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Listen To Me Episode 3

Intro made by TheSweetclow22 Episode Three Normal POV Demi sighed and shut the door behind her as Joe flipped through the mail and walked into the ...

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At least Joe made a small attempt to get them to work...very small. Its still something. Wohoo! GNO! Demi deserves some fun she seems angry all the time, she needs to cut loose and have fun! But not too much fun ;) next one please!
Ugh man they didnt say anything except stupid little words. Just love eachother already before I shove you in a closet with food and water and a mini bathroom with no windows and see how u get along that way.
Aww' at least he tried to make a little conversation ! That may be a sign that he doesn't want their marriage to end.... ;DD lol Loved it ! Can't wait for the next one.....
they're so stuborn that they didn't even notice in each other! they didn't even notice how hot they can be together!! hahaha sorry, perv mind :D
Demi you shouldn't of been mean to him like that, he was trying to make an effort so what if it was a tiny conversation its a start isn't it?
I love the story, they are both pretty funny. I do hope that try to work on their marriage more. Can't wait to see what will happen next.
Oh my, gosh! I have this inkling something is going to happen... in that club. I seriously have one. A happy thought! ;) MORE PLEASE!!!
damn...I...they really don't... :/ damn. Jemi need to be locked up in a closet alone! I hope they can get along soon!
Man this is gonna be a trip. I can't wait to see more of Jemi's relationship.
already in love with this series!! post the next one sooon!! please :)
wow, i wonder if they are gonna atleast try to comunicate
he's so nice o.O I just wanna cuddle up with him xp jk
I feel bad for Joe! He's trying in his own way!!:)
I love this!!! I can't wait to read more!!! =D
Awesome loving it! Cant wait for the next one!
Awesome, more plz I can't wait for more :)
i cant wait until they fall inlove
Loved it cant wait for more.
They marriage is so funny.
awww joe tried! lol
Love it!!!;)
Love it!
loved it

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Very cool video.I will vote for it!
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