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Bachmann: Questions about gay therapy are out of bounds

The need to abuse teens with gay therapy continues! Totally outside Bachmann's hegemonic demands, inquiry continues.

User Comments

Yes, everything that has anything to do with her background and stances on things is out of bounds. Chickenshit. Don't forget there's a prize at the end, its called the back door out of the building you worthless piece of shit.
How dare you moderator, she can't answer a question that will make her look like a crazy person, how dare you . May I remind you she is running for president? Show some respect.
@TKDMike58 Well if Obama can get the job, i'd call her a shoe in. At least there's no proof of her purposely trying to damage the US economy.
she is trying to dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge...NOT good AND it will only get worse!
there are people who ACTUALLY believe this NUTJOB can be president......UNREAL
I Think she's pretty good. Get over the stupid stuff.
I do not want this ignorant woman praying for me
She thanks GOD for IPads! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
useless bitch.
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