill You

There are two types of diabetes mellitus: type 1 and type 2. Although treatment exists, neither type has a cure. Subscribe for new videos: //goo.gl/SaufF4 ...

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I am crying my eyeballs out. *Because my dad has type 2!* What diabetes do first is attack your feet.
+Mya Irby So true. Please don't worry. Diabetes can be cure. Go cold turkey on sugar and any food that has sugar and spice in them. Go cold turkey also on alcohol. Eats all that your body needs. Diabetes is a disease that robs you of many things. I call it the energy sucker. I eats foods that will give me energy. It attacks my eyesight so I take supplements for my eyes' health and foods that aids in preventing damage to my eyesight. These are a little example of how you can fights the disease. Did you know that 7 years ago a cure for Diabetes was found? Sadly only people with lots of money can afford the cure. There was a company that has found a way to cure Diabetes. Because it was not a method that everyone could afford, it was not made known to the world. This company has been searching hard for affordable cure. There are natural remedy that you can use to treat Diabetes that will lead to curing the disease. You can beat Diabetes disease. Knowledge and hard works are the key that will help you deal with this disease. You can just eat a vegetable that helps fight diabetes daily. And with some use of diabetes medication will helps you lead a normal life. My father have been under this diet and he is the only in my family left unaffected by Type 2 Diabetes. Wound won't heal normally for diabetics. Following simple steps of lifestyle and eating lots of vegetables and some meats will helps you deal with this disease. Diabetes affects more than just your feet. Your gum, your teeth, your kidney, your heart, your eyes, and your other organs will be affected. Especially your brain. Diabetes caused poor blood circulation. Blood circulation is very important. Especially for your brain. The brain needs blood to carry oxygen to breathe. Poor circulation mean less oxygen are carry to the brain. This will caused brain damage. With this disease, you have to fight it by supplying what the disease requires. You have to fight harder to survive it. It will kill you if you are not doing anything to help fight it and if you are not careful. Pardon my long comment.
Both of grandparents have diabetes :(
+MusicFlashSorry for my long writing. Happy New Year. Wishing you and your family a wonderful new year. Good day.
+Rose Lee wow
+MusicFlash Not to worry because there is already a cure for diabetes. You should be very careful though because you can get diabetes. If your grandparents have it, one of your parents can also have it. You can also get it. Be very careful what you put into your mouth. My father hardly eat anything sweet. He got type 2 Diabetes just from consuming bread daily. Both of his parents and grandparents don't even have diabetes in the gene. Anyone can get this disease. It does not matter whether you inherited the defective gene or not. I got the disease from eating bread and drinking sweet coffee daily. In a few months eating bread and consuming coffee, I got it. And a few months after, I went from type 2 to type 1 Diabetes. If I don't eat food on time, one of my leg will not be working. And my stomach and back will be in severe pain. Then I won't be able to move a muscle. Follow by terrible shaking then faint. Death can come quick for me too. Two of my kidneys dropped down to the bottom of my stomach. And whenever I consumed a lot of sweet food and drink, both my kidneys became hard as a rock and running around mad like it wants to leave my stomach. Sometime one of them seem dead. My kidneys came alive running literally. Sometime I am so fearful when it happened. When I first didn't know that it was my kidneys, I thought something alive was in my stomach. It woke me up one night while I was deep asleep. I have in my family gene a method of burning sugar off naturally and yet it did not helped much.
Im disliking because you can cure type 2
+Grace Gamble (Graciegamergirl1) well to be fair the series foucus on things that kill you. He did talk about where its found too (first world countries).
+Grace Gamble (Graciegamergirl1) and you only talk about how it can kill you not talking anything about the types it selves all you say is names, where its found, and how you get it.
I do not know what is the best way to keep control our diabetes so can you tell me?
If you have diabetes and are looking for the best way to take care of it you should talk to your doctor. But it's best to not eat to many carbs or to much sugar and keep your blood sugar from getting to high or to low

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