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Pacemaker surgery and depression Videos

8 Months Post-Op and Post-Op Depression and Anxiety

Hey everybody, here's a kind of 8 months post-op update and just a discussion on post top surgery depression and anxiety and how I dealt with that.... Sorry I'm ...

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hey evan! thank you a lot for making this. i feel like i am experiencing post-op depression right now and it kind of threw me off course because it was "just" chest revision surgery and i haven't had it after my first and most importantly bigger surgery. this video helped a lot just because you talked about it. i should definitely take this as a chance to get into meditating, haha. all the best to you!
So basically after you design the character and commit to it, it doesn't take. Seems like there's lot of regret swirling around this topic that doesn't get discussed because the PC police say no way.
Your chest is seriously amazing! I hope when I finally get surgery, my scars will heal as well as yours have. Tbh, I'm feeling a bit jealous, even though I haven't even had it done!!
May god bless u kid. Your not the only one general anasthesia and surgery has done this to.a terrible shame surgeons dont warn people b4 surgery about
thanks for talking about it. i had srs in april and i am in the middle of feeling really depressed. i didn't know this could happen.
Dude! I have that same Never Shout Never poster hanging in my room :D did you get it on the Time Travel tour?
good post more people dont think about this and i thinkk if they did it would really really prepare them
Great video...and thanks for the reminder that its totally natural to feel that way:)
Hey Evan! keep posting! oddly enough we made liek the same video ahhaah!
Wow - your chest/arms/upper body looks great!! :-)
but emotions has nothing to do with the body
So glad you found this helpful my friend :]
you're so fucking admirable.

Brain Implants to "Reboot" Depressed People

Scientists are set to treat depression and headaches by implanting electrodes into people's brains which alter the function of brain tissue by using ...

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wow... I just gave a view to this magnitude of stupidity? Something powered by a tiny, tiny weak battery, designed to give out a pusle of information, cannot kill you. Its not a pacemaker in the sense that it keeps the brain "running" like a heart pacemaker does with the heart. The brain is not powered by this apparatus. Have you even tried to read up on depression? Cuz you have clearly not experienced it. Its not "just being unhappy". Its a constant state of numbness and worthlessness. A device that can kickstart basic feelings, is a friggin' huge thing for anyone with even just a minor depression. At least learn some basic science and common sense before making up conspiracy theories that make you look like you need a new brain... 
thank you Dr. NINJAFISK ARN. I did not realize my magnitude of stupidity. I will go to get hooked on Tuesday. duuuh what day is it now? lol.

Parkinson's, depression and the switch that might turn them off - Andres Lozano

Deep brain stimulation is becoming very precise. This technique allows surgeons to place electrodes in almost any area of the brain, and turn them up or down ...

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That boy who is now in college would most likely be dead if not for this technology. It is absolutely beautiful that this was discovered.
sounds like a very interesting thing, seeing as my grandfather had Alzheimer's and my father has Parkinson's
... holy crap! test with meee! i want drive or more memory... whichever! hahaha
Amazing. 100 years ago quacks were using electicity to no good effect.
My left ear...

Sparks To Fire - Pacemaker

Possible Depression-Parkinson's Link Explored

Depressed seniors are more likely to be diagnosed with Parkinson's disease compared to their peers without depression, according to a new study.

Pacemaker For The Brain? (CBS News)

One mother isn't giving up on her son now that techniques used on Parkinson's patients can be adapted to help treat minimally conscious patients. Dr. Jon ...

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Wow. Science can be so amazing and useful at times. Its sad that he went to fight for our country and came back so severely injured. I wish him and his family the best of luck!
If they can use this to wake patients up from a semi-conscious state, will they eventually be able to use something like this in to wake a patient from a coma?
thats sad :( i feel sry for those guys
it seems pretty interesting
That is simply amazing.

Esau Transgression: Brain Implants to "Reboot" Depressed People ( Electrodes )

Scientists are set to treat depression and headaches by implanting electrodes into people's brains which alter the function of brain tissue by using ...

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God Damn this nigga is ill
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