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Marriage counseling aiken sc Videos

Tom Portney, LCSW, shares his experience with BrainPaint

Tom is a 30 year veteran specializing in learning disabilities, head trauma, ADHD, couples counseling, and working with veterans with PTSD. He shares his ...

Absolute Divorce Information in North Carolina - Family Law

E. Parker Herring of Herring & Mills, a Raleigh Family Law firm, discusses absolute divorce in North Carolina. TRANSCRIPT: Absolute divorce in North Carolina ...

Holy Trinity Outreach Ministries- Dr. Kathy Baker (guest speaker)

Dr. Kathy Baker was a guest speaker at Holy Trinity Outreach Ministries, Pastored by Benton & Peggy Ratliff, for their "Maximizing Your Oneness" Marriage ...

No Second Chance: A Radio Dramatization About CONELRAD

"No Second Chance" Conelrad in "practice" radio public service drama / documentary. 1955 Written by Jack Kessler Directed by Eric Howlett Produced by the ...

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Wish they still did radio dramatizations, this was sorta fun actually
thank you for posting this. Excellent.
Ahhhh! Attention tone!!! On CONELRAD!
we must have CONELRAD ! LOL
Brought to you by Vault-Tec.

Protection Factor 100 (1963)

No, it is not an ad for sun screen. This government film from 1963 details the National Fallout Shelter Survey Program that, at the time, was identifying space for ...

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I was a Shelter Survey Technician for FEMA in 1981-82. Thanks for posting this. This was the first wave of survey's, in 1963. We updated them and did new ones.

soulful 2008 Angel Jennifer Mary did you know

The Angel Jennifer came to Mary and Joseph in a dream to warn them to free King Herod's wrath. Joseph- Erik Glenn, Mary- Regina Skeeters, Angel Jennifer- ...

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Jennifer Is Jennifer To Hell With What People Say That's why She SaysThat "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" Is So Important To Her.She Says The Part In The Song Goes "YOU CAN SAY WHAT YOU WANT I'M NOT WALKIN OUT" Is Her Favorite So What Ever Anyone Says Love Jennifer For Being Strong Not If She Sounds Right Or Not That's Why She Is Great She Does What Jennifer Wants To Do.Not People And She Sounds Great Better Than Some Of These Wanna Bees
I have been listening to this everday, several times per day!!! JH really knows how to attack a song. I wish she would just forget about everthing and everybody. I also wish she had kept her weight on, stayed healthy with it, felt good about her big self and never caved into industry standards.
She was an asset to the performance. And was my first choice for the role. Tramaine Hawkins will reprise the role in 2009. The part was written for her and I llok forward to her return to the role. Will post another Jennifer song from the show soon
Jennifer Lost Weight For Herself.She Was Un Healthy She Had Health Problems That Would Have Never Went Away.I Think She Looks Better Both Ways.STILL Talented.She Has Never Cared About What People Thought That's Why She Keeps On Going
Yeah, Jennifer, saaaaaang!!!! I just wish she would not make certain sounds in almost every song she does. It's like she got stuck in a time warp. I love her to death, but I don't want ppl making fun of her.
I had to DL the audio to this and put it on my ipod. It's simply amazing! I love Ms. Holliday's style of singing!!! What a fantastic talent!
jennifer holiday is still so talented shes still has a powerful mean growl still
I was wondering if you'd have more to say. I hope you're not angry with me.
I love the "eh!!!" she does at 2:30...
jennifer holiday is a powerful soprano
the dude in blue is my uncle
Oh yes, this is my Jennifer!

Wis. woman missing since 2004 is found alive

A Wausau woman who was 16 when she disappeared more than nine years ago has been found living outside the United States.
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